Get the Building of Your Dream Home Right

How many times have you wished your home had something slightly different? Maybe you would have liked an extra bedroom, an office or living and dining room that were separate. There are all sorts of thing you can wish you home did or didn’t’ have and the way some people get around it is to build their own home.

Building your dream home can be a daunting prospect, but with a clear vision in your mind and the right professional help, it need not be a difficult as you imagine.


Where To Build

The first thing you need to do is to decide where you want your dream home to be located, and look for land in that area. There are things you need to consider, not just finding a beautiful spot, which is far easier than you might think thanks to the likes of Villa World. You want somewhere that the mains services can be easily connected to or the cost of getting those to your home can be enormous.

Land purchased for the purpose of building your home is subject to stamp duty but that is just on the value of the land, and not on the value of the completed project. If you buy a home that has already been built, the stamp duty has to be paid on the total value of the land and home. The amount of stamp duty can vary from state to state, so make sure you know what percentage you will be paying.

Land in the larger cities is becoming rarer, and so is getting much more expensive. If you want land at a reasonable cost, you need to move away from these huge places as far as your lifestyle will allow.

In fact, some people have found it is cheaper to buy a piece of land that already has a building on it and then demolish that so they can build their dream home. Sometimes they salvage any of the building materials that can be re-used, and that can be quite a saving.


Get Your Plans Prepared

Now is the time to speak to architects to get your plans prepared and approved. This can be costly. You need to ask each one you talk to, what their fees are and what that includes. Although on the face of it, it might not look the cheapest way, an architect who tells you they will be there all the way through until your house is ready for you to move into can be better value for money.

There is also the option to use a builder designer. They are not as highly trained as an architect, but both are governed by the same consumer laws through the Department Of Fair Trading.

You should meet each architect or building designer face to face before you decide which one to engage. Human nature being what it is, there are sometimes people just do not feel happy with. You will be working with this person quite a lot over the next few months, so you need someone you feel comfortable with and who you feel will be honest and helpful all the way through the project.


Be Realistic With Your Budget

You need to be realistic with your budget and not expect to get something worth much more than you can afford to spend. You should let your architect know how much that budget is and at every stage or change ask the same question – ‘Can this be done within my budget’. Listen and be prepared to take their advice, as the earlier on in the process any changes are made, the less costly those changes will be.

This point cannot be stressed enough. You do not want to pay out many thousands of dollars for plans and getting them approved only to find out that you cannot afford to build the home you have been dreaming of. Always try to stay a little below the total you can afford to allow some leeway for unexpected extra costs.

Although it is an extra cost, engaging a quantity surveyor to price all the materials and labour for you can be a very worthwhile exercise. Having some idea from the pricing experts will allow you to adjust your plans to suit your budget if you need to.

You should also be aware that some states award grants to people that are building their first home. They are not huge amounts, but every little bit of extra cash will help.


Choose Your Builders

As with the architect, you need to be clear what the builder’s quotes include. Make sure they have everything covered, so you do not suddenly find yourself without a floor or front door.

All builders in Australia are regulated by the Builders Regulation Board, which is an Act Of Parliament. Only building firms that are properly licensed are allowed to build new homes.

They are licensed within the state they work, and you must make sure that whichever builder you choose is licensed in the state you want to build your dream home in. Wherever possible, agree a price for the whole job so the house is ready for you to move into. This sort of agreement, known as a turnkey agreement, means that you will not have to worry about extra costs along the way.



You need to have your land and building insured from day one. The whole project could be ruined if, for instance, there is a fire, a flood or some other disaster, you could end up with a very nice piece of land with no money to build your home.

This type of insurance is not overly expensive and is well worth the cost involved.

There are so many things to consider when building your own dream home. For many years it was the cheapest way to own a house, but the rise in the cost of building materials and labours means that it is not always the case any more. What you will have though is the home you wanted, rather than one built to someone else’s ideas.

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