Making The Most of Small Spaces

Psychologically, we tend to associate small with less, as in, a lesser standard of life.  Interestingly, however, when we think about modern design trends everything is getting smaller; especially when it comes to electronics such as computers, phones and flat screen televisions.  Maybe, in a similar way, we are evolving into smaller spaces.

That said, there is an inherent limit on how comfortable one can feel when living in a small space, as the lack of storage can lead to a cluttered and chaotic home environment, that unless kept on top of can cause a feeling of depression.

In this article we’re going to look at five ways to make the most of small spaces.

  1. LIGHT

The term “dark and dingy” might enter your mind when talking about small apartments, because the two often go hand in hand.  The darker a home is, the smaller and more claustrophobic it feels; conversely, the more natural light, the more airy and spacious it feels.

There are many small boutique hotels that now provide capsule rooms (often without a window) yet they utilise such vibrant light in addition to some softer mood lighting for when people are winding down, that people don’t feel trapped or claustrophobic.  

In essence, the more light you get into a property, the more spacious the property will feel.


In a similar vein, the more cluttered a home feels the smaller it feels and in practical terms, the smaller it becomes.  The challenge when living in a small space is that it’s easy for this space to feel cluttered even if it’s not. Another consideration is that you are likely to have more clutter in a small space than a large space, as there’s often a lack of storage space.

One of the key tips is to ensure your walls are uncluttered and that everything has a place that’s out of sight, this is where creative kitchens that use innovative design and storage principles can pay dividends, because often, it’s the kitchen that feels most cluttered in smaller apartments.

  1.  COOL

Small spaces often feeling quite stuffy and hot in the summer months.  It’s therefore important to have an adequate supply of cool fresh air coming into the property.  This can make a big difference as there’s nothing worse than living in a sweat box in the height of summer.


A good idea, if you’re truly struggling for space is to rent a small storage unit to put some of your unneeded items of furniture in.  This can be a particularly good option for people who are renting their property, as it tends to be a lot cheaper than having to rent a larger property in order to accommodate all your furniture.


If you don’t have enough space inside, and live on the ground floor, you could consider extending your living area with the use of outdoor seating, heater lamps, and a gazebo for shelter.  Pinterest offers some great image based inspiration on how to make a cosy outdoor living space.

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