How to Choose a Wedding Venue

For many couples, picking the right wedding venue that will be easy for their guests is a big deal. Settling on a venue is an expensive affair. It sets the tinge of the wedding. A wedding venue is a meat in a wedding sandwich but many are frustrated with the reservation process. Below are a few tips that will help you choose a wedding venue that is right for you.


There are a few ways to go with choosing the location, you can try and choose the most beautiful wedding destinations so that the ceremony and photos are amazing, or you can choose a venue that suits logistically to make it easy for the majority of people to make it (after all, it is important that your closest family and friends can all come). You can also make the decision based off a destination of importance for you as a couple, maybe you might take it to a town where you grew up or met.

Number of Guests

The number of guests you foresee will help you to determine how big a venue you will need. It is, therefore, critical that you come up with an estimate of your number of guests so that you can plan your budget on time.



Weather is a weighty factor you need to consider if you’re planning to have a garden wedding ceremony. The weather is less authentic if you’re planning an outdoor event and may turn cold or wet. To avoid embarrassment, have an alternative to either a tent or an inside space in case the skies open up. In essence, consider the season which you are planning your ceremony.


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Special Requirements

Some places have strict rules and regulations. There are some locations which prohibit smoking and alcohol. If your guests drink and smoke, pick that location which doesn’t restrict the two. If dancing and a big band are censorious, limit yourself to those places that can lodge them. Think about children, disabled guests and seniors too. Identify all special factors that are relevant to your event prior the material day.

If you’re going to pick 1 element of a wedding that has the biggest impact on how ‘good’ the day is, the wedding venue would have to be right up there as the most important, so don’t stuff it up… 🙂

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Melbourne


Photo credit : sandringham Yacht

Finding a wedding venue can be overwhelming most times.  With so many options available one can easily get confused on where to throw a wedding.

Having had some experience in wedding planning and organized few ceremonies,  I have compiled a list of 10 venues to throw a wedding party in the city of Melbourne


Manor on high


Photo credit;  Manor on high

This happens to be one of the best venues for a wedding in Melbourne. Their Georgian room is ideal for hosting a wedding. It has the capacity to accommodate 270 guests, has a private bridal quarters and a extravagant entrance and staircase.


Mural Hall



Photo credit; Mural Hall

Has the capacity to house a large number of guests.  Looks exquisite and very classy with its grand enterance.


Crown events and conference


Photo credit; Crowns event and conference

Having a five star service, premium catering and a standby for technical support,this place would be ideal for a wedding venue.




Photo credit;  Real weddings

With sophistication and style this places delivers a good venue that can take up to 320 Guest for a wedding.


Sandringham Yacht Club


Photo credit; Sandringham yatch Club Instagram

This contemporary venue houses up to 250 guests and also has an event manager to help you out in organizing . 




Photo credit; Luminare

Just like the name implies,it has a breathtaking view. Makes a perfect venue for any occasion



Photo credit; Tatra

This is perfect place for a garden wedding.  Enjoy nature’s beauty at its peak while celebrating your marital bliss.


Red scooter


Photo credit; Red Scooter

If you are looking for a place to make your guests feel like stars, then this place would be your perfect pick. A premium event centre having various rooms for a variety of functions.

The International


The foyer and Ballroom of this venue is one to leave you mesmerized.


Ballara Receptions



Exquisite service and is located in beautiful Eltham, this venues breathtaking english garden is an ideal garden wedding venue.