Boost the Health of Your Home to Boost Your Wellness

As well as keeping yourself healthy with a good diet and plenty of exercises, there are things you can do to make your home healthier as well. The whole family will benefit from just a few changes, and everyone’s well being will be better for it.

The environment we live in is vital for our health. We complain about pollution in our cities, but many of us do not realise how much our homes can be polluted as well. Your home should be a safe haven away from the outside pollutions, and the more environmentally friendly it is, the more impact it will have on your health and well being.

Each and every home is different, but that does not mean that are not some things that can help everyone.


Purify The Air

The biggest problem with air pollution, apart from the damage it can cause to our bodies, is that it cannot be seen. An air purifier will help to combat stale air. They get rid of contaminants from a room so you can be sure you are breathing clean air.

Recent research has linked air pollution to lung and heart diseases and investing in a good air purifier can help to lower the risks.


Change The Type Of Candles

Most candles are petroleum based and they emit potentially dangerous chemicals when they are burning. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, asthma and other common allergies.  When you light scented candles in your home, the nice aroma they give off masks any horrible smells and they can make your home smell good. There is an alternative though. Vegetable based options, such as soy candles, do not emit any harmful chemicals and will make your home smell just as good.


Get Rid Of The Rodents

Rats are potentially a big danger to everyone in your home. They carry germs and leave their droppings everywhere which are full of bacteria and disease. As soon as you realise you may have a rodent problem, you should get in touch with a company like Allpest rat control. They will carry out an inspection of your property to determine which part of the home they have settled in. They will then set traps and leave bait to entice the rats out. The rat control experts will also want to make sure that however the rats entered your home is not an option for the future, as the best way to deal with rats is to exclude them from your home in the first place.


Use Natural Cleaners

Some of the cleaning products on the supermarket shelves do a wonderful job. The problem is that they are chemical based and have been linked to a whole range of diseases and health conditions.

There are natural cleaning products on the market, or you could try making some of your own. Lemon, white vinegar and baking soda, either on their own or in different combinations are all products that can help to keep your home clean and fresh.

For instance, white vinegar with a dash of lemon and a pinch of salt is a brilliant brass cleaner. A paste of just baking soda wiped away with just warm water will be a great cleaner for your kitchen work surfaces. One part vinegar with one part water, the rind of a lemon and a few rosemary sprigs infused for a week, makes a really good all-purpose cleaner and will leave a lovely fresh smell all around your home.

These are just a few examples, there are lots more details of natural cleaning products that you can make yourself online.


Sleep In The Dark

Studies have shown that bad sleep is linked to cancers, obesity, memory loss and mental illness. It has also shown that we sleep better in a dark room. If light creeps into your bedroom because of a streetlight, for instance, have heavier curtains to block it out, or wear a night mask to help. This can be more of a problem if you live in a city, but light pollution will significantly interfere with your sleep and you need to make sure it does not do that to you.

It also helps if you do not play on your smartphone or watch the TV for the last hour before retiring to bed.


Dump The Junk Foods

If you have started a healthier diet you may have done this already, but if you have not, dump the junk foods now. Scientists say it is almost guaranteed that you will eat them if you keep them, so don’t let yourself be tempted. Leave a bowl of fruit on a work surface, and then if you want to snack, choose some of that instead.

It seems that people who leave fruit or other healthier snacks within easy reach are far more likely to stick to a healthy diet.


Plant a Garden

If you have a backyard, plant some trees and shrubs. If you do not have any open space, get some indoor plants around your home.  Living in an area with more greenery seems to be better for mental health, and having some in your own home or garden is even better. It does not need to be anything elaborate that will take a lot of work. Simple trees or plants that are easy to look after are the best.

Remember, that trees, plants and shrubs soak up the carbon dioxide that we breath out and replace it with clean oxygen.  It then follows that the more greenery you have around you, the healthier you should be.


Use Water Filters

Although the water companies filter the water before it reaches taps in people homes, it can still contain some contaminants. You can buy a pitcher where you just change the filter every few weeks and will it can stand in your fridge, or you can get a filter fitted to your water system. Whichever you do, it will make drinking water from your taps a much better proposition.

If you prefer to buy bottled water make sure you buy the ones that are in glass bottles, not plastic.


Use Glass For Storage

Plastics can cause havoc with our health because of the toxins in them. If you are storing food put it in glass containers instead.  Food stored in plastic is likely to pick up some of the toxins contained it, and these are known to cause hormone problems and cancers. Glass is reusable and recyclable and will pass nothing onto your food, but it will keep it fresh.

There is a big push being made by governments and supermarkets to use fewer plastics where food is concerned, but there is still quite some way to go before they have been totally eliminated from our food chain.


Don’t Use Non-Stick Pans

Hailed as a breakthrough for cooks and chefs all over the world, when non-stick pans were first introduced they were a huge success.  However, now it has been realised that when they are being used, the synthetic polymers used in its manufacturing process give off toxic fumes, which are a danger to everyone anywhere near.

