Tips To Buying Wedding Dress Online


Photo credit; Suzzaneharward 

The usual wedding tradition of buying wedding dress involves walking into the store with your mother, trying on different dresses with the assistance of a sales person and seeing if it fits your expectation.

Another way would be by few clicks of a button on your computer and having the dress  brought over to your house where you can try it on. One good thing about this is,you would comfortably try on the dress and accessories without feeling someone is constantly watching you and making you uneasy

When buying a wedding dress online it is important upon put certain things into consideration

Your body measurement

Before ordering for a dress online male sure you have your correct body measurement. If you are unsure how to measure yourself accurately, let someone who’s able to do that for you.

Be sure about the stores policy

Have an idea about what the stores return policy is before ordering for a dress. Not to fret, most stores have a standard return policy in place.

The kind of style and texture you want

While you may not be a wedding fabric connoisseur, it is advisable you make researches and know the various textures and kinds of styles that are put they and which online store carries such

Be on the lookout for designer gown on sales

Isn’t it every brides dream to see snatch a designer dress for a little token? Yes it is,  you should be on the lookout for one and ready to act as quick as possible to get it before the next bride does.

Wedding size is different from normal clothing size.

Most wedding gown designers don’t use the actual clothing size when it comes to making their dresses. Keep this in mind when buying and be sure to learn more about the wedding sizing if you don’t know about it already.

Be careful scammers

This is one major point I can’t overemphasize. Always be careful when buying online, leave any sites that looks suspicious or asks you to pay using cheque or wired money.

There are online stores that sell  good quality designer wedding dresses for less.

Suzanne Harward offers amazing designer wedding dresses. Otherwise if you’re on a tighter budget you can find pre owned dresses and other budget friendly options at house of brides or ASOS

10 Instagram Wedding Accounts for inspiration



Thanks to social media, we no longer have to wait for copies of wedding pictures, brochures from event managers or sneak peaks from a live wedding before having access to all wedding themed pictures. From flowers to cakes, to wedding dress, social media has brought it all to out fingertips.
So if you are in need for some inspiration to plan that wedding, check out these 10 Instagram account to follow now.


1. Farewell Fiance

The Farewell Fiance wedding blog is a haven of designer inspiration and luxury glam, check out @farewellfiance



2. Kaman Or

This event stylists page would give you so much ideas and options for your wedding décor. Check her out @ka_ka_man



3. Ambiancebytalata

One major key to having an elegant indoor wedding is having a good lighting system. For some lighting and drapery inspiration check them out @Ambiencebytalata



4. Bobanddawndavis photography

A beautiful wedding needs to have beautiful photographs that would be used to relish beautiful memories. Awesome wedding photography to inspire you for your big day, check out @bobanddawndavis



5. Heladodelicia

Nothing but cakes and sweet desserts on this page that would give you an idea of just how you would love your wedding cake to look like.



6. Wedding paper divas

This page has some amazing invitation card ideas. Get an insight to what an invitation card should look like. @weddingpaperdivas




7. Christine Bentley

@chrisbentley showcases the best of wedding photography that is sure to lift your spirits up and leave you inspired.
Check her out @chrisbentley



8. Vera Wang
For bridal dress inspiration, check out @verawanggang for the latest cuts and lengths of bridal gowns.



9. The Inside Weddings

Showcasing all things weddings and giving sneak peeks to real life weddings. @insideweddings



10. Empty Vase

This page would inspire you on all things flowers and flower arrangement @emptyvase Continue reading “10 Instagram Wedding Accounts for inspiration”