4 Things That Are Subtly Robbing You Of Your Self-Esteem

The ability to feel happy in oneself is something that we all desire and need in order to live full and happy lives. But so many of us fail to really enjoy our own feeling of self. And such a lack of self-worth is rarely the kind of thing that anyone would wish for in the long term. Going about changing that can mean uprooting years of subconsciously buried beliefs about oneself, bringing them out into the light and making them conscious, so that a kind of healing can occur. But it also helps to look at whether there is anything in your life which might be subtly robbing you of yourself-worth, as can so easily happen right beneath our noses. Let’s take a look at some things which might be making you feel worse about yourself, whether you know it or not.

Your Career

If you enjoy your work, and you are good at what you do, then it is perfectly possible that it is actually something of a personal boost for your self-esteem. However, when the opposite is the case, and you are stuck in a dead-end job which you cannot stand, it can absolutely have the opposite effect. Being stuck in a job which is below you or just wrong for you can mean that you end up feeling more and more helpless to change anything as time goes on. You will gradually be thinking less of yourself, and you’ll probably find that it only gets worse if you bury your head in the sand. It can be hard to suddenly up sticks and move to another job, but if it means being happier with yourself then it might actually be worth your while. Consider this if you think your current job might be wrong for you. It could be doing you more harm than you suppose.

Your Teeth

A lot of people have constant troubles with their teeth, and there are many health concerns arising from this fact. But it is also true that your feeling of self-worth might well be intricately tied up with your oral hygiene, and if you are not managing to look after your teeth very well then it could mean that you are suffering form a low self-esteem too. This can be a deadly cycle, so it’s a good idea to break it. It might even be the case that you are looking after your teeth, but because you have been unlucky you just don’t have very attractive teeth when you smile. If this is the case, it might be a matter of needing to follow in the footsteps of Olena Khamula and getting some cosmetic dentistry work done. Sometimes, this is the only way to fix your smile – and doing so will absolutely give you the kind of improvement in your self-esteem which you have been looking for.

Your Diet

What you eat affects pretty much everything in your life, and it turns out that it might even have something to do with your self-esteem. If you are eating poorly, rarely getting all of the nutrients that you need, then it is likely that your body and mind are not functioning properly. This inevitably leads to a feeling that something is wrong, and before you know what that might be, you might just assume there is something wrong with you as an individual. This is a powerful example of the kind of subtle ways in which these problems can work. Your diet could be robbing you of your feeling of self-esteem, which in turn might lead to you eating even more poorly in future. Clearly, this is not as situation anyone wants to be in, so if you think you are falling into this trip, try to make an effort to eat a little better in the future. You will find that it really does improve how you feel about yourself, and quickly too.

Your Sleeping Patterns

How are you sleeping? If you are like most people with poor self esteem, the answer is probably: not very well. Bing unable to properly fall asleep, or tossing and turning throughout the night, can really wreak havoc on your system, and especially how you feel about yourself as a person. Sleeplessness can lead to a real fogginess of thought, which makes it hard to work out how you actually feel and what is really the case. It’s then a small step towards believing bad things about yourself, even if there is no basis in reality for doing so. Try to get more sleep, and you will feel alot better about yourself as a result.

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