Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

You’ve invested all your money in your lovely new home, but there’s just one problem: your home is a dream house, but your backyard looks like something from a nightmare. Although you have a very limited budget and you can’t invest as much as you’d like in your backyard, there are things you can do with very little money and make it look amazing. Here are some ideas for you to help with landscaping your garden and backyard.

A patio is a great idea


The first thing you want with your backyard is to turn it into a place for relaxation, and in order to relax, you need to have a place to sit down and enjoy the view. So, creating a patio or a deck would be a good place to start. Usually, these items are budget killers, so you need to get as creative as possible. For example, instead of a paving stone patio, you should opt for a concrete one. Maybe you can make it smaller than you want, but big enough to put some seating for your family and friends on it. Another option is to use recycled materials, like old bricks, used wood or even broken concrete in order to save money. If it doesn’t look as nice as you desire, you can use some concrete paint to decorate it, or even get an outdoor rug. You can buy used garden furniture and fix it yourself if necessary, or you can build your own using pallets. There are plenty of patio ideas out there that won’t necessarily break the bank

Outdoor Lighting

There are many types of garden lights you can install, some of them bordering on art, but if you want to save money, you can simply get an extension cord and some string lights. If you have trees, a high fence or light poles, you can save money on adhesive hooks and just run the string lights between these high objects in your backyard. Or you can run the string lights around the structure of your newly built patio. You can buy them at discounts around the holidays, and you can choose between a single- and multiple-color string, depending on the mood you’re trying to set.

Backyard entertaining area

An entertaining space should be attractive and functional, but secluded and private. The attractiveness can be achieved through plants and other backyard decorations, such as lanterns or various objects you can make on your own from old tires. You can get a grill to make your entertaining space functional, so that you can invite your friends or family over for barbecues. If you save enough money on other items, you can even get an affordable outdoor spa pool for those hot summer days. You can seclude your entertaining space with privacy screens or, even better, a trellis with a nice vine on it. This way you can cut your neighbors’ view of your backyard, and at the same time hide your trash cans or any other type of mess from your guests.

Plants and garden design

This is one part of your backyard decoration that you can save money on without making a compromise. For example, if you already have some plants, you can divide and propagate them, filling your backyard with color and all the wonderful smells of nature without spending a dime. Another option is to ask your friends or family for starts of hostas if you want to keep your backyard green, or perennials of various colors if you want to keep it extra cheerful and colorful. Plant your flowers or plants in groups of twenty or more, since that will make it easier to maintain your plants and it will allow them to grow similarly to how they grow in nature. Divide different sorts of plants by a few inches, or buy a big pot for each sort you want to plant. And if you also want to plant trees, be sure to do that first, and the lower plants second.

Shop smartly

When you go shopping for landscaping supplies and any sort of decorations, think before deciding on a place to shop and the amount in which you’re buying things. There are big hardware shops where you can get anything you need, but you should keep track of their special offers, so that you can save money on certain things. If you’re buying sand, wood chips or gravel, maybe you should contact one of your local landscaping companies, who will sell those items to you for a much better price, but without the nice-looking packaging. Also, instead of repeatedly shopping in smaller amounts, buy things in bulks to spend less. In addition, avoid spending money on anything you can make yourself.

Not having money to invest in your backyard doesn’t mean it can’t look nice and be a place for you to enjoy. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands and knees dirty and you can turn your backyard into the most beautiful one in your neighborhood.

Let There Be Light! How To Bring More Light Into Your Home

A bright, light and airy home feels spacious and modern, but it’s not always easy to accomplish. Whether you live in a small space or have a large living area, the principles of bringing in more light are the same.

Want to know how to make your home feel brighter? Let the light in with these suggestions for bringing more light into your home.

Lighten your walls

Changing your walls to a bright, light colour can make all the difference to the lighting in your home. Many people are switching to white or pale paint colours to help make a living space look more modern, using neutral accents such as greys to add a stylish touch. This will make your home feel much more open and will give the natural light something to reflect off too.

Change your windows and doors

If you’re serious about bringing more light into your home, then you should give some serious thought to changing your windows and doors. Minimal frames, glass doors, and larger windows could all bring more light into your home and make it feel larger. Specialists  Facelift Window & Door Replacements will be able to help you work out the best solution for your home. Replacing your windows and doors can be a costly home improvement, but is one that could make a big difference to your home.

Use natural-looking lighting

Warm light bulbs make the lighting in your home look artificial and are best suited to darker interiors. For more natural looking lighting, use white lights instead that mimic daytime and give a more contemporary feel.

