5 Quick Additions To Your Hen’s Night to Make the Memories Last

A hen’s night is meant to be fun.

It is a night that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, so the bride and all her closest friends can spend a night letting their hair down and escape from wedding planning stress.

If you’ve been put in charge of organising a hens’ for a bride-to-be, here are some easy tips to add a lot of fun and make it the night really feel like  a special event so if you’ve already found a great place to have your hen’s night here are some good tips to add those nice little bells and whistles.

Diamante transfers.

Iron on diamante transfers with words such as “Bride to be” and “Mother of the Bride” are a great way to make your group feel like an exclusive club once you hit the town.

There will be no-one at any club you visit that is in any doubt as to who is involved with the raucous hens’ night party – and remember, this night is all about making the bride the center of attention (whether she wants it or not).

Just iron them onto a t-shirt, vest or sash and you have a uniquely customised hens’ night outfit.

Stud scoring flash cards.

What would a hens’ night be without a little objectification of the male sex?

Hen’s nights always attract a lot of attention. Maybe it is the flashy accessories or maybe it’s just the effect of a big group of ladies drinking and having a lot of fun has on the less fair sex. Whatever the reason picking up a few packs of stud scoring flash cards is a great way to turn that attention into part of the fun for the night.

Nothing glues a group together better than an inside joke. With fun, you can rate each guy as to who is hot and who is so not!

Hens’ night gift bags.

We might have grown past the age where it is still seen as appropriate but, let’s be honest, party bags are still the best.

A hen’s night is the best excuse you’re going to get as an adult to indulge once again. Everyone likes to be gifted with things, and each girl in the group can take away great memories of the hens’ night with pre-made hen’s night gift bags that are available to purchase online.

These can contain items such as sashes, badges, miniature drinks, penis straws – you name it!

Pin the macho on the man.

Speaking of things we used to love as kids, everybody has heard of pin the tail on the donkey, right?

Why not take it up a notch with the hilarious adult version – pin the macho on the man! Trust us – putting an adult spin on your favorite childhood games is always a major hit.

Imagine a beautiful man stuck to the wall, and while blindfolded, you and the girls have to pin on his “macho”. With a few drinks thrown in you can’t lose.

Inflatable man.

No ritual is truly complete without a totem.

And what is a better totem for a hens’ night than a symbol of what the bride to be is leaving behind. Take one our inflatable men dolls with you from club to club. Make rules about who has to carry him – or maybe a rule that the last one to finish their shot has to dirty dance with him in the middle of the floor.

Hens’ night’s might usually have ‘no men allowed’ rules but we think you’ll find an inflatable man to be a hilarious exception that you’ll be more than willing to make.

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Melbourne


Photo credit : sandringham Yacht

Finding a wedding venue can be overwhelming most times.  With so many options available one can easily get confused on where to throw a wedding.

Having had some experience in wedding planning and organized few ceremonies,  I have compiled a list of 10 venues to throw a wedding party in the city of Melbourne


Manor on high


Photo credit;  Manor on high

This happens to be one of the best venues for a wedding in Melbourne. Their Georgian room is ideal for hosting a wedding. It has the capacity to accommodate 270 guests, has a private bridal quarters and a extravagant entrance and staircase.


Mural Hall



Photo credit; Mural Hall

Has the capacity to house a large number of guests.  Looks exquisite and very classy with its grand enterance.


Crown events and conference


Photo credit; Crowns event and conference

Having a five star service, premium catering and a standby for technical support,this place would be ideal for a wedding venue.




Photo credit;  Real weddings

With sophistication and style this places delivers a good venue that can take up to 320 Guest for a wedding.


Sandringham Yacht Club


Photo credit; Sandringham yatch Club Instagram

This contemporary venue houses up to 250 guests and also has an event manager to help you out in organizing . 




Photo credit; Luminare

Just like the name implies,it has a breathtaking view. Makes a perfect venue for any occasion



Photo credit; Tatra

This is perfect place for a garden wedding.  Enjoy nature’s beauty at its peak while celebrating your marital bliss.


Red scooter


Photo credit; Red Scooter

If you are looking for a place to make your guests feel like stars, then this place would be your perfect pick. A premium event centre having various rooms for a variety of functions.

The International


The foyer and Ballroom of this venue is one to leave you mesmerized.


Ballara Receptions



Exquisite service and is located in beautiful Eltham, this venues breathtaking english garden is an ideal garden wedding venue.

Tips To Buying Wedding Dress Online


Photo credit; Suzzaneharward 

The usual wedding tradition of buying wedding dress involves walking into the store with your mother, trying on different dresses with the assistance of a sales person and seeing if it fits your expectation.

Another way would be by few clicks of a button on your computer and having the dress  brought over to your house where you can try it on. One good thing about this is,you would comfortably try on the dress and accessories without feeling someone is constantly watching you and making you uneasy

When buying a wedding dress online it is important upon put certain things into consideration

Your body measurement

Before ordering for a dress online male sure you have your correct body measurement. If you are unsure how to measure yourself accurately, let someone who’s able to do that for you.

