Shabby-Chic Wedding: The Ultimate Décor Guide

The shabby-chic style has a unique charm of rugged beauty, featuring a perfectly balanced elegant ambiance with a vintage flair. As such, it has become a popular style for weddings, filling these special occasions with rustic romance. If you’ve been thinking about planning a shabby-chic wedding, you should dive into a world of inspiration and find ideas that will reflect your personal style through shabby-chic décor.

Shabby-chic wedding decor
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Venue comes first

When choosing the wedding venue, there are several important considerations to have in mind. From the number of guests to the venue cost, you need to make sure that venue meets your needs. However, when it comes to shabby-chic weddings, their beauty lies in unconventional wedding locations, such as charming gardens, lovely parks, authentic barns and even magical forests. You can even host your wedding in your own backyard, especially if you have an enchanting garden embellished by mesmerising flowers. Countryside locations, vineyards and mountain lodges are also popular options, so you’ll have a plethora of stunning wedding venues to choose from.

A rustic colour palette

The right colour palette will help you capture the rustic charm of shabby-chic style. Rustic combinations, such as burgundy and orange, navy and yellow, coral and turquoise, are a traditional choice, while a gentle scheme of neutral hues with soft, pastel accent tones, including mint green, dusty blue and blush, will add a touch of chicness to your wedding.

Warm wooden tones

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The shabby-chic style celebrates the soothing nature of wood, using it for antique chairs, wooden accent details or a stunning wooden arbour draped in elegant linen and embellished with flowers. Since this style embraces nature, featuring an inspiring rustic look, using wood is simply a must for your wedding décor. You can experiment with some unusual details, such as a menu written on a piece of wooden plate. You can also use a wooden ceremony backdrop decorated with lovely flowers and gauzy drapes, creating a dreamy ceremony space where you and your partner will vow to each other.

Shabby-chic invitations

Let your invitations set the theme for your wedding and use a shabby-chic inspired design. If you’re crafty, you can make your own wedding invitations, which will help you cut the costs significantly. You can choose vintage paper and decorate it with nature-inspired motifs, such as flowers or wood-burned accents. Burlap ribbons, lace bands and watercolour designs are also a great option for rustic wedding invitations. If you want to add a pop of colour, you should stick to your wedding colour scheme.

Casually elegant furniture and centerpieces

The simplicity of shabby-chic weddings exudes effortless beauty, foregrounding romance and a laid-back setting with sophisticated details. Thus, when setting up your wedding venue, you should opt for casual yet charming pieces. For example, if you’re hosting your wedding in your backyard or a majestic forest, you should go with casual but trendy outdoor dining furniture covered with lacy linen and romantic decorations. Candles, pearls, tree branches and even vintage books can work as enchanting table centerpieces accompanied by ivy, roses, orchids and other flower arrangements. You can also add accent details above the tables, such as charming lanterns or hanging plants, while chairs can be decorated with rustic linen.

Outdoorsy décor

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For a shabby-chic wedding, you need to choose nature-inspired elements for your décor. Flowers are a simple yet essential decoration that you can use for lovely centerpieces, backdrop details and different floral arrangements. Twines, antlers, hay bales and wooden pieces will give your wedding an undoubtedly rustic charm, perfect for a shabby-chic wedding. Furthermore, DIY decorations are more than welcome, bringing a sense of authenticity to the venue. From decorated mason jars, to rugged handmade details and repurposed decorations, you have a range of creative options that will set the tone of rustic elegance.
Shabby-chic weddings exude romance and charm which makes this style perfect for such occasions. By choosing this design for your big day, you’ll be able to have a dreamy wedding that exudes vintage beauty with a chic, modern twist.

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