Your Festival Season Look Sorted

Going to festivals can be a great experience, wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re visiting a very British music festival where the rain will probably pour, or you’re heading to Coachella to see some of the biggest stars around (The Yodelling Kid was a stand out performance this year), you want to make sure you look and feel amazing. The great thing about festivals is that you can really experiment with your look and try out looks that you probably wouldn’t usually try day to day. Here are some ideas that you can try out this festival season:

Crochet Dresses

Crochet dresses are very boho, and come in all different styles depending on what you want to go for. You could wear a plain crochet dress, making your accessories do the talking. Alternatively, you could wear a colorful crochet dress and be a rainbow for the day! If dresses aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Crochet tops and skirts are just as popular. A crochet top would look super cute with some cut off denim shorts.

Cowboy Boots

Have cowboy boots ever really gone out of style? If you find an amazing vintage pair or invest in a durable pair, you should have them for a long time. You can wear them with a plain top and shorts, making them the focus of the outfit. You could even wear a western style dress. There are so many ways you can wear cowboy boots, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Flares are back with a bang! The great thing about wearing flares is that they tend to accentuate curves. They’ll make your waist look smaller, give your bum that perfect heart shape, and give your legs a fantastic shape in general. The more flared at the bottom, the better! Bear in mind that you want the flares to the focus of the outfit, so you shouldn’t wear anything too distracting. A simple crop top or bodysuit is a good idea.

Docs And Fishnets

Cowboy boots not your thing? For the love of god don’t wear sandals or flip flops. Even wearing training shoes can be a bad idea, as they will likely get filthy. Instead, pick yourself up a pair of sturdy boots that you can keep and wear forever. Doc martens are amazing and look incredible at festivals with just about any outfit. Something they look especially great with is a pair of fishnets. A great way to add some sass to your outfit!


When it comes to jewellery, you want to think outside of the box. Don’t be afraid to adorn yourself in beautiful pieces. Wear statement necklaces and pile your arm high with bangles. Look at a place like Opalsaustralia for some unique looking jewellry that will really work for festival season. Invest in pieces and you’ll have them forever, then.

Body Art

Body art is becoming increasingly popular for festival season. Try glitter on your face, or if your brave, on your chest and bum. It’s a bit risky, but it definitely makes a statement and looks amazing!

How to Rock a Pink Ladies Look in 2018

It’s 2018, and that means the 40th anniversary of the classic musical Grease is right around the corner. The movie hit theaters on June 16, 1978, and featured leading roles from John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Recognizable costumes, a riveting love story and a soundtrack full of classic hits, Grease was an instant commercial and critical success that represents the timeless looks of 1950s Americana and still touches lives across the world today.

If you have a vintage costume party that you’re attending this year, or you simply want to add some of that vintage Grease flavor to your style, but you just don’t know how, this article explains exactly how you can add some tough-girl attitude to your wardrobe reminiscent of the iconic girl gang, the Pink Ladies.


Start with a classic Pink Ladies bomber jacket

The only way you can truly embody the sass and look of a Pink Lady is by rocking one of their signature pink bomber jackets. This iconic, instantly recognizable piece will set the tone for your whole look, and everyone will know that you aren’t messing around.

Throw in a classic neutral bandana

This versatile accessory looks great as a necktie or as a headband paired with an up-do. Pull your look together with a black or white tie to emphasize the pink in your outerwear, or pull a stunt with a brighter colored tie for a bold, eye-catching look.

Try on some sexy black leather pants

Strike a pose in a pair of tight leather pants and add some sex appeal to your old school cool look. Scoring a pair of well-fitted leather pants is a sure-fire way to show off your curves and add a fierce edge to your outfit.

Add a simple white button down, with selected buttons buttoned

This classic piece is all about how many buttons you button. Take it to the top for a sleek, modern androgynous look, or pick a couple for a sexy, casual look. Get your own shirt or, for savvier fashionistas, steal one from your beau and roll up the sleeves.

Complete the look with some funky kitten heels

Back in the Grease era, pumps weren’t yet making an appearance. Instead, women rocked some modest kitten heels. Don’t let the size of the heel fool you — these shoes can pack a fashion punch! Snag a pair with a fun print like leopard for an authentic vintage look.

How To Create A Great Resume

Companies receive hundreds of resumes for each job ad they post online. It is crucial to learn how to get noticed since recruiters typically don’t spend more than a few seconds on each resume.

A Guide to Creating A Great Resume

Keep things simple. You can make a good impression by organizing your resume in four sections. Put together a summary of your qualifications, list your education experiences, talk about relevant work experiences, and finish by listing your skills.

Stay away from generic words and adjectives. Describing yourself as a hardworking team player isn’t going to help you get noticed. Instead, refer to specific achievements.

