A Room-by-Room Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home

There comes a time of the year when you decide that you need to give your home a proper deep clean. Perhaps it is when the spring months are starting to approach after you have spent a long time indoors and a lot of dirt is likely to have accumulated. A deep clean is different from your average cleaning and tidying which you do on a regular basis. You need to start looking to tackle some of the long-forgotten areas of the home, as well as the jobs that you have been putting off during the rest of the year. To help you get prepared for undertaking this task, here is a room-by-room guide which details some of the main jobs that you will want to be doing.


Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathrooms and kitchen are arguably the rooms of the house in which cleanliness is most important, and they are also places where jobs are easy to get overlooked. Starting off in the bathroom, the main jobs that you need to tackle include cleaning the tubs, shower, toilet, and sinks. But before this, a good rule of thumb with cleaning is to start at the top and work your way down. So, dust the light fixtures and clear cobwebs out of the corners. Next, you can wash your surfaces and mirrors. Finally, you can clean the shower curtains (or replace them entirely) and the bathmats.

Moving onto the kitchen, you should remove all food so that you can clean the tops and insides of the cabinets, which will also allow you to organise your food and get rid of anything which has expired. You should do the same in your refrigerator, cleaning the shelves and drawers thoroughly. A commonly overlooked area is behind the fridge, so don’t forget to wash the floor behind this area. Also, wash out the trash cans as this can be a place where bad smells in your kitchen are originating from. Wipe down all countertops, appliances and cabinet surfaces. Also, thoroughly clean the sinks, stovetop and oven.



To properly clean the bedroom, it is worth clearing out anything which is taking up space here. This way, when it comes to deciding to put it all back again, you can ask yourself whether it needs to be in the bedroom, if there is somewhere better that you can store it, and whether you need to keep it at all. Deep cleaning and decluttering are two tasks which can go hand in hand. Wiping down your surfaces is obvious, but you should also clean ceiling fans, baseboards, headboards etc. Now is a good opportunity to flip or rotate your mattresses. Wash all your bed linen including duvets, mattress pads etc. And don’t forget to clean the window treatments as well.


Living Room

One of the most commonly overlooked areas in your living room for cleaning is down the sides of your sofa and underneath the cushions, so take all of these off so that you can vacuum thoroughly. If you have carpets, you should use special products to deep clean them properly, and you could even call in the experts such as Chem-Dry to deal with them. When you are dusting, make sure to get all those hard to reach areas such as on top of high shelves, light fittings, lamp shades etc. And it is worth moving all you big furniture items to clear the dirt which has gathered here. You could even take this opportunity to redesign the room if you would like!


Outdoor Areas

Since you are doing a deep clean of your entire home, it is worthwhile in taking care of the outdoor spaces as well. So, you can start by sweeping the patios, porches and decks to get rid of the upper layer of dirt. You can then give it a rinse with the hose – or a pressure washer for an even deeper and more effective clean. As for any outdoor furniture which hasn’t been washed in a long time, now is the opportunity to deal with this.   


Although it presents a big task to thoroughly clean your home, it is one which is ultimately worthwhile. And the sense of satisfaction that you get when you are done is hard to beat! Of course, if possible, you don’t want to be doing everything all by yourself, so enlist the help of whoever you are living with. And you could also consider hiring in the professionals if you want to do a very thorough job.

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