Why Australian Coffee is the Best on the Planet

Whether it is cappuccino or espresso, a morning energy booster or a part of a social occasion, everybody loves coffee. There are many different types of this delicious beverage, and there are many different ways of serving it. In time, coffee has become much more than a simple drink – it has become a culture we all share. However, not every culture is the same, and Australian coffee seems to stand out when it comes to its taste, quality, and even the appearance. Some would even say that it is the best coffee on the planet, and here are some of the reasons why that statement might just be true.

The human factor

The thing is, Australians have high criteria when it comes to their coffee. This was best seen in 2008, when Starbucks closed over 70% of their stores in Australia because, well, nobody was buying their coffee. This is because everybody knew at least a few independently owned cafés near Starbucks that sold better coffee and had much better customer service. Today, there are only around 20 Starbucks cafés in the whole country, which says a lot considering the popularity of Starbucks in the rest of the world. Australia is actually the only country in which their business couldn’t grow, and Aussies are completely fine with that.

The espresso

This type of coffee plays an important role in Australian coffee culture. During the 50s, when most of the world drank some type of filter coffee, Australians enjoyed quality espresso coffee made in some of the finest Italian cafés around the country. Sure, espresso might be smaller in size than the regular filter coffee, but it’s much better in taste. Nowadays, this espresso-based culture is so stable, there are numerous independently owned coffee shops serving some of the finest espresso-based drinks in the world. Plus, the fact that they are independently owned also means that every café looks different and offers a unique, personal, and memorable experience. In Australia, a café is not just a café – it’s a second home where you can relax, read, or just enjoy your meal and drink in peace.

However, Italians also prefer espresso, so what is it that sets apart the Land Down Under?


Unlike Italian coffee that is mostly simple and traditional, Aussie coffee is everything but simple. They have used espresso as a base for the other types –  the flat white, long black, iced Vietnamese, Sweet Mexican, etc. Moreover, they aren’t afraid of experimenting with temperatures, blends, and beans. For example, there are many reliable coffee suppliers from Melbourne that offer unique blends ranging from organic for those who are more eco-conscious to strong for those who are looking for that kick only a good cup of coffee can provide. And next to all that, Australian cafés employ baristas who are more like chefs than waiters. They know so much about coffee, they are able to tell you the origins of your coffee, the variety, the time of the harvest, and much more.

Finally, creativity is also an important part of the visual presentation. In Australia, a café won’t last a month if its baristas don’t know how to make good latte art. And it’s not just about the appearance – it says a lot about the quality of the coffee as well. That’s because you can’t make any kind of latte art if the milk isn’t perfectly frothed; in other words, if it looks good, it definitely is good.

When you’re passionate about something, naturally, you’re more likely to be good at it. This is exactly what makes Australia the best place for quality coffee – they love everything about their coffee culture. They know how to recognise good quality, they appreciate great customer service, they know how to be unique and creative, and they are proud of having high coffee standards. So, if you ever want to experience the best coffee on the planet, visit the Land Down Under – it’ll be worth the trip.

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