10 Simple Interior Designer Tips for Stunning Bedroom Decor

Due to the small size of most bedrooms, most people find decorating these spaces difficult. However, the bedroom represents one of the most important spaces in your home, and with the right design, this room can play a major role in the overall feel of a home.

They key to great bedroom design is efficiency. Experienced designers find strategic ways to make the most out of every square foot. from the carpet to the duvet covers to the ceiling , these simple interior designer tips, you can turn your cramped bedroom into a restful retreat that seems much larger than it does now!

1. Going Double-Duty

One of the best ways to make the most out of a small space is with the use of double-duty furniture and accessories. Furniture and décor manufacturers are always adding new double-duty products, but you can also come up with your own ideas.

You can turn a long shelf into a desk, or find a bed that gives you plenty of under-the-bed storage space. Here are a few other ideas for double-duty furniture.

2. Make the Walls Do the Work

The walls in your bedroom can help you save a lot of space. For example, try attaching a desk to one of the walls to increase floor space. This technique will also make the room seem larger than it really is since it removes clutter.

The use of shelves can also make a huge impact on the maximization of space in your bedroom. They add floor space and a great design element to your walls. Extra-long shelves maximize this effect!

3. The Hanging Headboard

In a small bedroom, there’s simply no need for a bulky headboard. You can find a ton of hanging headboard ideas out there, and most bed manufacturers now offer some hanging headboard styles. This simple change can add some substantial square footage your bedroom!

4. Using an Expandable Rack

An expandable rack can really open up your bedroom space and add room for storage. You can even hang it up for more space savings! These racks work great for towels, clothes and other small things that tend to take up space.

These expandable racks don’t have be boring and cheap. You can find one that really adds a decorative element to the space!

5. Being Smart With Color

When someone enters a room, color plays one of the biggest roles in the feeling that person gets. Light and pastel colors make a room feel spacious and open. Darker color palettes will feel more cozy and intimate. If the idea is to make a room look larger, you need to choose a color palette with pastels, whites and other light hues.

6. Focusing on Bed Colors

Other than the walls and floor, your bed makes up the greatest surface area in your bedroom space. Choosing the right bed sheets is an essential part to achieving a great bedroom design. Once you get the right sheets, make sure you take very good care of them. Otherwise, all that work you put into choosing the right design will deteriorate very quickly!

7. Mounting Wall Lights

Wall lights improve bedroom décor in a few important ways. First, they simply save space. Floor and table lamps take up much more space with their stands and bulky bases. Wall lights also allow you add more style to your bedroom décor with many unique styles available.

Lastly, since mounted wall lights do not take up floor space, you can use them to add more light to the room. In a small bedroom space, more light makes a huge difference.

8. Hang Those Drapes High

One of the most well-known design tools in the book it to use whatever you can to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. This illusion greatly improves how spacious a room can feel. You can do this in your bedroom by hanging your drapes as high as possible (higher than the actual height of your windows)

In many older buildings and homes, windows are placed lower to the ground. Hanging the drapes at that window height will actually make your bedroom seem smaller. By hanging the drapers as high as possible, you can really open up your space and achieve the illusion of a larger room.

9. Have Fun With Scale

Just because something is large, does not necessarily mean that it will make the room feel small. It can be surprising how much your eyes can trick you. For example, if you decide to use a larger bed, people may focus on the big bed immediately when walking in and think the space is large as well.

This idea can really surprise you on how well it works. However, you have to be very careful about how you utilize these large features. You may have to play around with several different designs before you get the effect you need.

10. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

When it comes to providing illusions of space, nothing achieves this better than mirrors. When aligned with the overall design and used properly, a mirror can almost double the size of the room in appearance.

On the other hand, randomly placing mirrors all over the room won’t give you a stunning final look. It all depends on your overall design. If you’re using a lot of sleek and modern elements, a few large mirrors can work well. However, if you’re going for a more traditional feel, a single decorative mirror may be best.

The bedroom should be one of your favorite places to relax. It’s worth taking the time to get the design right!


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