Becoming a Fashion Stylist

Chances are if you’re following my blog that you’re quite into fashion, you probably follow a bunch of fashion blogs and probably dress pretty well, you get texts from your friends in changing rooms asking your opinion on a piece, you’re friends love borrowing your dresses and seem to never return them.

Well I was like you once, absolutely loving everything fashion – yet doing a day job that I didn’t really like. Then I realised that there are fashion stylist courses where you can become a personal stylist and they only take 12 months to complete.

I thought that personal stylists were a dream job that no one could really get, but it turns out that there is a strong demand for this work and the industry is growing. So there is lots of work out there for qualified and talented people.

There are also a million different avenues you can take it, I chose to become a blogger and style local people needing personal styling help. Although many choose to do online personal styling or celebrity styling or styling for fashion shoots and big brands. The opportunities are endless…

If you think you could do this kind of work and would love it, then find a course provider near you. They operate in most major cities and some provide online courses.

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