5 Quick Additions To Your Hen’s Night to Make the Memories Last

A hen’s night is meant to be fun.

It is a night that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, so the bride and all her closest friends can spend a night letting their hair down and escape from wedding planning stress.

If you’ve been put in charge of organising a hens’ for a bride-to-be, here are some easy tips to add a lot of fun and make it the night really feel like  a special event so if you’ve already found a great place to have your hen’s night here are some good tips to add those nice little bells and whistles.

Diamante transfers.

Iron on diamante transfers with words such as “Bride to be” and “Mother of the Bride” are a great way to make your group feel like an exclusive club once you hit the town.

There will be no-one at any club you visit that is in any doubt as to who is involved with the raucous hens’ night party – and remember, this night is all about making the bride the center of attention (whether she wants it or not).

Just iron them onto a t-shirt, vest or sash and you have a uniquely customised hens’ night outfit.

Stud scoring flash cards.

What would a hens’ night be without a little objectification of the male sex?

Hen’s nights always attract a lot of attention. Maybe it is the flashy accessories or maybe it’s just the effect of a big group of ladies drinking and having a lot of fun has on the less fair sex. Whatever the reason picking up a few packs of stud scoring flash cards is a great way to turn that attention into part of the fun for the night.

Nothing glues a group together better than an inside joke. With fun, you can rate each guy as to who is hot and who is so not!

Hens’ night gift bags.

We might have grown past the age where it is still seen as appropriate but, let’s be honest, party bags are still the best.

A hen’s night is the best excuse you’re going to get as an adult to indulge once again. Everyone likes to be gifted with things, and each girl in the group can take away great memories of the hens’ night with pre-made hen’s night gift bags that are available to purchase online.

These can contain items such as sashes, badges, miniature drinks, penis straws – you name it!

Pin the macho on the man.

Speaking of things we used to love as kids, everybody has heard of pin the tail on the donkey, right?

Why not take it up a notch with the hilarious adult version – pin the macho on the man! Trust us – putting an adult spin on your favorite childhood games is always a major hit.

Imagine a beautiful man stuck to the wall, and while blindfolded, you and the girls have to pin on his “macho”. With a few drinks thrown in you can’t lose.

Inflatable man.

No ritual is truly complete without a totem.

And what is a better totem for a hens’ night than a symbol of what the bride to be is leaving behind. Take one our inflatable men dolls with you from club to club. Make rules about who has to carry him – or maybe a rule that the last one to finish their shot has to dirty dance with him in the middle of the floor.

Hens’ night’s might usually have ‘no men allowed’ rules but we think you’ll find an inflatable man to be a hilarious exception that you’ll be more than willing to make.

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