6 Easy Tricks to Give Your Home an Industrial Flair

Industrial style is the perfect choice for creating a home with a unique, raw flair. By introducing it to your home, you can create an edgy look that combines simplicity and authenticity. You can capture its stunning appeal by introducing just a few industrial details. If you love accentuating architectural elements and you always find beauty in salvaged and repurposed items, you should look no further than the rugged beauty of industrial style.

Open up your space

Since industrial style draws its inspiration from old warehouses and factories, it celebrates the open floor layout. If you have a spacious home with high ceilings, you should truly accentuate its openness. However, if your home doesn’t feature such a layout, you can still create an airy vibe that will help you give your space the industrial charm. Decluttering your space and removing unnecessary objects are simple tricks that can make your home seem airier and more open. Of course, you can always tear down the wall that separates your kitchen from the living room if you want to go big.

Go with a rustically beautiful palette

industrial style


The industrial colour scheme is rather simple and subdued, integrating shades found in warehouse environments. Natural and muted tones are typically used in industrial-inspired homes, with an emphasis on browns and greys. Brick-toned reds are also dominant in industrial spaces. You can always introduce pops of brighter and bolder shades, but you should limit their use to accent details and decorations. Therefore, when painting your industrial haven, you should go with a neutral palette for the backdrop and furniture, which will create a perfect base for quirky elements and conspicuous embellishments.

Repurpose for authentic appeal

You don’t need to buy new furniture and other design elements because industrial style is all about vintage, rustic and repurposed. By introducing old, salvaged materials and reusing your old pieces with a natural weathered patina, you’ll truly capture the industrial atmosphere. For a “wow” effect, you can simply use unexpected items in surprising places. For instance, if you’ve always wanted a headboard, you can just use an old door for this purpose. Not only will this introduce a sense of antiquity to your bedroom, but it will also create a mesmerising focal point in the industrial spirit.

Capture the beauty of industrial lighting



As one of the most important elements of industrial style, lighting is used to create a pleasant ambience and make a décor statement. You can introduce both vintage fixtures and modern ones that feature authentic geometric shapes. In Australia, for instance, lighting fixtures are often used as dominant focal points, so you should follow in the Aussies’ footsteps and accentuate the authenticity of industrial lighting. However, keep in mind that unlicensed electrical work may be prohibited in your country just like in the Land Down Under. In fact, experienced Sydney electrician teams are qualified and licenced, so their clients can rest assured that their electrical issues are dealt with according to relevant codes and regulations. Thus, if you need to install additional lighting sources or fix an electrical problem, you should definitely call an experienced professional.

Juxtapose different materials

Industrial-inspired homes are characterised by the presence of several beautiful materials – wood, concrete, brick and metal. Using them in your home will create a striking contrast and accentuate the beauty of different textures. While wood can be used for everything, including floors, furniture and decorative details, brick is typically used for a stunning feature wall that create a mesmerising effect and breaks up the monotony of a neutral colour scheme. Concrete is left raw and unfinished, especially when used for walls and floors. As for metal, whether it’s iron, steel or aluminium, it has a wide application in industrial homes. From furniture legs and shelving structures to decorative details and lighting fixtures, metal can give a rustic flair to any piece.

Celebrate your home’s raw features

industrial kitchen


Raw, unfinished details and mechanical installations are some of the most charming features of industrial style. Instead of hiding pipework and wires or painting a wall, you should let these details embellish your space by creating an atmosphere of rugged beauty. You can even find fixtures that recreate such a look, so you should definitely introduce them to your home.

Industrial style truly has unique appeal, yet it’s surprisingly easy to introduce it to your home. You just need to find beauty in unexpected places.

5 Tips to Boost Your Workplace Environment

It is a well-known fact that your environment can affect your mood, and thus, the quality of your work as well. If you work in an office that is boring, half-empty, or simply not suitable for your type of work, you probably won’t feel too happy about going to work in the morning. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can boost your workplace environment and increase your productivity levels as well. So, if you’d like to know how to bring your office to the next level, here are a few things you could try.

