The Power of A Smile

These days she might be a famous fashion designer, but there’s one vital accessory Victoria Beckham is never seen or photographed wearing, and that’s a smile.

Maybe she thinks it’s a clever marketing gimmick or part of her personal brand, but it’s probably not working in her favour – on so many levels!

If only she fully realised the power of a smile – she would surely start making a conscious effort to flash her pearly whites on a much more regular basis.

Smile for Better Relationships

According to Gold Coast Psychologist Peter Doyle, when we smile, others find us more approachable and likable.

“One study even found that college students photographed with a smile, were more likely to report being happily married over thirty years later,” Doyle explains.

Health Facts to Make You Smile

Research has also uncovered some surprising health benefits of smiling:

  • Both your heart rate and your blood pressure decrease;
  • The levels of serotonin in your brain rise, elevating your mood;
  • Endorphins – your body’s natural pain killers – are released;
  • Your immune system is given a boost;
  • It also helps with regulating your sleep and appetite.


“We associate smiling with happy people, and it’s true – happier people do tend to live longer,” says Doyle.

Smiling for your Mind and Mood

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” – Thich Nhat Hanh.

This pithy quote captures it perfectly, so if you’re feeling blue, slap a smile on your dial. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fake smile – apparently, it tricks your brain into believing you’re happy, leading to actual feelings of happiness. Fake it til you make it!

Smiling makes you more attractive

Studies have confirmed what most of us knew anyway – smiling makes you seem more attractive. There is even research to suggest that smiling makes us look younger!

Smile and Watch your Bank Account Grow

There are even financial benefits to smiling.

“We know that smiling boosts productivity,” says Doyle – so it likely brings financial benefits to your employer, if not you personally.

“And there’s a study which showed that restaurant workers serving customers with a smile, receive larger tips.”

While we don’t know necessarily if it is the smiling itself, or simply the kind of personality which smiles a lot, that leads to all these benefits – it’s enough to make you smile a lot more often!

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