Simple Traditional Touches That Can Add a Rustic Feel to Any Home

As our homes grow more futuristic with smart appliances and technology built into everything from our toilets to our lights, we start to lose those traditional, rustic qualities that our homes used to have. It’s not without reason, however. Many old traditions such as cutting wood to use as firewood were troublesome and tiring, which is why we now have central heating. All we need to do is flip a switch and we’ll get even heating throughout the entire home. With a log burner, that’s simply not the case.

However, we do still lose some traditional touches that can give our homes a rustic feel. So in this article, we’ll be talking about a couple of simple changes you can make to your home to make it less modern and more traditional.


Remembering how we used to do things

Central heating is far too useful and replacing it with a fireplace is a terrible idea, but there’s no reason that you can’t have both. Gathering around a fireplace during the winters is comfortable and relaxing especially when you’re surrounded by friends and family. You can browse Illusion Fires to find modern fireplaces that are easy to integrate into your home and still require wood to work–they’re not cheap imitations that run off electricity!

Another idea is to try and do without things like food processors and blenders in your kitchen. Instead, get yourself a traditional knife rack (made of wood, of course) and a chopping board. The wooden textures add character to your kitchen and can help you achieve the traditional look. In short, think of how technology has replaced certain actions and bring back the old days with older tools and appliances.


Textures and materials that add charm

The textures and colours we use can add a lot of rustic charm to our homes, and it’s not difficult to achieve these looks. For instance, why not consider adding a brick slip to your home? These are lightweight brick facades that are easily installed. You could also try to add wooden materials wherever it makes sense. For instance, a wooden shelf in your kitchen could add some charm, or a wooden cabinet to replace the modern one in your bedroom could make your bedroom look a little more classical.

Distressed wood is a brilliant material to use. It can fit almost anywhere in your home and really packs the traditional feel. It nails the countryside look and there are plenty of different ways to use it effectively. You can even distress wood yourself by using cheaper wood and physically distressing it with different tools just to add some authenticity.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to make a few changes to your home that will give it a more rustic and traditional feel. There are plenty of changes you can make to the exterior of your home too that are inexpensive and make a huge difference. In short, we don’t need to give up rustic home qualities just because technology is advancing us. We can still enjoy traditional decor and incorporate it into our modern homes with ease.

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