Get rid of the clutter

Keeping your home organised and stylish will make it feel much brighter and lighter. A clear floor is ideal for creating more space, and when everything has its own place, you’ll feel much more relaxed at home too. If you have too many items in your home and nowhere to put them, it’s time to have a good clear out. Sort through your items to identify things that you no longer need, and you’ll find it much easier to keep your home clutter-free.

Use mirrors as a lighting trick

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more light, especially in small spaces. There are some clever ways to use mirrors to make your home feel brighter that will visibly change your space. Use different mirror styles to suit your decor tastes, from ornate frames to sleek, minimal mirrors that will reflect the rest of the room. Mirrors can be an affordable upgrade to your interior, but offer plenty in terms of how they can transform it.

A home filled with light feels more modern and helps you make the most of natural daylight. No matter how big or small your space is, there are some great ways to let the light in and give your home a spacious feel. Think about the upgrades that you can make to help you enjoy a lighter, brighter home.

Making The Most of Small Spaces

Psychologically, we tend to associate small with less, as in, a lesser standard of life.  Interestingly, however, when we think about modern design trends everything is getting smaller; especially when it comes to electronics such as computers, phones and flat screen televisions.  Maybe, in a similar way, we are evolving into smaller spaces.

That said, there is an inherent limit on how comfortable one can feel when living in a small space, as the lack of storage can lead to a cluttered and chaotic home environment, that unless kept on top of can cause a feeling of depression.

In this article we’re going to look at five ways to make the most of small spaces.

  1. LIGHT

The term “dark and dingy” might enter your mind when talking about small apartments, because the two often go hand in hand.  The darker a home is, the smaller and more claustrophobic it feels; conversely, the more natural light, the more airy and spacious it feels.

There are many small boutique hotels that now provide capsule rooms (often without a window) yet they utilise such vibrant light in addition to some softer mood lighting for when people are winding down, that people don’t feel trapped or claustrophobic.  

In essence, the more light you get into a property, the more spacious the property will feel.


In a similar vein, the more cluttered a home feels the smaller it feels and in practical terms, the smaller it becomes.  The challenge when living in a small space is that it’s easy for this space to feel cluttered even if it’s not. Another consideration is that you are likely to have more clutter in a small space than a large space, as there’s often a lack of storage space.

One of the key tips is to ensure your walls are uncluttered and that everything has a place that’s out of sight, this is where creative kitchens that use innovative design and storage principles can pay dividends, because often, it’s the kitchen that feels most cluttered in smaller apartments.

  1.  COOL

Small spaces often feeling quite stuffy and hot in the summer months.  It’s therefore important to have an adequate supply of cool fresh air coming into the property.  This can make a big difference as there’s nothing worse than living in a sweat box in the height of summer.


A good idea, if you’re truly struggling for space is to rent a small storage unit to put some of your unneeded items of furniture in.  This can be a particularly good option for people who are renting their property, as it tends to be a lot cheaper than having to rent a larger property in order to accommodate all your furniture.


If you don’t have enough space inside, and live on the ground floor, you could consider extending your living area with the use of outdoor seating, heater lamps, and a gazebo for shelter.  Pinterest offers some great image based inspiration on how to make a cosy outdoor living space.

3 Chronically Underused Materials In Home Design

Anyone who makes any kind of an effort to improve the look of their home will find that it is important to know your materials. As long as you are confident with what materials you are working with, you can be much more certain of achieving some fantastic effects around the home, even if you are relatively new to this kind of design. As it turns out, there are a few materials in particular which do tend to be massively underused, and if you can manage to find a way to make good use of some of these then it will probably lead to a truly special design in your home. Let’s take a look at those materials, and how to make good use of them in your interior design.


You might not have heard of gypsum, but the chances are good that you have seen it a few times in your life. As it happens, using gypsum in your interior design can make some really exciting and innovative effects, and it’s definitely worth taking a look at this special material if you want to give your home a little something special. One of the most useful uses of this material is to attach it to a substrate surface, in which case it can be changed against the background to create a number of different looks. This makes it a malleable and diverse material – and it just so happens to be amazingly cheap to produce and buy as well. Consider gypsum if you are looking for something cheap, cheerful and extremely versatile.


Even though it is an extremely common and well-known material, glass is still chronically underused in most interior design these days. This is a travesty, especially as in the right hands it can be used to create some spectacularly beautiful modern displays for just about any home. A truly modern feel can be achieved by installing glass walls or at least large sliding glass doors, particularly in such a way to bring in more natural light throughout the day. Suppliers like Liverpool Glass can even help you to install it in this way, and before you know it you can see why glass should be used all the more in interior design all over the world. Don’t knock it just because it’s a well-known material: glass is diverse and interesting to play with during design.


