Design Clutter Can Spruce Up Your Space

Have you ever heard of design clutter before? Maybe you think it’s a little weird to throw some bits and pieces around your house and think they improve the look of it? After all, when you’ve got an entire household to run, you need all the extra space you can get! However, when you’ve got a decorate vase, plates, and candles you’re never going to light on your bookshelf with the actual books, you’re going to notice the appeal of drawing attention to a space because of its minimalist opposition.

Design clutter really can add some much needed spruce to an otherwise empty and plain space, and really turn a room around with lived in it looks. Even when you have only a small space to work with, you can build up and around with fun, pretty, and interesting pieces. Here’s a couple of tips if you still don’t believe in the idea!

This wouldn’t look inviting without the personal touches! 


Buy Interesting Pieces

Clutter can be pretty, and there’s plenty of ways to make sure your room has an added bonus to it by clearing away your actual clutter and instead use some stationary pieces to make sure there’s less room to get messy! And one of the best ways to do this is to get some interesting clutter decorations, usually of the older variety or something you picked up from a charity shop. Or you could shop with luxury homewares from Palazzo Collezioni for some more designer pieces you’d be proud to decorate the entire room around; they’re still a much more interesting site than the crossword book you use on your coffee breaks.

And the more interesting and unusual, the better. Just because your living room isn’t the kitchen doesn’t mean there’s anything stopping you from putting a random teapot on the bookshelf. Or get an old watering can from the garden and use it as an indoor plant pot to fill that negative space in the corner. It’s a talking point at least, and even helps to introduce a sense of the vintage to your space, if that’s the aesthetic you like.


Be Organized with Your Clutter

Designer clutter can easily get out of hand, so make sure you’re always ‘cluttering’ with some organization in mind. Get a strategy together and decorate with a balance! Something like a certain theme, or using a colour to complement the paint you’ve got on your walls both work well to make sure your home looks better for the clutter you’re putting in it, and not the messiest place known to man.

Only buy items that you actually like, and know would fill a space well, and thus avoid cluttering for the simple sake of making your home feel better used. You also save some pennies this way, and that’s a godsend when you’re doing a bit of interior design.

Sprucing up your space sometimes requires you get a bit artistically messy! Go with the flow and get cluttering away!

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