Common Decorating Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Sometimes, you walk into a room and something doesn’t look quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. If you have noticed this in your own home, there is every chance that you have committed one of the major decorating mistakes that we are about to talk about in this article. Rather than making you feel bad about it, we are here to give you a helping hand so that you can work out exactly what has gone on and what you can do about it. Many of the adjustments that you need to make are simple and inexpensive, so let’s go into the specifics of the common problems and solutions.  


Choosing the Wrong Size Rug

Many people make the mistake of choosing a rug that is simply the wrong size for their room. The most common mistake is choosing one which is too small. Essentially, you need to look to get a rug that extends beyond the edges of your biggest piece of furniture in the room. Otherwise, you will end up pushing back your chair and the legs will fall off the rug. On the other hand, you could end up getting one which is too big, and get that weird in-between effect when people are not quite sure whether it is a carpet or not.


Blocking Natural Light

Your windows are highly important to the overall look of your room, so make sure that they allow in plenty of natural light. If they are currently damaged, you need to look into glass repairs. And while thick drapes are nice during the winter months, they are a lot less appealing if they are keeping the outside light from flowing in. Instead of going for curtains in heavy dark colours, you could instead choose some in a more neutral-coloured linen. You should also avoid putting big pieces of furniture in front of your windows that will end up blocking the natural light from entering.


Lining Furniture Against the Walls

Though you may think that it gives you more space in a small room to line furniture against the walls, in fact, it has the opposite effect. You need to at least have a little bit of ‘breathing room’ against the walls to make the space feel more expansive. Instead, you should be looking to ‘float’ a few pieces in a more central location. If the room is big enough, it is also a nice idea to have a couple of main seating areas to allow separate parties to break off from one another.

Painting Every Single Room White

When people don’t know what to do with a room, it is quite common for them to simply paint it white, thinking that it is the most versatile option. While there is nothing wrong with going for light and airy colours, you should try to vary things up in your house. A bit of experimentation with paint colours is easy enough to do, and also easy enough to change if you are not entirely happy with the effect that has been created.


Not Having Alternative Lighting Sources

If you only have a single light in a room, you don’t have any options when it comes to changing the mood and atmosphere. So, you should at least have a couple of lamps in each room so that you can adjust the brightness depending on the effect that you are trying to create. Otherwise, you could install a dimmer switch which will allow you to create an instant romantic atmosphere. When it comes to the main light bulbs in a room, you don’t need to go for the brightest option every single time as this is likely to create a sterile and unwelcoming effect.


Not Decorating the Walls Enough

If you leave all four walls in a room bare, you are doing nothing to show off your personality and individuality. So, you should try to choose some artwork and other mementos which can fill up the space. However, don’t just put up a single piece and think of this as a job done. The easy rule of thumb to follow when you are hanging art above a sofa or bed is for it to fill at least two-thirds of the wall space above to give off a sense of balance. You don’t always need to get huge framed pieces. Instead, you could hang multiple pieces in a grid-style.


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