Add Nothing But Style To Your Home

If you want to do anything to your home, you want to make sure you’re adding style. So many homes lack this, instead they’re filled with mundane items that don’t seem to add anything to the room. Well, we say no more! A home should be full of style and character, and it really isn’t that hard to achieve. Simply having an eye for detail, or at least knowing where to look is where you should start. Luckily for you, we’re going to do a room by room walk through that will see you adding some serious style to your home. Have a read on to find out more.


The Bedroom

The bedroom is the first place you should start when decorating the home, but it’s often the last place that people think of. However, the bedroom is a place of tranquility, and this what we’re going to aim to achieve. Start with the carpet. If your carpet is a few years old, has the odd stain, and has lost that comfy fluffy feeling, it’s time for a new piece. All you need to do is check out flooring and carpet prices to see what you’re working with, and pick out a new colour. Something like a grey colour will do, either dark or light. Then focus on the main event, the bed. If you don’t need a new mattress, just get a new set of bedding that will change the colour of the room. For this article, we’re going to suggest a nice white colour with a lime green pattern. Furnish with a mixture of white and lime green cushions. For the walls, you want to go all white, with one feature wall of the lime green. A white dressing table, and white curtains will complete a fresh looking room, that also has that element of earthy calmness.


The Kitchen

The kitchen is the second room you should be thinking about, afterall, it is the main event. And there are plenty of ways to jazz up your kitchen. If you’re only going for a redecorate, keep the walls nice and fresh with a light colour. You really can’t go wrong with white. Accessorise one of the walls with a big funky clock, you’ll find plenty on the internet. As for the lights, go LED to keep things nice and bright. The lighting fixture that you use is up to you, but keep it close to the wall rather than low hanging. A nice new table wouldn’t go amiss either. Maybe a glass table to keep it classy?


The Living Room

The living room is the final piece to the puzzle, and if you want to add style, you’re going to have to know how to accessorise. Think of things such as a nice pouffe, which could also couple as a sneaky little hiding space. On one of the walls, have stacking shelves, one with cool funky ornaments, the other with a nice candle, and the other with perhaps a picture frame. Over the fireplace, get yourself a nice circle mirror with a silver lining.

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