Where to Find the Best Lace Midi-Dress

Lace dresses. They speak to endless grace and elegance. If you’re looking to look equally refined and whimsical, you really can’t go wrong with a lace dress. And a lace midi-dress? Well, that shows your chic and trendy, too.

But where to find one?

More to the point: where do you find the best? There are a lot of retailers out there flogging this trend, and not all the dresses are cut from the same quality cloth. Some are made from lace that looks more like a collection of molting dust bunnies, and have out-of-synch underlays and overlays. Some are just not as stylistically relevant as they could be.

f you’re looking for an amazing lace dress, but aren’t sure where to look for the cream of the crop, read on. Here are your top lace midi-dress designers.


  1. Cooper St

Cooper St is an Australian clothing designer that’s brands are synonymous with femininity and stunning style. Their lace dresses from Cooper St play to a woman’s figure, adding to her natural lines instead of detracting from them. Everything about Cooper St style is feminine and flirty, but never frivolous. If you’re looking for a lace dress that’s as timeless as you are, look no further than here.


  1. ModCloth

Vintage is the name of the game at ModCloth, and retro lace dresses never looked so good. ModCloth has a large collection of lace dresses befitting just about any occasion, from a birthdays to graduation to anniversaries and weddings. There general line up trends towards cute and posh over super sexy, which makes it perfect for teens and women who aren’t looking for extremely figure hugging dresses (though they do have a few of those, too!)


  1. Maggy London

Maggy London designs lace dresses for the more conservative gal, and they don’t dissapoint. And don’t confuse conservative with boring. Many of Maggy London’s designs feature subtle and stunning embellishments like florals, that really up the ‘wow’ factor.


  1. ASOS

The flirty lines of ASOS lace dresses are nothing short of captivating. There’s nothing quite like a midi with a full skirt to inspire a gal to twirl to her heart’s content  — and when you twirl in lace, it’s all the more magical. If whimsy is the name of your game, definitely try on a lace dress from ASOS.


  1. Revolve

Revolve lace midi dresses were made to turn heads. Super sexy and sleek, these are dresses for women who want to showcase their curves. Every. Single. One of them. Featuring slinky nude underlays and serious slits, Revolve has put va-voom in the usually demure lace dress


All of these options are great picks. Ultimately, the lace dress that is best for you will suit your own personal style sensibility and be occasion appropriate. Of course, this means any number of these midis could be a dress of your dreams, in which case, buy them all. They never go out of style, making them a style-staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

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