Using cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans is the best option.


Get Rid Of The Dust

There are times when we all wonder where all the dust in our homes has come from. There seems to be a never-ending supply of it and as soon as we get rid of one lot another batch appears.

Part of the problem is that using a feather duster, or just dusting your home with a dry cloth, just moves the dust around, it does not actually get rid of it. There can be a lot more dust in your home than you realise. It gets into corners, behind beds and in all sorts of other inaccessible places. Getting rid of as much as it as you can will help stave off dust mites, which many people are allergic to.

The way to do it is to use something that is damp to wipe your furniture. Nothing too wet as that might damage the pieces you are cleaning. Just run a slightly damp cloth through the dust on a side table, for instance, and see how much of it sticks to the cloth. With a dry cloth, that dust would have just moved somewhere else, but now you have removed it and your home will not need dusting quite so often.


Make Your Home Healthier

If you have gone to all the effort of changing your diet to something healthier, and you are doing more exercise well, that you want your home to be a healthy as possible too.  The things suggested above are just a few simple measures that will not involve any great changes, but they can all make a difference to the eco-friendlessness of your home.

It only takes a short while for them to become the norm, and then you can have peace of mind that you are living in a place that is as healthy as you can make it.

Get the Building of Your Dream Home Right

How many times have you wished your home had something slightly different? Maybe you would have liked an extra bedroom, an office or living and dining room that were separate. There are all sorts of thing you can wish you home did or didn’t’ have and the way some people get around it is to build their own home.

Building your dream home can be a daunting prospect, but with a clear vision in your mind and the right professional help, it need not be a difficult as you imagine.


Where To Build

The first thing you need to do is to decide where you want your dream home to be located, and look for land in that area. There are things you need to consider, not just finding a beautiful spot, which is far easier than you might think thanks to the likes of Villa World. You want somewhere that the mains services can be easily connected to or the cost of getting those to your home can be enormous.

Land purchased for the purpose of building your home is subject to stamp duty but that is just on the value of the land, and not on the value of the completed project. If you buy a home that has already been built, the stamp duty has to be paid on the total value of the land and home. The amount of stamp duty can vary from state to state, so make sure you know what percentage you will be paying.

Land in the larger cities is becoming rarer, and so is getting much more expensive. If you want land at a reasonable cost, you need to move away from these huge places as far as your lifestyle will allow.

In fact, some people have found it is cheaper to buy a piece of land that already has a building on it and then demolish that so they can build their dream home. Sometimes they salvage any of the building materials that can be re-used, and that can be quite a saving.


Get Your Plans Prepared

Now is the time to speak to architects to get your plans prepared and approved. This can be costly. You need to ask each one you talk to, what their fees are and what that includes. Although on the face of it, it might not look the cheapest way, an architect who tells you they will be there all the way through until your house is ready for you to move into can be better value for money.

There is also the option to use a builder designer. They are not as highly trained as an architect, but both are governed by the same consumer laws through the Department Of Fair Trading.

You should meet each architect or building designer face to face before you decide which one to engage. Human nature being what it is, there are sometimes people just do not feel happy with. You will be working with this person quite a lot over the next few months, so you need someone you feel comfortable with and who you feel will be honest and helpful all the way through the project.


Be Realistic With Your Budget

You need to be realistic with your budget and not expect to get something worth much more than you can afford to spend. You should let your architect know how much that budget is and at every stage or change ask the same question – ‘Can this be done within my budget’. Listen and be prepared to take their advice, as the earlier on in the process any changes are made, the less costly those changes will be.

This point cannot be stressed enough. You do not want to pay out many thousands of dollars for plans and getting them approved only to find out that you cannot afford to build the home you have been dreaming of. Always try to stay a little below the total you can afford to allow some leeway for unexpected extra costs.

Although it is an extra cost, engaging a quantity surveyor to price all the materials and labour for you can be a very worthwhile exercise. Having some idea from the pricing experts will allow you to adjust your plans to suit your budget if you need to.

You should also be aware that some states award grants to people that are building their first home. They are not huge amounts, but every little bit of extra cash will help.


Choose Your Builders

As with the architect, you need to be clear what the builder’s quotes include. Make sure they have everything covered, so you do not suddenly find yourself without a floor or front door.

All builders in Australia are regulated by the Builders Regulation Board, which is an Act Of Parliament. Only building firms that are properly licensed are allowed to build new homes.

They are licensed within the state they work, and you must make sure that whichever builder you choose is licensed in the state you want to build your dream home in. Wherever possible, agree a price for the whole job so the house is ready for you to move into. This sort of agreement, known as a turnkey agreement, means that you will not have to worry about extra costs along the way.



You need to have your land and building insured from day one. The whole project could be ruined if, for instance, there is a fire, a flood or some other disaster, you could end up with a very nice piece of land with no money to build your home.

This type of insurance is not overly expensive and is well worth the cost involved.