Be sure about the stores policy

Have an idea about what the stores return policy is before ordering for a dress. Not to fret, most stores have a standard return policy in place.

The kind of style and texture you want

While you may not be a wedding fabric connoisseur, it is advisable you make researches and know the various textures and kinds of styles that are put they and which online store carries such

Be on the lookout for designer gown on sales

Isn’t it every brides dream to see snatch a designer dress for a little token? Yes it is,  you should be on the lookout for one and ready to act as quick as possible to get it before the next bride does.

Wedding size is different from normal clothing size.

Most wedding gown designers don’t use the actual clothing size when it comes to making their dresses. Keep this in mind when buying and be sure to learn more about the wedding sizing if you don’t know about it already.

Be careful scammers

This is one major point I can’t overemphasize. Always be careful when buying online, leave any sites that looks suspicious or asks you to pay using cheque or wired money.

There are online stores that sell  good quality designer wedding dresses for less.

Suzanne Harward offers amazing designer wedding dresses. Otherwise if you’re on a tighter budget you can find pre owned dresses and other budget friendly options at house of brides or ASOS

The Ultimate Bridal Survival Kit List


Photo credit;  Mojuba emergency kits

No matter how much effort you put into planning your wedding, mistakes and accidents are bound to happen. A survival kit is necessary for a bride to take along on her wedding day. This kit should contain tools that would fix up little glitches and bad happenings. Preparing for unforseen circumstances is one major key to pulling off a successful event. A survival kit is not only needed for brides. Event planners, groomsmen and basically anyone going for a major event needs one.

A survival kit is usually carried by the bridesmaid and is kept in a place that can be accessed easily. Thanks to modernization, companies now sell pre-packed emergent kits for the big day. But just incase you are one who enjoys packing her own things, this list would serve as a guide for you.

  • Duct tape preferably a white one. This tape can hold two worlds together.
  • Pain relievers
  • Phone chargers to make that emergency call incase your battery goes out.
  • Chalk to hide that stain from your dress
  • Straws for sipping on some liquid without smudging your lipstick
  • Baby powder to absorb moisture
  • Makeup and tweezers for touch ups
  • Toiletries; tampons and panty liners,just incase
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Sewing kit to fix all tears
  • Cash because you never know when you’ll need it or what might arise.
  • Lint rollers to keep the grooms suit in check
  • Sunscreen, this is of the importance. You still want to maintain that glow you worked so hard to get from the beginning.
  • Extra pair of contacts and contacts solution. Also an eye drop is needed just incase.
  • Blotting paper. There’s nothing attractive about an oily and greasy face.
  • A small mirror for facial checks during the day.
  • Deodorants and perfume to keep you smelling good all day
  • Combs and brushes to keep that hair flawless through the day
  • Any medication you are on should be carried too incase of an emergency.

How To Plan A Wedding


Photo credit ;Jessica lynn

A wedding is a lovely event that everyone looks forward to, but planning it isn’t an easy part. It involves so much work and takes a good amount of time. To be on the safe side always start planning your wedding 6_16 months before the big day, that way there would be sufficient time to handle unforeseen circumstances.
Here are basic steps you should follow and things to get done when planning for a wedding

 Prepare yourself for the process and be ready to change your ideas and expectations when the need arises.

 Start a wedding planner where you keep records of everything from contacts to clippings.

 Have a budget and know how much you are able to spend and who would be assisting financially.

 Plan your guest list together with your partner. Decide how many people you would want at the wedding.



Photo credit; Lucy Richardson

 Decide on a date and book a venue as soon as you can. If you are planning a wedding on a low budget, you can look for venues that are relatively affordable or throw it in a small garden.

 Find an officiant to oversee the ceremony

 Make plans for entertainments.

 Start shopping for a wedding dress and other bridal accessories including the bridesmaid dress and the groomsmen tux.

 Meet up with photographers, florist, dj and caterers to make plans for the big day.

 Pick out your invitation cards and make plans for wedding gift .

 Kick off your website, fill in all needed information and send link to all guests. You can skip this process if you do not want it.


Photo credit; Elegant Temptations

 Meet up with bakers and select the cake you would love to have.

 Reserve hotels for guest who would come from a distance and also make arrangements for rehearsal dinners if you want to have one.

 Get your marriage license.

 Purchase your wedding rings and book your hair and makeup session.

 Plan for Your honeymoon

 Follow up with vendors and check in with the officiant regularly also.

 Pack a little emergency bag containing light makeups , tapes, sewing essentials and anything you feel would come in handy.

 Voila! At this stage, you are ready to have a lovely well thought out ceremony. Congratulations!



Photo credit; Ballara Receptions Wedding Venue in Melbourne