Does The Idea Of Moving Stress You Out?

When it comes to the stressful things in life, what’s the first thing you think of? Maybe it’s a breakup of a relationship you thought you couldn’t live without, maybe it’s the loss of someone in your family, maybe it’s running out of money and being unable to feed you and your own for the rest of the week. These are all life events that could very well happen, and as a result you have every right to stress about them. But on the long list of stressful events, how high up does moving house rank?

Maybe it’s something you haven’t thought a lot about yet. After all, you’re in no position to move out of your current accommodation, or the thought of standing on your own two feet actually excites you more than it ever could worry you. Either way, you’re going to have some strong feelings associated with finding a new place to live, and we need to soothe the way for you.

So whether the landlord of your apartment isn’t a very nice guy, or you can’t manage the backyard of your current place, and there’s no chance you’re going to be able to clean up for spending the summer outside, moving house is a logical next step. Whatever the reason for you to want to find a new place to live, make sure you’re doing it with only positive thoughts in your head.

If the place of your dreams exists out there, don’t let your fear hold you back from moving into it! (Picture)


Think About Your New House

Your new house is going to be a huge undertaking to look after, nevermind pay for, and you’re going to have to be ready to handle anything it throws at you. So if the idea of moving out completely daunts you, and you don’t actually have to move for any reason, it might be a good idea to stay put for a while longer until you have a plan sorted in your head. But if you’re only feeling a slight level of apprehension, now’s the time to convince yourself of the right move you’re making.

So you’ve got a new place to live, and you’ve paid a deposit for it and other whatnots to make sure you can move in right away and have some peace before the bills come round. But you also need to make sure you’ve done the legwork when it comes to the surrounding area as well: do you know where the nearest amenities are? If you don’t, now’s the time to put your mind to rest in case of the need to rush out at 2 in the morning to get some milk.

Put Google Maps to good use here and know all the routes in and out of your neighbourhood, and find out where the nearest town centre is, and then try walking or driving your way around them in real time. If you can navigate them already, you’re doing a good job in your preparation. And hey, this would be a good time to get to know the neighbours as well, and see the kind of people you’re going to be living next to for the next few years or so.


Find Someone to Help

When you’re moving out on your own, you’re still going to need someone on your side to help you get yourself sorted out. It’s a nice touch for a mother or grandparent who feels like they’re losing you; if they’re involved in your moving process, they’re still going to feel included in your life. It’s a parting gift from you to them, and hey, your parents are going to know how to actually wallpaper your feature wall in the living room.

But you don’t have to stop there. This kind of help can be a friend or family member with a big enough vehicle, or it could be a professional company that’s going to make the trip in one go with all kinds of safety rules in place. Someone like Removalists would be a good pick here for you, as it’s an affordable solution to the problem of your best friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s petrol cost. You’ve just put down a deposit on an apartment, or actually gone and bought a house, you can’t afford that kind of extraneous payment!


Make Sure You’ve Still Got Connections Back Home

If you’re moving a long way or a short way, whether you’re going across the country, to another country, or just the next town over, make sure you’ve still got all your connections back in your old area. They’re going to make your new home feel a little sweeter, and they’re definitely going to help you adjust to life in a new location. And that’s something everyone has to take time with, no matter how prepared they are for it, so don’t feel bad or guilty about needing to do this.

Make plans with old friends, have a phone call date with your parents every other evening etc etc. When you prepare yourself emotionally for a move as well as physically, you’re going to be properly looking after yourself. Take all the time and convincing from another person that you need: it’s always nice to hear how much someone misses you, and then in the same breath be able to arrange a meet up for coffee between the two of you the following week. You’re always going to have connections back at your original home base, and you’re perfectly allowed to keep them and lean on them when you need to.


Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

It might be a little weird to outsiders if it isn’t, but only you know how something should feel when it comes to your own experiences. Prepare yourself before you go and never just move on a whim with nothing to back you up. If you want the experience to be good for you, then this is the best way forward.


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