There are so many things to consider when building your own dream home. For many years it was the cheapest way to own a house, but the rise in the cost of building materials and labours means that it is not always the case any more. What you will have though is the home you wanted, rather than one built to someone else’s ideas.

It’s Time To Go Comfy

Morning, afternoon, night, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it’s always the right time to go comfy. Going comfy is something that we all don’t tend to do, however, at least not outside of the home. Some of you might love to come home and slip right into your PJ’s, but you might not necessarily head out of the house in something comfy. People like to dress to impress, even if there is nobody around that you really need to impress. So, we think you should have a bit of chill brought into your life, and we think one of the best ways to that is to learn the ways of the comfy fashion. It’s actually coming so into style at the minute to rock that casual look, and if you follow the tips below, we think you can do just that.

Around The Home Comfy

We have to admit, around the home comfy is the best type of comfy. It’s where you can wear pretty much anything you want, so the freedom to be comfy here is broad. However, if you do want to throw a bit of style into it, there are ways of doing that. A tracksuit is definitely the way forward with this, no matter how much you’re willing to spend. There’s nothing better than swapping into a freshly washed cotton tracksuit and eating your life away in front of the TV. Obviously, you have some big named brands that you could go for, but these are so overpriced if you’re only going to wear it in the home. Go for something a little less pricey, because the price doesn’t determine the comfort levels. All you’re paying for when it comes to the price is the brand name, and there’s plenty of cheaper brands that will give you just as much comfort.


Out & About Comfy

Usually, we like to make a little bit more effort when we’re getting out and about, even if it’s just going to the shops. But, going comfy is the new dressing up, and you don’t have to be walking around in your tracksuit either! We recommend that you go for leggings. They’re comfy, can be worn with either trainers or ankle boots, and can be made slightly more than casual if you need them to be. There are plenty of brands that will give you the comfy look, whilst still be suitable for the outside, such as Cotton On. But, there are plenty of celebs, take the Kardashian as an example, that love to walk around in simply a leggings and a white t-shirt, with maybe a denim jacket if the weather requires. Leggings are just so much more stretchy and comfy than jeans!


Date Night Comfy

A date night is usually the time to get dressed up as much as possible, but if you’re only going to the cinema, you don’t really need to put in that much effort. So, stick to the simple jeans and a blouse look, and finish with a long line coat. The coat adds a little something classy, and you really can’t go wrong with jeans and a blouse!

How to Become the Kind of Person You like and Respect

There are many ways of measuring success in life, ranging from the thickness of your wallet, to the titles you have before or after your name, the recognition you get from others, how early you get to retire, or the amount of free time you have at the end of each working day.

But above all, perhaps the most important determinant of your success in life is simply how well you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction, rather than shame and uneasiness.

People will hire experts such as the Sydney Tree Company to deal with the natural scenery on their properties, but they will often neglect to ask themselves one very simple question: “am I the kind of person I would like and respect, if I met myself?”

If the honest answer to that is no, or if you’re not sure what the answer is, here are some tips for becoming the kind of person you can like and respect.

Always tell the truth

Many people go through life telling “white lies” and justifying it to themselves by saying it’s all for the greater good, or it’s to make people happy, or to avoid drama. Ultimately, though, very good arguments can be made that any form of lie is immensely detrimental.

When we tell our significant other that their outfit looks nice, when we think it looks terrible, we’re preventing them from making a positive change which would not only make us happier, but would potentially even affect the way other people would treat them, in a positive way.

When we say “it’s fine” when it really isn’t, we only trade an argument today for bottled up resentment and a much bigger argument later.

Always telling the truth — in a tactful way, mind you, not as a weapon — builds integrity and forces us to hold ourselves to a higher standard, too.

Stop doing things that you’d be ashamed of other people knowing about

Is there anything you do which you would be ashamed for other people to know about? If so, be sure that you’re damaging your self-respect consistently, on a subconscious basis.

While it’s normal to be horrified at the idea of strangers seeing you naked, for example, you are not ashamed by the fact that strangers know you get naked when you take a shower.

But you would probably be ashamed if strangers knew you stole, or betrayed, or wasted opportunities, or were a drunk.

Stop doing things you’d be ashamed of other people knowing about.

Work on improving things by small degrees, day by day

A big part of self-respect is the knowledge that we are capable of facing the world head-on and making the best of. Knowing that we can make positive changes in our lives and master our circumstances is an immensely uplifting thing.

Work on improving the conditions of your life by small degrees, day by day.
Perhaps the house is messy. Tidy it up. Then you’ll like yourself a little bit more. Make similar small, positive changes each day, and your self-respect will rise dramatically.

The Winter Garden: Enjoying Your Outside Space All Year Round

Whether you’ve bought your property or are renting, when you were choosing the place you live in now- chances are the garden was an important element of your decision. It’s so nice having outside space to get some fresh air, enjoy the nice weather and generally have another spot to relax in at home. For this reason it’s crazy that for a huge chunk of the year, our garden gets neglected. Just because it’s winter here in Australia doesn’t mean you should be hiding indoors- on a dry day it’s still nice sitting outside and enjoying the outside space at your home. Here are some of the ways you can spruce it up.


