Is Your Bathroom Fully Functional?

If you’re a homeowner, or someone who simply lives in rented accommodation of your own, you should know how to handle your living space breaking down on you. And there’s one area more than any other that’s going to give you trouble the more and more you use it: the bathroom.

Feel free to call in all the help you need, as now’s the time to make sure your bathroom is working to the max, and making sure you come out every time feeling refreshed! Here’s a few tips for you to follow if you still haven’t got the first clue about DIY.

Is the Extractor Fan Working?

The bathroom fan is something you need to make sure is operating to the fullest at all times. Otherwise all sorts of smells, bacteria, and just lingering humidity is going to block up your bathroom, and you might just end up with a mold infestation. No one wants to see that when walking in to use the shower! Don’t worry, extractor fans can usually be easily fixed, and none of your guests will be any the wiser about the toilet trip you quickly had to take!

Extractor fans are sometimes rarely used in our houses and apartments, but they should always be a main focus. Above is a video of a common fan installed in our bathrooms being fixed up, so follow it and use the video suggestions to find more solutions. Simple as!

Are You Using Storage Properly?

Your bathroom is a place where you can shove all kinds of extraneous items, as there’s going to be cupboard and closets and towel rails all around the room. However, are you using the storage capacity in your bathroom to the max here? And is the space tidy enough to still resemble a functioning bathroom you’d love to recline and wash away the day’s stresses in? Maybe not…

You can buy yourself some under cupboard or under sink boxes to keep all of your washing items in, like your various shampoos and conditioners, to keep them all within easy reach. Or you could use this post as a sign to finally clear out your bathroom; it’s probably needed doing for a good few months now!

What About the Water Pressure?

Both in your shower and your toilet. Sometimes a flush doesn’t have the power behind it to take everything away, and sometimes the pressure in your shower just isn’t right for your muscles. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with in terms of water flow, make sure you contact some domestic plumbing services to fix the problem up all neat for you. You don’t want to accidentally break the entire flushing system in your bid to plunge more and more water into it!

When it comes to keeping your bathroom as functional as possible, hopefully these ideas could help you a little. After all, sometimes we just need a brainwave to finally sort out a problem we’re experiencing! Become the homeowner you love!

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