4 Tips On Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

Everyone is on a mission to become a better person, whether it be their health, their relationship, or even how they handle their money. Changing who you are and your lifestyle can be challenging, especially if you’ve gotten yourself into routines and bad habits over the years. Sometimes, you may feel like you want to make some changes in your life, but can’t quite pinpoint what you want to change. Take a look at these 4 tips on how to become the best version of yourself.

Focus on your career

One of the best things that you could do for yourself is to focus on your career. This is because the higher you get within your career, the more money you’re likely to be paid. People who have climbed the ladder in the career they are in are often happier and although they’ve got more responsibilities, are more likely to stay in that field of work. Take a look at these ideas on how you can improve your career:

  • If you can’t see yourself working in the same line of work for the rest of your working life, now is the time to make the change. It’s understandable that you might not be able to give up your job to go back to college, but you’re now able to do courses online within the field of work you’re interested in. This means that you will be able to learn new skills for the career you want while you’re still earning enough money to support you and your family.
  • Alternatively, you could seek out a position within a firm that will help you take the right steps towards the career you’re after. So, if you fancy becoming a head chef of a busy restaurant, getting yourself a job within a kitchen would be the perfect place to start. Often, employers will be able to offer you courses while you work so that you can work your way up in the field.
  • If you’re happy with the career you’re in, but would like to move on up the ladder, then make it known to your boss. Once they know that you’re interested in more roles and responsibilities, they will be able to consider you if and when a position comes up.
  • Make sure that within your current job that you’re showing your boss that you’re worthy of a higher position. Finishing your work in a timely manner and taking on extra to help others out would be a good place to start. Try and show that nothing is ever too much and you’ll definitely be considered for a promotion!

Become more active

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut. You begin to notice changes in your body and your mind about the way you feel. If you’re working in an office job, it’s understandable that you might not be very active in your day to day life. Did you know that not only does exercise help you stay trim and toned, but it helps keep you happy too? When you exercise, your body releases a chemical called endorphins into your brain, which in turn makes you feel happy. Being more active will help you lose any extra pounds you’ve gained and also make you a happier person in general. Take a look at how you can make some changes:

  • Use your break times at work to do a circle of your building. It will help increase your exercise levels and also take you away from any stresses in the office for a short while.
  • Invest in luxury home gym equipment so that when you’re at home, you’re more tempted to workout rather than slobbing out in front of the TV.
  • Remember that anything that gets your heart rate up is classed as exercise. Why not spruce up your cleaning regime so that you’re getting a mini work out while cleaning your home?
  • If you take public transport, get off a stop or two early and walk the remainder of your journey. It might mean that you have to leave slightly earlier, but if you’re getting some all important exercise it’s definitely worth it!

Cut out junk food

It’s easy to come home from work, bung some junk food in the oven and devour it in front of the TV. After a long day at work, it seems like the most ideal thing to do. However, junk food not only makes you pile on the weight if you eat too much of it, it can also change your mental health state. We spoke earlier about how exercise releases a chemical into your brain? So does junk food. However, this chemical causes the opposite effect and can leave you feeling down in the dumps. Try and cut out junk food so that not only can you keep your waistline where you want it, but you can also feel happier in yourself! You will also find that once you’ve cut it out and the cravings have gone, that your body will naturally fancy healthier food!

Be selfless

If you’re serious about becoming a better version of yourself, then performing acts of selflessness is the perfect route to go down. While sometimes it might feel like life isn’t on your side, try to remember that somewhere in the world, someone has got it much worse than you have. Being selfless will help someone in need and also give you an extreme feeling of empowerment, so check out these ideas on being selfless:

  • Spend your free time helping a homeless person. This could be in the form of buying them something to eat, or even providing them with more blankets to keep warm.
  • Help out at a women’s refuge. Women flee from domestic abuse and refuges help them regain their independence and keep them safe from whoever is harming them. These women are scared and feel alone, so the friendship and help you could offer will make the world of difference!
  • Volunteer at a care home to read stories or do some activities with the residents. It will make their day and yours too!

As you can see, there are so many different ways of becoming a better person and the best version of yourself, and most aren’t challenging either! Which one are you going to pick first?

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