Plant Some Evergreens and Winter Flowering Plants

During the spring and summer, everything bursts into life. Flowers thrive, there’s greenery everywhere and it’s easy to maintain a lush and colourful looking yard. Over the winter it can be trickier, however it’s not impossible. Add some evergreens to your planting scheme in beds, borders and pots- that way everything doesn’t die off completely. There are a surprising number of winter blooming flower choices available. Plant these bulbs along with your usual choices, and then when they start to die off for the year your winter flowers will start growing and you’ll keep the garden looking lively. One of the reasons you probably neglect your outside space over the winter isn’t just because of the weather, but because it doesn’t look appealing. But a little planning and it’s not difficult to get it looking nice.

Some flowering plants prefer cooler temperatures (source)


Cover Your Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is designed to be hardy, however it will certainly fade and wear quicker if it’s left exposed to the elements. Nice patio sets, outdoor corner sofas, parasols and barbeques all cost money, so you want to look after them so they can be used year after year. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase covers, of course you could put it all away in a shed, summer house or garage but this can make it difficult to get back out. If you have a mild and dry day where you want to sit outside with friends over the winter, none of your outdoor furniture is accessible. Covers will protect from wind, rain, ice and snow but they’re not too tedious or time consuming to remove if you do still want to use your garden over the colder months.


Install an Opening Roof

Opening roofs that sit above your patio are a fantastic choice for all seasons. When it’s sunny it provides shade, and when you get a bit of rain it provides protection. If you’re having a barbeque for example and get a few spots of rain, you don’t all have to rush indoors to stop your food from getting soggy! In the summer especially, chances are it will clear up in a few minutes anyway. Along with covering your furniture with removable covers, having something like this over the top can also provide an extra layer of protection against rain and storms. While something like a summer house provides shelter and shade you definitely get the feeling that you’re sat inside. With an opening roof you still get the benefit of being out in the garden but just with that added protection.


Invest in a Patio Heater

A patio heater is actually useful all year round. Even during the spring and summer, it can get a little chilly outdoors later in the evening. If you like to sit outdoors later in the day, or you’ve had a garden party that’s stretched on to the late hours, you can pop on the heater to keep everyone comfortable. Of course, a patio heater is useful when you want to enjoy the garden in the evening. As long as it’s not raining you can sit outside and make the most of your outdoor space, even without the sun shining. They can be fitted right underneath your garden parasol, they can be freestanding or even mounted to the wall. There are lots of discreet models so it doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your garden. If you love reading a book in the garden at the weekend or having a glass of wine outdoors after work on occasion, this allows you to do so all year round.


Use a Greenhouse to Protect Your Plants

Lots of plants will come back year after year, which will save you money as you’re not having to constantly buy new foliage for your garden. However if you have a particularly nasty winter, they can die off completely- things like excessive frost or flooding can do this. It’s also more common in plants that aren’t fully established, so if you’ve bought or grown from seed some nice semi- hardy plants in recent years and want to protect them, a greenhouse is a good investment. It doesn’t have to be an enormous model, you can get small lean-to’s that will house a few plants. During the spring, summer and autumn you can use this to grow all kinds of things and extend the growing season. Then in the winter it can be use as protection against frost. If you plan on doing this, keep your plants in pots ensuring they’re large enough for roots to develop and the plant to grow. After a year or two of protecting it in the winter, plant it into the ground where it should be able to survive on its own.

When it’s thick with snow, pelting with hail or tipping it down with rain, you can’t really enjoy the garden and there’s not much anyone can do about that. However there are plenty of dry and mild winter days in most parts of Australia so why not make the most of your garden when you can. How about a winter barbeque featuring seasonal produce, go with something a little different from your usual summer cookout?

Do you make the most of your garden year round?

Indispensable Do’s And Don’ts For Securing Your Home

Home security isn’t something that should ever be taken lightly. After all, you will want to keep your possessions as well as your family as a safe as possible. Happily, there are many things you can do to improve the security of your home, just read on to find out what they are.


First of all, it’s important to take a long hard look at any entry points into your home. This can include windows and doors, as well as garage doors, and even air vents. The critical thing here is to make sure that there are a safe and secure as possible, and that they will prevent anyone unwanted from getting in.

Regarding your front and back doors, a decent lock is always necessary. Try to choose a lock type that has an excellent reputation for being hard to pick, as it’s pretty easy for anyone to find lock picking materials on Amazon and eBay these days.

Apart from the security of the lock itself, it can also be useful to install a chain. Such a device adds an extra level of protection to your doors and also allows you to open them and greet visitors while first checking their identity with no risk your person.

As well as a chain on the inside of the door additional bolts can help secure your property, and many people choose to install these on either the top or the bottom out outside doors. Of course, the door itself needs to be built of durable material and have sturdy hinges that cannot easily be broken. It’s also vital that any glass in the door is the strengthened stuff. Otherwise, an intruder may be able to break this and gain access to the locks from the inside with little trouble.