You probably have an image in your head of what parchment might look like, but the chances are that the real thing actually looks quite different. In fact, parchment is a generic term used to mean various kinds of animal skin, and as it happens you can use it in a wide range of ways in pretty much any home with the right approach. Of course, it doesn’t have to be literal animal skin, but however you find it it can add a surprising amount of taste and glamour to any property. It’s well worth thinking about if you want your interior design to have a little something extra going on.

Common Decorating Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Sometimes, you walk into a room and something doesn’t look quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. If you have noticed this in your own home, there is every chance that you have committed one of the major decorating mistakes that we are about to talk about in this article. Rather than making you feel bad about it, we are here to give you a helping hand so that you can work out exactly what has gone on and what you can do about it. Many of the adjustments that you need to make are simple and inexpensive, so let’s go into the specifics of the common problems and solutions.  


Choosing the Wrong Size Rug

Many people make the mistake of choosing a rug that is simply the wrong size for their room. The most common mistake is choosing one which is too small. Essentially, you need to look to get a rug that extends beyond the edges of your biggest piece of furniture in the room. Otherwise, you will end up pushing back your chair and the legs will fall off the rug. On the other hand, you could end up getting one which is too big, and get that weird in-between effect when people are not quite sure whether it is a carpet or not.


Blocking Natural Light

Your windows are highly important to the overall look of your room, so make sure that they allow in plenty of natural light. If they are currently damaged, you need to look into glass repairs. And while thick drapes are nice during the winter months, they are a lot less appealing if they are keeping the outside light from flowing in. Instead of going for curtains in heavy dark colours, you could instead choose some in a more neutral-coloured linen. You should also avoid putting big pieces of furniture in front of your windows that will end up blocking the natural light from entering.


Lining Furniture Against the Walls

Though you may think that it gives you more space in a small room to line furniture against the walls, in fact, it has the opposite effect. You need to at least have a little bit of ‘breathing room’ against the walls to make the space feel more expansive. Instead, you should be looking to ‘float’ a few pieces in a more central location. If the room is big enough, it is also a nice idea to have a couple of main seating areas to allow separate parties to break off from one another.

Painting Every Single Room White

When people don’t know what to do with a room, it is quite common for them to simply paint it white, thinking that it is the most versatile option. While there is nothing wrong with going for light and airy colours, you should try to vary things up in your house. A bit of experimentation with paint colours is easy enough to do, and also easy enough to change if you are not entirely happy with the effect that has been created.


Not Having Alternative Lighting Sources

If you only have a single light in a room, you don’t have any options when it comes to changing the mood and atmosphere. So, you should at least have a couple of lamps in each room so that you can adjust the brightness depending on the effect that you are trying to create. Otherwise, you could install a dimmer switch which will allow you to create an instant romantic atmosphere. When it comes to the main light bulbs in a room, you don’t need to go for the brightest option every single time as this is likely to create a sterile and unwelcoming effect.


Not Decorating the Walls Enough

If you leave all four walls in a room bare, you are doing nothing to show off your personality and individuality. So, you should try to choose some artwork and other mementos which can fill up the space. However, don’t just put up a single piece and think of this as a job done. The easy rule of thumb to follow when you are hanging art above a sofa or bed is for it to fill at least two-thirds of the wall space above to give off a sense of balance. You don’t always need to get huge framed pieces. Instead, you could hang multiple pieces in a grid-style.


Simple Traditional Touches That Can Add a Rustic Feel to Any Home

As our homes grow more futuristic with smart appliances and technology built into everything from our toilets to our lights, we start to lose those traditional, rustic qualities that our homes used to have. It’s not without reason, however. Many old traditions such as cutting wood to use as firewood were troublesome and tiring, which is why we now have central heating. All we need to do is flip a switch and we’ll get even heating throughout the entire home. With a log burner, that’s simply not the case.

However, we do still lose some traditional touches that can give our homes a rustic feel. So in this article, we’ll be talking about a couple of simple changes you can make to your home to make it less modern and more traditional.


Remembering how we used to do things

Central heating is far too useful and replacing it with a fireplace is a terrible idea, but there’s no reason that you can’t have both. Gathering around a fireplace during the winters is comfortable and relaxing especially when you’re surrounded by friends and family. You can browse Illusion Fires to find modern fireplaces that are easy to integrate into your home and still require wood to work–they’re not cheap imitations that run off electricity!

Another idea is to try and do without things like food processors and blenders in your kitchen. Instead, get yourself a traditional knife rack (made of wood, of course) and a chopping board. The wooden textures add character to your kitchen and can help you achieve the traditional look. In short, think of how technology has replaced certain actions and bring back the old days with older tools and appliances.