Organize your storage

office storage
One of the biggest issues in most offices is the lack of storage and organization. This often leads to clutter, and clutter on your desk leads to clutter in your head. So, don’t let yourself become buried in papers and supplies. If you don’t have enough storage, you can create more by using shoe boxes (you can use wrapping paper to make them more visually appealing), drawer organizers, and hanging storage. If you can, and if there is room, you can also ask for a few more shelves. Having enough storage and organizing your supplies can make it much easier to find your way around the office and focus on your work.

Engage all your senses

If you want your workplace atmosphere to be truly inspiring, you should try to create a space that can engage all your senses. This means that the colors should be interesting and appropriate, and the furniture items should not have too many sharp edges (they can be harsh on the eyes). Your office chair should be comfortable, there should be plenty of light, and your office should always smell nice. With that in mind, consider getting some scented candles in order to create an inspiring atmosphere. Peppermint, for instance, is good if you want to improve your focus and raise your energy levels. Just don’t forget to blow out the candles at the end of the day.

Make it unique

If you happen to be the boss, and you want to create an engaging environment for your employees, think about consulting the professionals like Studio X. The company’s architects and interior designers can help you bring your workplace to a whole new level that is bound to satisfy all your employees’ needs. After all, nobody likes to spend eight hours a day in a gray box. If you want your employees to be happy, motivated, and loyal, you have to create an atmosphere that promotes those kinds of feelings. So, whether you want to create a space that will make them feel at home, or something a bit more modern, don’t hesitate to ask for a bit of professional help.

Use inspiring colors

As you probably already know, colors can affect your mood. This is why it might be a good idea to paint your office in a color that you find inspiring and that matches your field of work. For example, green and blue shades usually have a calming effect, so they might not be the best choice if you work in a dynamic environment. Moreover, you don’t even have to repaint the entire office; if your office walls are white or gray, you can simply add a few accents in a brighter color to spice things up. This way, you’d maintain the balance in your office, but it would still be less bland. Also, if painting your office is not an option, you can add pops of color with different accessories, like flower pots, pen holders, picture frames, etc.

Add more greenery

greenery in office
A great way to breathe some life into your office is to add more greenery. Besides being a great decorative element, research has shown that plants can improve productivity at the office. Moreover, they can also make the atmosphere feel more comfortable. Finally, they can also purify the air and make your office smell fresh. So, if you can, consider introducing a couple of potted plants into your office.

If you’re like most people, you will probably spend a great amount of time in your office. Therefore, you probably want it to be as comfortable and inspiring as it can be. With that in mind, decorate your office by using colors, accessories, and greenery to make it more lively, and going to work is never going to be a drag.

A Glam Guide: Décor Ideas to Delight Your Home

A glamorous home design can fill your space with subtle opulence, elegant organisation and tasteful glitz. It can be simple, balanced, layered and extravagant, enabling you to find design elements and tasteful decorations that will bring out the best in your home. From elegant colours and shiny details to layered materials and flattering glows, balance is the key factor that will elevate your home to a glamorous level.

Use wallpaper as a statement

Wallpaper has made a comeback to the design scene, bringing the most intricate patterns, textures and colours to modern homes. In glamorous spaces, it can be used for creating enticing décor statements, transforming both walls and ceilings into focal points. In particular, textured wallpaper design can create visual interest in a glamorous home, especially when set against a neutral backdrop. You can find wallpaper with metallic finishes, inspiring florals and geometric Art Deco motifs that will embellish your home and create a whimsical look.

Add a touch of gold

Introducing decorative details with a gold finish can create a truly glamorous ambience. Even just a few details can be enough for creating a dazzling effect in your home. Gold features such as extravagant lamps, mirror frames, decorative bowls and hardware can style up your space in a heartbeat, elevating a subtle design. You can also embellish your furniture with gold-painted fabric for an extravagant vibe.

Go with glossy finishes

Transforming your space into an opulent sanctuary can be quite simple and budget-friendly. If you want to add glitz and glamour to your space, you can replace your matte fixtures with glossy ones. It doesn’t have to be a gold finish – you can find a glossy paint and give your matte cabinets a chic makeover. Glossy cabinets will give your kitchen a luxurious look at an affordable price. You can use different metallic finishes, both warm and cool, for stylish accent details and decorative statements.