Another critical outside entryway into the home that it’s vital to secure is your windows. In particular, old style wooden window frames can create a problem because they are prone to damp and rot and so can easily be jimmied open.

One way to get around this issue is to have new UPVC windows installed that include added safety features such as locks. Some people even go so far as to add screen behind their doors and their windows for an added layer of security.


Garage doors

Of course, your house’s door and windows are no the only outside entryway on your property. In fact, many homes have a door that leads from the garage into the house. What this means is that it’s essential that your garage door is secure, not just to protect your vehicle but also to prevent anyone gaining unwanted access to your home.

Luckily, this isn’t such a tough call, as there is a range of garage accessories like these B and D roller doors on the market that look both attractive and can help secure your property. You’ll be pleased to know that the best types are made of durable and robust steel too, so they will last a long time as well as providing added security.


Garden access

One element of security that is often overlooked is the condition of your garden space. However, it’s pretty crucial that you pay attention to all of the outside areas of your property when it comes to keeping things safe.  

The reason for this is because dark spaces with plenty of cover can make it much easier for someone to scope out or break-in to your home without being spotted. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to install motion sensitive lights around your home’s perimeter and close into the house, as these will put off all but the most determined of prowlers.

Also don’t forget to trim plants and bushes, especially ones that stand outside of door and windows, so that they do not provide any unintentional cover for someone to interfere with your property and go unnoticed.



Many homeowners also like to install CCTV to boost the security of their home. In fact, this is something that is becoming increasingly more accessible because the price of CCTV devices is falling, and they also now can be integrated into a smart home system.

In particular, cameras positioned facing doors, and at windows that could be perceived as weak spots work well. Alternatively, indoors cameras to monitor who is entering and leaving the building is a smart idea as you can get a live feed of these sent to your phone no matter where you are. Something that makes it a convenient way of watching out for your property even while you are not at home.


Neighborhood watch

Of course, CCTV cannot replace the protection of a vigilant neighbor, and that is why it’s always a bright idea to start up a neighborhood watch scheme if there isn’t already an active one in your area.

Neighborhood watches are useful for home security.

Neighborhood watch schemes are all about keeping an eye on each other’s properties and being vigilant for visitors to the area that appear unusual or out of place. An added benefit of this type of schemes is that it can be a great way to build a community feeling in your neighborhood too.


Digital security

Last of all, while the above tips are all about the real-world steps you can take to promote better security in your home, it is also important to note that your digital life needs protection as well.

Yes, that right, as we use our computers and devices more and more, it’s vital that we take the same security conscious approach to them as we do our physical residences. What this means is you need to start adding parental controls and making sure that malware protection and antivirus software are as up to date as possible, as well as ensuring that your network is secure.  The latter being a security measure that will start to be more important even in the physical world, as we begin to increase our use of the internet of things.

Home Improvements For A Modern Space

If you are looking for ways to spruce up the home this year, there are so many different things you can do. Depending on the budget you have, you could completely redo the kitchen, install a new bathroom and even add an extension for more space. To make the home feel much more modern and spacious, here are some of the things you can do this summer.


Color scheme

Come up with a color scheme which you can take throughout the home as a base for your designs. This will likely include neutrals like white, grey or beige, and will cover all of your walls to give a blank slate ready for when you decorate. Once you decide on the colors you want in each room you can bring the color on with artwork, accessories, and furniture. This will not only save you having to redecorate every few years by painting, but it means you are more flexible to color changes throughout the year.



Bring in height

Create the illusion of height by buying shorter furniture for your living room. If you don’t have a huge amount of space in your home and you often feel a little bit boxed in, you can create the illusion with shorter furniture as well as wallpapering the ceiling with a pattern. The reason wallpapering works is because you are drawing the eye upwards as soon as people enter the room.


Spruce up the windows

Your windows are all too often overlooked in the home, but they can actually work as a pretty great design feature if you work on them right. For example, make sure that you pay for any glass repair that you need to ensure no cracks in the panes, and then you can think of changing the frame from white to a bold statement. In the kitchen, for example, green would be a good choice because it will link the room to your garden and give that feeling of cohesiveness. A splash of color in the windows can make a fun addition to your home.


Contrasting colors

One of the things which modern homes always seem to get right is the color they add into the space. The moment you start with a neutral palette you are opening up the room to a world of possibilities. Sometimes, contrasting colors can be exactly what you are looking for a make a room pop. For example, in the living room you could have a mostly blue theme throughout, and then you could add some orange or yellow cushions to stand out and make a statement. As long as you get the balance between the two colors right, there is no reason why contrast can’t be wonderful.