Textures and materials that add charm

The textures and colours we use can add a lot of rustic charm to our homes, and it’s not difficult to achieve these looks. For instance, why not consider adding a brick slip to your home? These are lightweight brick facades that are easily installed. You could also try to add wooden materials wherever it makes sense. For instance, a wooden shelf in your kitchen could add some charm, or a wooden cabinet to replace the modern one in your bedroom could make your bedroom look a little more classical.

Distressed wood is a brilliant material to use. It can fit almost anywhere in your home and really packs the traditional feel. It nails the countryside look and there are plenty of different ways to use it effectively. You can even distress wood yourself by using cheaper wood and physically distressing it with different tools just to add some authenticity.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to make a few changes to your home that will give it a more rustic and traditional feel. There are plenty of changes you can make to the exterior of your home too that are inexpensive and make a huge difference. In short, we don’t need to give up rustic home qualities just because technology is advancing us. We can still enjoy traditional decor and incorporate it into our modern homes with ease.

Small Home Decor: Keep It Organized and Stylish

Just because your home is small, it doesn’t mean it should look like a shed; there are many ways in which you can make it appear more spacious, organized, and stylish. With a bit of time, effort, and creativity, your smaller living space can look just as modern as any other bigger home. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips that should help you bring your home’s décor to a whole new level.

Use neutral colors

Neutral colors are always stylish, and they can make your small home look bigger and more welcoming. For example, having wooden flooring and furniture can do wonders for the appearance of your home. So, when designing your home, focus on neutral colors, and spice it up with brighter accent colors and some colorful decorative elements.

Make use of mirrors and art

living room, artwork
We all know that mirrors can make your small space look bigger, and there are many interesting ways in which you can incorporate them into your décor. So, use mirrors to create an illusion of space, and hang some artwork on the walls for an added sense of style. You can also create a nice focal point with these elements, and they can fit into any theme, whether you’re aiming for minimalism or something a bit more luxurious.

Use all the space you have

Usually, the hallways are left nearly empty with not much more than an umbrella holder, coat hangers, and some storage for your shoes. However, since you don’t have much space to begin with, you should decorate every inch of your home, including your hallway. Therefore, place some mirrors there, hang some artwork, and add some plants to make it look more homelike.

Clear the air

fresh air, flowers
A home that is stuffy or unpleasant-smelling can’t be considered stylish, and it can make you feel drowsy and claustrophobic. This is why you should let in some fresh air whenever the weather allows it, and get some scented candles or air fresheners. You should also get a quality mold air purifier that will keep your home not just fresh but also mold-free. Moreover, indoor gardens are quite popular nowadays, and besides making your home look more modern, they can also freshen up the air in your home. You can create one in your hallway, for example, or in the corner of your living room.

Organize the storage

In smaller homes, storage can sometimes be a problem – but not if you know how to organize and make use of your space. So, build and hang a couple of shelves and wooden cubbies in your kid’s room for their toys, books, crayons, etc. Next, consider buying furniture with hidden storage to save more space. As for your bathroom, use hanging storage for all your hygiene products and makeup.

Declutter often

minimalist room
Most of us tend to keep things lying around because we “might need it someday” even though we can’t remember the last time we actually used those things. The thing is, everything you don’t use only creates clutter and mess in your home, which is why you should get rid of everything you don’t need. Also, every item in your home should have its place – if you’re not using it at the moment, put it away. This way, your home will look much cleaner and more organized.

Just because your home is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. If you learn how to organize it well, make use of the space you have, and decorate it properly, you can make it look both bigger and more chic. So, declutter as often as you can, make sure to create enough storage, use neutral colors, and decorate your home with mirrors and artwork. When done, your home is guaranteed to look better than ever before.

10 Simple Interior Designer Tips for Stunning Bedroom Decor

Due to the small size of most bedrooms, most people find decorating these spaces difficult. However, the bedroom represents one of the most important spaces in your home, and with the right design, this room can play a major role in the overall feel of a home.

They key to great bedroom design is efficiency. Experienced designers find strategic ways to make the most out of every square foot. from the carpet to the duvet covers to the ceiling , these simple interior designer tips, you can turn your cramped bedroom into a restful retreat that seems much larger than it does now!

Shabby-Chic Wedding: The Ultimate Décor Guide

The shabby-chic style has a unique charm of rugged beauty, featuring a perfectly balanced elegant ambiance with a vintage flair. As such, it has become a popular style for weddings, filling these special occasions with rustic romance. If you’ve been thinking about planning a shabby-chic wedding, you should dive into a world of inspiration and find ideas that will reflect your personal style through shabby-chic décor.