15 Simple Wedding Cake Photos.

So you’ve decided to go for a simple wedding and settle for a simple cake because you love keeping things to a minimal but can’t quite decide what design to settle for. Well, not to worry,  these collection of simple cakes would surely give you an idea of what to opt for. 


Nothing says simple and royal like a white and purple fondant cake.


  • Photo credit; Art de Cake

A blue ruffled cake would bring the spark to any beach themed wedding. The ruffles sure looks like the sea waves.art de cake


Fresh Flowers on a naked cake brings more beauty to its simplicity.


Dhalais on a naked cake, how pretty does it look?


one layered buttercream cake looks perfect for any size of wedding


Pretty cake covered in pink roses


Roses are pretty, add a touch of gold and you have elegance.


Addimg a little touch of gold and pink to a plain white cake makes it all pretty and bridal ready



One layered cake with flowers topping. Yes, they are real flowers, just incase you were wondering.






sugar roses and handmade pearl monogram wedding cake



polka dot and flowers and of course lots of cake.


red and white, the symbol of love.


Whether you opt for a simple cake or a not so simple cake, nothing changes the fact that it’s your big day. Even a simple cake or smaller cake can’t change that.


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