The Safe Way to Lose Weight

A lot of people are on a constant quest to lose weight, though this quest often turns into a cyclical battle fuelled by yo-yo dieting meaning one month they’ll lose weight, but in the next month, they’ll put it all back on.

Interestingly, this phenomena can be better explained by brain science than nutritional science.  

See, we all know how to lose weight – it’s not a complicated formula… eat less bad stuff, move more, rest, and drink plenty of water.

It’s a foolproof plan that many people choose to overcomplicate, but it is fundamentally simple, just like how pea protein isolate powder can be helpful for building muscle – and meditation can help boost confidence.

It’s not necessary to overcomplicate weight loss.   

If you want to lose weight you simply make sure that your body burns more calories than it consumes.  

It’s not rocket science – yet, we’re always on tenterhooks looking for the next miracle weight loss program and often putting our bodies through unnecessary purges or toxically intense exercise regimes, when perhaps what we really need to do is make a shift within our mind just as much as our bodies – particularly if you can relate to the cyclical fluctuations many people experience on their weight loss journey.

The first thing you need to know, is that there’s a part of your brain that operates like a thermostat in that its job is to ensure homeostasis and congruence with regard to the identity you’ve programmed into it.

If someone sees themselves as a smoker, and they make that their identity, then it’s very hard for that person to give up cigarettes because they associate smoking with being who they are – and this part of their brain is in place to ensure they remain congruent with who they believe themselves to be.

Similarly, if someone sees themselves as being overweight, in terms of their core identity (which many people do) then no matter what exercise they do or diet they undertake, they will have to fight this part of the brain that is trying its hardest to ensure they remain congruent with their self-image.

Therefore, if you want to shift the pounds it’s imperative you first shift your mindset, and specifically the way you view yourself.

This part of the brain works in a similar way to a thermostat; let’s say someone has programmed their mind to associate their idea of “self” as being a particular weight (e.g. 100kg for numerical simplicity).  

If they reach 105kg, you’ll find they will do whatever it takes to lose that weight – as this isn’t their identity, just like how a thermostat would turn on the air conditioning in order to bring the room temperature down to its programmed setting.

Now, the same would be true if that person lost 5kg, and went down to 95kg – suddenly, this person’s brain would kick in, akin to a thermostat powering on the heaters in order to turn the temperature back up to its programmed default.

In essence, you will always be fighting this very powerful internal thermostat, and therefore, the most effective and safest way to lose weight is to reprogram and recondition your mind to see yourself as being your ideal weight… as otherwise, no matter what diets or exercise programs you attempt, it’ll always be an uphill struggle where you are having to fight against this automatic internal thermostat

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