Be proud of your achievements. For each previous job experience you list, add a few bullet points to let recruiters know about the projects you worked on. Use facts and numbers if possible. If you don’t feel confident then it’s a good idea to get professional help

Create your own resume template. You can easily download tables or templates online, but these can be hard to personalize and will look like other resumes recruiters have received.

Don’t go over two pages. Did you know that hiring managers typically spend six seconds on each resume? Be clear and concise. One page is enough if you have limited experience. There are a few exceptions. It is common to see longer resumes in fields such as IT or teaching.

You don’t have to list every job you ever had. Keep your resume concise by only listing the most relevant work experiences.

Be honest. It might be tempting to embellish your accomplishments or work experiences. You will regret lying on your resume if you get a job you aren’t qualified for.

Choose your first bullet points carefully. You should draw attention to your degree, to certifications that would make a difference in your field, and to your most significant achievements.

Create a readable and printable resume. Use a font like Times New Roman or Arial. Don’t use text smaller than 11 point. Keep the letter size for your page setup, and avoid narrow margins. Print your resume to see what it looks like in case a recruiter decides to print it after you send it electronically.

Take the time to customize your resume. You shouldn’t send the exact same resume for all the positions you apply to. You should draw attention to the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position you are going after.


4 ways to look like a celebrity without spending a fortune

Let’s face it – we all want to look more like our favorite celebrities. Whether it’s their perfect complexions, stunning figures or immaculate fashion sense, it’s easy to feel down in the dumps when you flick through a magazine or watch a video on YouTube. However, instead of seeing celebrities as the enemy, you can use their style as an inspiration. Below, we’ve rounded up four ways to look like your fave without spending a fortune.

Styling For The Big Day (for guys)

For grooms and groomsmen looking to jazz up their wedding attire look no further than men’s accessory connoisseurs Buckle 1922. Buckle’s range features Australian made belts and braces, as well as statement making bow ties, cufflinks, lapel pins and tie bars. The range is compiled of affordable, quality products and suited from the most conservative to the quirkiest of grooms’ tastes.

The kid’s range, Buckle Jr, offers cute and quirky accessories for the well-dressed little gent. Coordinate your big and little groomsmen with matching bow ties, colourful braces or a stylish belt.

6 Awesome Shoots you Absolutely Need in Your Wedding Album

Your wedding is probably one such day where you can’t afford to make any mistakes. From the lights, the decorations, the food or the photographs- you’ll always try to ensure that everything is on point. Now, this regard, it is really important that you pay extra attention to your wedding photographs. After all, it is these photographs that are going to capture some truly unforgettable memories that’ll make you smile several years down the line. But how to make your wedding photographs really special? What is the secret ingredient behind a stunning wedding album? Well, that is exactly what we’re going to find out in the following section. Keep reading to find out about those shots that’ll truly redefine your wedding.

Tips and Trends for Cool Looking Hands in 2018

A new year is the perfect time for a brand new look, and your nails are the perfect place to start! You don’t have to rush out to your local nail bar either — save the pennies and get creative instead. Here are five of the season’s top nail art trends.

Brighten up

This winter, nail fashion has been all about bright colors, which are perfect for making those cold dark days feel much more cheery. Go for bold pinks and reds and fluorescent citruses and use more than one color on each nail in asymmetric patterns. Don’t worry if the nail varnish colors clash, it’s all part of the look.

Midnight blue

Vampy nails never go out of fashion, but this year it’s time to swap your trusty black, nail standby varnish for a deep dark blue. This shade will go really well with lace, another of the season’s top style trends. A dark shade on your nails is also very forgiving of any imperfections!

Mind the gap

One of the most interesting looks of the Spring 2015 catwalks, this nail art is easy to do and looks terrific. Paint from the top of your nail to halfway down, then leave a small gap and finish your nail down to the cuticle using a different color. Use neutral tones for a subtle look or be bold and use bright colors for eye-catching stripes.

Frozen sparkle

A glamorous twist on the classic French manicure, instead of using white at the tips of your nails use silver glitter varnish instead. You don’t have to be too neat either. In fact, the messier the better, as small trickles will give your nails a great frosty, icy effect.

Chain gang

And lastly, don’t forget you can accessorize with body jewelry. A gorgeous hand chain looks great paired with freshly manicured nails and will add a touch of elegance and eastern glamour. If you haven’t worn one before, keep it simple at first, but if you’re feeling adventurous pair a hand chain up with more bracelets and rings for a really cool look.

There you have it. Five looks for fashionable hands in 2015. So grab ten minutes to yourself, have plenty nail varnish remover and cotton wool at the ready, and enjoy giving your hands a bit of TLC.