Invest in your furniture

It is all too common these days for people to simply go to a store such as IKEA and buy all of their furniture from the same range. There is nothing wrong with this, however, when you realize how many other people do the same as you, it takes away the uniqueness of your home. To stand out from the crowd and bring character to your space you need to buy your furniture one by one. Go to auctions, antique stores and look online for secondhand pieces which are unique and have a story to tell. Investing in pieces like this will not only give older furniture a longer lifespan, but it will also make your home feel completely unique.



If you have a room which is mostly decorated and you still feel like it is missing something, it is most likely missing a mirror. Mirrors aren’t only useful for checking your makeup before you leave the house in the morning: they are also a great way to make a room feel larger. Adding a big mirror into a small room brings in a sense of light and makes it feel as if the room doesn’t end at the wall. It can be a wonderful way to make your home feel larger without extending it.


The cantaloupe rule

To avoid your home looking cluttered from too many ornaments and decorations, you need to think about something called the cantaloupe rule. This is a rule often used in modern design which states that you shouldn’t have any ornaments or decorations in the room which are smaller than a cantaloupe. Stick to large pieces of art, clocks and big vases in your home to make it feel spacious.


A sofa for a lifetime

There are many things you can buy for your home which you will eventually replace or get rid of entirely, but the one thing you should always plan to keep is the sofa. A sofa is the main place people will sit when they visit your home and it will be used every single day. Make sure that when shopping for a sofa that you take the time to find one which is the right size, color, and comfort for you all. Try to choose a style which you can bring with you when you move houses.



When you are faced with using a neutral palette for your home you can get bored pretty quickly. But just because the color stays the same throughout a room doesn’t mean it has to look exactly the same. For example, if you wanted to decorate a room white and grey you could start with a grey wooden floor, paint the walls white, and then bring in marble tables and shelving for a different texture. Adding different textures of the same color into a room gives the design depth and makes it feel more organic. You can then finish off by adding in those splashes of color.



When most of us think about velvet we likely think of something our parents and grandparents would use in their homes. However, velvet is back in at the moment, and when placed over a plain background it can add both the texture and the color you want in your room. Start off small and bring in a small ottoman or footstool in a velvet design. You will soon see that this fabric has a wonderful home in modern houses and you should add more to the entire house for effect.


Furniture with legs

If you feel as if you could do with more space throughout your home, one brilliant method to make a room feel larger is to put everything on legs. This means that aside from your tables and chairs, you can buy a sofa with legs and a TV stand on legs too. This makes a room feel larger because when you walk through you can see the floor underneath the furniture instead of it being invisible.


Natural light

If you think that your home could do with more light, you need to make sure that your home is inviting the light into the space. For example for a more spacious home, think about getting rid of chunky curtains and instead, going for vertical blinds which can be opened during the day to let in as much light as possible.



In the evenings, you will likely want to bring some light into the home throughout bulbs, and to make sure you avoid that weird yellow glow make sure you always choose cool white bulbs. Cool white acts like natural light so you will always be able to see clearly at night. Make sure to bring candles into your living room for cozy nights in with a movie, and hang some fairy lights on the mantelpiece for an extra touch of magical during the evenings.

Bring the outdoors in

Plants are a huge feature of modern homes. If you really want to make your home pop and add extra texture to each room, a houseplant is ideal for you. For sunny parts of the house you can bring in cacti and Aloe Vera, and for shaded areas, you can have a peace lily or a snake plant. Bring as much greenery into your home as possible and it will feel much more lively and much more like a family home immediately.


Make it personal

When decorating your home it is important that you don’t forget to make it personal and unique to your family. If you have a blank space on the wall, fill that space with a painting you love or a photograph of your loved ones. Bring color and life into your time with items you bought on a family holiday or art that your children have painted at school. Make the most of turning your home into a family home, and bring as much of your character into it as you possibly can.

With all of the tips we’ve given you today, you shouldn’t have any issues with creating a wonderful, modern and spacious home for you and your family to enjoy throughout your lives.

Food for Diabetics: 5 Kinds You Can Choose to Help You Improve Health

Diabetes is not something you can take lightly. It is the kind of diseases where your body isn’t capable of controlling the sugar level in your blood. If you do have such disease, you know that there are foods you need to eat and foods you need to avoid. However, food for diabetics actually varies greatly with its kind often being the whole foods that are not processed. Such food will help you meet your nutritional needs while lowering the risk of diabetes complications.

Option #1: Beans

Beans is your first option here as the food for diabetics. What do you think would make this food good for diabetes? Well, you might have known that diabetics shouldn’t eat white rice. Thus, they are in dilemma to look for good source of nutritional intake for their body. For that reason, you will need food for diabetic people, like beans. You can commonly find this food everywhere around you. Furthermore, beans are already known to be high in fiber and a good source of protein after all.

Protein is a good substance to help you grow and keep strong, while fiber will be of help for bowel contents to pass through the body easily. Based on some researches, it is proven that daily intake of beans can give you better blood sugar control and lower blood pressure. As food for diabetics, beans are practically the cheapest source of protein. So, there is no more reason for you to ignore this food. It is not like you have to eat beans as your only meal plan though. Just be sure to add it in your meal.

