Become a Contributor

Got something you’re bursting to say?  We want to hear from you today!

Jade Emily is a blog aimed at providing valuable content for women of all backgrounds. From style, to design, to health, to beauty – if you think you have something to contribute get in touch with us today. Jad Emily is still committed to providing our readers with quality content and feel having a wide range of guest contributors that can offer a variety of points of view is one of the best ways to get this done.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for Jade Emily, you can send the post (or just a pitch is ok as well) to When considering sending a post to us, please make sure to go over the guidelines listed below.  We receive a high volume of requests so emails that don’t follow the guidelines are a good way for us to quickly sort the serious contributors from the spammers.


What types of articles should you send us?

All we ask is that your articles be original, interesting and do not cover something that has already been covered on the website.  You can check this by doing a quick search via the search bar in the header.  

If you are unsure about if it is a good fit for Jade Emily, just send us your article pitch, and we can give you feedback on if it might work for us or not.  It doesn’t guarantee we will publish it but will let you know if you are on the right track.


How should you format it? What should the word count be?

We request that your articles be 800 words or longer in most cases.  The exception to this is if your story is mostly based on images and video (which we highly encourage, the topics we write about are usually highly visual, so including pictures is a big plus!).  Make sure that your post is formatted well for the web, avoiding large slabs of text. Using sub-headings, bullet points and small paragraphs help make the articles more readable and this is the style we aspire to at Jade Emily.


Can I link in the article?

We understand that a big motivation for you wanting to guest post is to link back to your own project, commercial or otherwise. Understand that if we allow links within our content that seem too spammy or commercially motivated, that is no good to anyone. Users will stop reading our website and your link will be worth essentially nothing  

We reserve the right to remove or nofollow a link.  

However this is not to say we discourage links completely. We want to link our users to relevant, valuable resources and we want to reward you for the content you are providing us.

Just ensure that any link you put in our content offers value to the reader and we won’t have a problem! We do offer an exceptional opportunity for those who would like a promotional link which can be done within a sponsored post.


Content must be unique

All articles must be original.  We will not accept any articles that have been posted anywhere else online.  Before we publish on our site, we Copyscape all articles to make sure that it is unique.  If it is not, it will not be posted.


Profile Picture and Bio

Make sure to include a bio on our website with your articles. Also make sure to provide an email address that is connected to a Gravatar account so that your profile picture will show up.



Photos and videos add to an article.  Since the focus of the blog includes things like fashion and design, pictures help complete the story.  You should own all pictures, or you should give credit to the owner of the photo.


Time until your article is reviewed

Our timeframe for reviewing your article is 21 days.  If we are interested in publishing it on our website, we will touch base with you within that time frame.  If you do not hear back from us, then we aren’t interested in publishing your article.  Please do not contact us regarding your pending articles; we do not reply to those enquiries.

If you do not hear back from us regarding one article, do not take that as a cue not to submit any others. We may elect not to publish your article for a variety of reasons and most of them do not mean you won’t be successful next time.


Next steps

If you are comfortable and agree with the above requirements and guidelines, then you can send an email to with your article or pitch.  Make sure to include any article images, your bio, profile pic and article title.  In the email, the subject should read “GUEST POST” so we know you have read these guidelines.