Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

You’ve invested all your money in your lovely new home, but there’s just one problem: your home is a dream house, but your backyard looks like something from a nightmare. Although you have a very limited budget and you can’t invest as much as you’d like in your backyard, there are things you can do with very little money and make it look amazing. Here are some ideas for you to help with landscaping your garden and backyard.

A patio is a great idea


The first thing you want with your backyard is to turn it into a place for relaxation, and in order to relax, you need to have a place to sit down and enjoy the view. So, creating a patio or a deck would be a good place to start. Usually, these items are budget killers, so you need to get as creative as possible. For example, instead of a paving stone patio, you should opt for a concrete one. Maybe you can make it smaller than you want, but big enough to put some seating for your family and friends on it. Another option is to use recycled materials, like old bricks, used wood or even broken concrete in order to save money. If it doesn’t look as nice as you desire, you can use some concrete paint to decorate it, or even get an outdoor rug. You can buy used garden furniture and fix it yourself if necessary, or you can build your own using pallets. There are plenty of patio ideas out there that won’t necessarily break the bank

Outdoor Lighting

There are many types of garden lights you can install, some of them bordering on art, but if you want to save money, you can simply get an extension cord and some string lights. If you have trees, a high fence or light poles, you can save money on adhesive hooks and just run the string lights between these high objects in your backyard. Or you can run the string lights around the structure of your newly built patio. You can buy them at discounts around the holidays, and you can choose between a single- and multiple-color string, depending on the mood you’re trying to set.

Backyard entertaining area

An entertaining space should be attractive and functional, but secluded and private. The attractiveness can be achieved through plants and other backyard decorations, such as lanterns or various objects you can make on your own from old tires. You can get a grill to make your entertaining space functional, so that you can invite your friends or family over for barbecues. If you save enough money on other items, you can even get an affordable outdoor spa pool for those hot summer days. You can seclude your entertaining space with privacy screens or, even better, a trellis with a nice vine on it. This way you can cut your neighbors’ view of your backyard, and at the same time hide your trash cans or any other type of mess from your guests.

Plants and garden design

This is one part of your backyard decoration that you can save money on without making a compromise. For example, if you already have some plants, you can divide and propagate them, filling your backyard with color and all the wonderful smells of nature without spending a dime. Another option is to ask your friends or family for starts of hostas if you want to keep your backyard green, or perennials of various colors if you want to keep it extra cheerful and colorful. Plant your flowers or plants in groups of twenty or more, since that will make it easier to maintain your plants and it will allow them to grow similarly to how they grow in nature. Divide different sorts of plants by a few inches, or buy a big pot for each sort you want to plant. And if you also want to plant trees, be sure to do that first, and the lower plants second.

Shop smartly

When you go shopping for landscaping supplies and any sort of decorations, think before deciding on a place to shop and the amount in which you’re buying things. There are big hardware shops where you can get anything you need, but you should keep track of their special offers, so that you can save money on certain things. If you’re buying sand, wood chips or gravel, maybe you should contact one of your local landscaping companies, who will sell those items to you for a much better price, but without the nice-looking packaging. Also, instead of repeatedly shopping in smaller amounts, buy things in bulks to spend less. In addition, avoid spending money on anything you can make yourself.

Not having money to invest in your backyard doesn’t mean it can’t look nice and be a place for you to enjoy. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands and knees dirty and you can turn your backyard into the most beautiful one in your neighborhood.

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