Option #2: Avocados

Besides food like beans, you have fruit choice to choose as well. Basically, avocados are known to be rich of monounsaturated fat content. This fat itself is known to be good for the health of your heart. If you get such intake in your body, simply put, you can improve cholesterol levels. Thus, you will be able to decrease the risk of heart diseases eventually. This is a great benefit from such tasty fruit, you know. However, how do avocados have something to do with food for diabetics, anyway?

Of course, I am not including them here if they are not useful to deal with diabetes. Well, you see, as there are researches about avocados being good for the heart, there are also researches showing that they are good for diabetes as well. Although it is not like you can heal diabetes with avocados, the researches prove that good fats like what’s inside this fruit have the capability to lower the risk of diabetes. So, it is worthy food for diabetics to try. Consider this for your own sake.

Option #3: Fish

When it comes to diabetes, you will get big no for meats. However, it is not like you can’t get to eat similar things when you are having diabetes. Need to be known, fish is also one of food for diabetics. So, instead of choosing chicken meat, cow meat, etc., it is better to satisfy your wish of eating meaty food with fish. Fish for diabetics is great. You get various options to choose as well. This way, you can change the kind of fish in your meal plan. Of course, they taste different to each other.

The kinds of fish you can eat are salmon, mackerel, sardines,lake trout, and also albacore tuna. Why do you think these fishes are the food for diabetics? It is because fish is basically low of unhealthy fats and cholesterol. Not to mention, it is very well known to be rich in omega 3-fatty acids. Omega 3 is good to lower the risk of abnormal heartbeats, Alzheimer, and dementia. It can even lower blood pressure as well. It will definitely help you fight against diabetes too.

Option #4: Spinach

People with diabetes should very well eat vegetables too. Basically, green leafy vegetables are recommended because it has been proven by some researches that they can reduce the chance of developing diabetes. That is why vegetables come to be the mainly recommended food for diabetics alongside with fruits. Actually, spinach is the most recommended of all green leafy vegetables. Anyone knows that spinach is good for body. It is even recommended in the cartoon, Popeye.

Actually, there are many important contents it has that will benefit our body. As food for diabetics, this one is good to choose because it is rich of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is known to be super low in calories and carbohydrate. What’s more? It is high in beta-carotene which helps to protect cells from free radicals which are often the cause of chronic illnesses as well as aging. Simply put, it has what is needed to protect you from diabetes. Spinach is tasty vegetable to eat often too.

Option #5: Tea

Let’s end the last option here with beverage type as food for diabetics then. Well, it is beverage and not food, indeed. However, tea is widely suggested as the recommended food to deal with diabetes. Tea is basically known to contain catechins which are antioxidant-rich flavonoids. Mainly, this content helps people to lower the risk of heart disease by dilating blood vessels. However, it is not the only thing tea can do for your health. It is actually can benefit us in various ways. Did you know?

Tea also has the capability to improve cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and even reduce the risk of cancers. Well, of course, it is capable of helping you dealing with diabetes. Either green tea or black tea, you can make habit of drinking it daily. It only has half of caffeine found in coffee, so you don’t have to worry about it. As long as it is not bottled ones, you can really benefit tea as food for diabetics. Drinking tea while they are still hot is good. Remember to not make and drink it with ice.

Description: Food for diabetics varies greatly. Mainly, you will be recommended with fruits, like avocados and vegetables, like spinach. However, there are still others, like beans, fish, and tea.

4 Tips On Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

Everyone is on a mission to become a better person, whether it be their health, their relationship, or even how they handle their money. Changing who you are and your lifestyle can be challenging, especially if you’ve gotten yourself into routines and bad habits over the years. Sometimes, you may feel like you want to make some changes in your life, but can’t quite pinpoint what you want to change. Take a look at these 4 tips on how to become the best version of yourself.

Focus on your career

One of the best things that you could do for yourself is to focus on your career. This is because the higher you get within your career, the more money you’re likely to be paid. People who have climbed the ladder in the career they are in are often happier and although they’ve got more responsibilities, are more likely to stay in that field of work. Take a look at these ideas on how you can improve your career:

  • If you can’t see yourself working in the same line of work for the rest of your working life, now is the time to make the change. It’s understandable that you might not be able to give up your job to go back to college, but you’re now able to do courses online within the field of work you’re interested in. This means that you will be able to learn new skills for the career you want while you’re still earning enough money to support you and your family.
  • Alternatively, you could seek out a position within a firm that will help you take the right steps towards the career you’re after. So, if you fancy becoming a head chef of a busy restaurant, getting yourself a job within a kitchen would be the perfect place to start. Often, employers will be able to offer you courses while you work so that you can work your way up in the field.
  • If you’re happy with the career you’re in, but would like to move on up the ladder, then make it known to your boss. Once they know that you’re interested in more roles and responsibilities, they will be able to consider you if and when a position comes up.
  • Make sure that within your current job that you’re showing your boss that you’re worthy of a higher position. Finishing your work in a timely manner and taking on extra to help others out would be a good place to start. Try and show that nothing is ever too much and you’ll definitely be considered for a promotion!