Use lighting for a wow effect

Whether you want to create an inviting, opulent atmosphere or a décor statement in the living room, lighting can be the perfect solution. For instance, Sydneysiders often use lighting fixtures to create a wow effect in their homes, focusing on unique styles and glamorous designs. Various popular lighting stores in Sydney offer even customised designs that can provide the interior with an authentic character, working as mesmerising focal points. Thus, you can also let a stunning pendant or a crystal chandelier take the centre stage in your living space, setting the mood and elevating your home décor.

Go for symmetry

Elegant, formal spaces are often characterised by symmetric and balanced designs that create an ambience of harmony in a home. Opting for a symmetric furniture arrangement or decorative embellishments can help you introduce such subtle elegance to your home, as well. From identical armchairs placed opposite one another to paired up bedside lamps, symmetry will help you give your home visually balanced appeal.

Decorate with ornate mirrors

From ornately designed to unusually shaped, mirrors can be another stunning accessory in a lavish home. Not only can they elevate your home décor with their stunning design, but they can also fill your space with more light, making it feel more open, airy and elegant. A detailed mirror above the fireplace can be used as a magnificent replacement for artwork while in the bedroom, it can be used as a mesmerising statement. You can use mirrors to introduce different finishes to your space, creating even surprisingly sophisticated combinations of silver and gold.

Go with a glamorous colour palette

While all colours can be given a glamorous flair, certain shades exude sophistication and elegance. For instance, rich velvet details in deep blues, reds, greens and purples can create a royal look in your home. Whites, greys and beiges can create an understated, yet opulent look, especially when complemented with sumptuous materials and metallic details. The forever-popular black-and-white combo is a timeless choice that can bring in a sense of monochromatic elegance to your home.
From glossy finishes, stunning accents and ornate designs to mesmerising statements, symmetric arrangements and sophisticated colours, different elements can help you glam up your home without creating an overbearing, kitschy look.

Home Office: Stylish Decor That Inspires Productivity

home office
One great thing about having a home office is the freedom to decorate it any way you like. And since everybody knows that your environment can greatly influence your productivity, you should decorate your office in a way that helps you stay motivated. If you’re not sure how to do that, here are a couple of stylish ideas that might inspire you.

Choose the right colours

Since different jobs require a different mindset, surround yourself with a colour that puts you in the right mood for work. For example, if your job requires you to stay focused and do intellectual work, you should go for relaxing shades, like blue and green. On the other hand, if your job is more dynamic, a good choice would be red, orange, and yellow shades. If it’s something in between, then you should simply choose the colour that makes you feel good.

Chair and desk

work desk
If you spend a lot of time working on a computer, you’re probably aware of the importance of having a comfortable office chair. After all, you won’t get much work done if you have to adjust your seating position every five minutes. So, when choosing the right office chair, make sure it is ergonomically correct and comfortable. Similarly, your desk should have plenty of room for your computer, documents, supplies, and everything else you need to keep at hand’s reach.

The rest of the furniture

While the appearance is perhaps not as important when choosing your office chair and desk, the rest of the items can be perfect for boosting the sense of style in your office. Therefore, instead of using typical armchairs, consider investing in a stylish egg chair. Similarly, you can add some elegant floor lamps or accent lights, and you can get a nice colourful carpet to make your office more relaxing. Moreover, in order to create an atmosphere that matches the appearance, you can place some scented candles on the coffee table.

Bring it to life

office greenery
To make your office look more “alive”, breathe some life into it with plants. Besides freshening up the air in your office, plants can also give your eyes something to rest on while taking a break from work. Also, they can make your office feel more comfortable, and research has shown that plants can increase your productivity.
Moreover, consider adding an aquarium to your home office. Watching fish can help your creativity, they can be a great calming element, and they can add some colour to your office. It doesn’t have to be a big fish tank either; even a small fish bowl with a few goldfish can produce the same effect.

Make it your own

As already mentioned, having a home office gives you the freedom to decorate it in any way you want. True, it should be free of any distractions so you can actually focus on your work, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a couple of personal items. Therefore, feel free to hang some nice artwork, place a couple of family photos on the shelves, or get a funny pencil holder for your desk.

Your home office can be anything you want it to be, and just because it’s the place where you work, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull and devoid of any style. After all, you should actually like how it feels and looks, so don’t be afraid to personalize it. Pay attention to the colours, and make sure to buy a quality chair and desk. Boost the overall style with other furniture items, and breathe some life into it with plants and fish. This way, you will create an office that you will actually enjoy working in.