Stellar Design Ideas for Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

With more and more people wanting to get onto the property ladder, it can mean just going for something that you can afford. In many instances, the kitchen in smaller homes is likely to be one of the smallest rooms in the home. But just because a kitchen is on the small side of things, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the style or quality of the kitchen. You just have to think about the practicality of the room and using the space wisely to make the most of it. Here are s few stellar design strategies to make sure that you can make the most of smaller kitchen.


Double Up Storage

There will be plenty of storage that you can use in the kitchen, such as under the sink. But the key to making the most of the space and giving the illusion of a larger kitchen, is not having clutter. So you need to double up with the space that you have. Tension rods can work for things under the sink, for example, as well as using stacking storage in cabinets. Just be sure to keep things in an order, especially under the sink, just in case you have to call out a 24/7 plumber for an emergency. So think no clutter on work surfaces, as well as no clutter stored away either.


Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can often be associated with larger kitchens. And although they take up floor space, it can be a good way to make use of the space that you’ve got. You can create an extra space, like a breakfast bar, for example, as well as creating a lot more worktop space. It can mean less clutter, as you get plenty of storage space as well too. So don’t underestimate how good an island can be in your kitchen.


Use Color Wisely

The colors in your home can not only impact your mood, but they can help your home feel more spacious, or equally, much smaller. Bright and bold color tones can help you to create an illusion of space, especially compared to more muted tones. Darker colors are best to be avoided too, especially if you want to create the illusion of space. Some of the best colors for a small kitchen can be orange, green, or light blue.


Use Hooks

If you are short on space, and have decluttered as much as you want to, but you’re still short on space, then using hooks can be a good way to go. They can even be a stylish way to store items too, like your pots and pans. The key is to not make the space look too messy, though; so don’t hang up too much on the wall. Then it can look good as well as serving a practical purpose.

Have you got any other tips or tricks that you would add to help create space in a small kitchen? It would be great to hear what you think or what you’ve done in your home.

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