Become more active

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut. You begin to notice changes in your body and your mind about the way you feel. If you’re working in an office job, it’s understandable that you might not be very active in your day to day life. Did you know that not only does exercise help you stay trim and toned, but it helps keep you happy too? When you exercise, your body releases a chemical called endorphins into your brain, which in turn makes you feel happy. Being more active will help you lose any extra pounds you’ve gained and also make you a happier person in general. Take a look at how you can make some changes:

  • Use your break times at work to do a circle of your building. It will help increase your exercise levels and also take you away from any stresses in the office for a short while.
  • Invest in luxury home gym equipment so that when you’re at home, you’re more tempted to workout rather than slobbing out in front of the TV.
  • Remember that anything that gets your heart rate up is classed as exercise. Why not spruce up your cleaning regime so that you’re getting a mini work out while cleaning your home?
  • If you take public transport, get off a stop or two early and walk the remainder of your journey. It might mean that you have to leave slightly earlier, but if you’re getting some all important exercise it’s definitely worth it!

Cut out junk food

It’s easy to come home from work, bung some junk food in the oven and devour it in front of the TV. After a long day at work, it seems like the most ideal thing to do. However, junk food not only makes you pile on the weight if you eat too much of it, it can also change your mental health state. We spoke earlier about how exercise releases a chemical into your brain? So does junk food. However, this chemical causes the opposite effect and can leave you feeling down in the dumps. Try and cut out junk food so that not only can you keep your waistline where you want it, but you can also feel happier in yourself! You will also find that once you’ve cut it out and the cravings have gone, that your body will naturally fancy healthier food!

Be selfless

If you’re serious about becoming a better version of yourself, then performing acts of selflessness is the perfect route to go down. While sometimes it might feel like life isn’t on your side, try to remember that somewhere in the world, someone has got it much worse than you have. Being selfless will help someone in need and also give you an extreme feeling of empowerment, so check out these ideas on being selfless:

  • Spend your free time helping a homeless person. This could be in the form of buying them something to eat, or even providing them with more blankets to keep warm.
  • Help out at a women’s refuge. Women flee from domestic abuse and refuges help them regain their independence and keep them safe from whoever is harming them. These women are scared and feel alone, so the friendship and help you could offer will make the world of difference!
  • Volunteer at a care home to read stories or do some activities with the residents. It will make their day and yours too!

As you can see, there are so many different ways of becoming a better person and the best version of yourself, and most aren’t challenging either! Which one are you going to pick first?

Adding Your Signature Stamp to Your Interiors

When it comes to interior design, many of us forget to bear in mind that our property is our home. It’s not something that should replicate some images you’ve seen on a Pinterest board or a spread you’ve seen in a home decorating magazine. While having a place to live that looks like it’s been plucked straight from a showhome may be appealing from a purely aesthetic standard, you need to bear in mind that it’s the place you are going to live. It would be impossible to keep it in pristine condition at all times unless you refuse to actually live in the space and enjoy it. What makes a house a home is the personal touches. When your friends and family step foot through your front door, they should be able to tell that this space is yours. It should be filled with things that you love, items that represent your interests and tastes, design that screams your name. After all, nobody wants to live in a cold and sterile environment. It becomes impersonal. So, here are a few ways to put your signature stamp on your interiors!



Nowadays, we tend to keep all of our photographs online. We put them in files on hard drives for safe keeping, posted on our Instagram feeds, displayed in our Facebook photo folders, and posted on our blogs. But what happened to good old-fashioned prints? There’s still something unbeatable about seeing your images in a tangible form, all glossy and fresh. It’s just so much more authentic! What’s more? You can use them as a means of decoration. Nothing quite beats filling your property with pictures of your loved ones, pets, places you’ve been, things you’ve seen and done… so consider using someone reliable like the professionals at to professional frame your favourite images, ready to be mounted on your walls. Alternatively, you could have canvases made up. If you prefer to keep your walls plain, you could opt for smaller, free standing frames that can be left on window sills, bookshelves, or desks and worktops. There’s truly nothing better than to be surrounded by the familiar and loving faces of your nearest and dearest.


Bold Colour Palettes

If you ask anyone their favourite colour, they’re likely to give the name of a bright or bold shade. When’s the last time someone replied to your question with an answer like “cream”, “magnolia”, or “mushroom”. Probably never, right? So why do we paint all of our interiors these kinds of colours? Sure, you might be able to brighten up a blank canvas with bright accessories. But why not just have a bright wall to start with? If you feel a little hesitant, remember that you can always start out with a feature wall. This involves painting just one wall your chosen colour and is a little less full on than going for the whole room with the paint roller.

These are just a couple of ways to add your signature stamp to your interiors. It’s time to make your house your home again! So try them out as soon as possible!