A Room-by-Room Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home

There comes a time of the year when you decide that you need to give your home a proper deep clean. Perhaps it is when the spring months are starting to approach after you have spent a long time indoors and a lot of dirt is likely to have accumulated. A deep clean is different from your average cleaning and tidying which you do on a regular basis. You need to start looking to tackle some of the long-forgotten areas of the home, as well as the jobs that you have been putting off during the rest of the year. To help you get prepared for undertaking this task, here is a room-by-room guide which details some of the main jobs that you will want to be doing.


Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathrooms and kitchen are arguably the rooms of the house in which cleanliness is most important, and they are also places where jobs are easy to get overlooked. Starting off in the bathroom, the main jobs that you need to tackle include cleaning the tubs, shower, toilet, and sinks. But before this, a good rule of thumb with cleaning is to start at the top and work your way down. So, dust the light fixtures and clear cobwebs out of the corners. Next, you can wash your surfaces and mirrors. Finally, you can clean the shower curtains (or replace them entirely) and the bathmats.

Moving onto the kitchen, you should remove all food so that you can clean the tops and insides of the cabinets, which will also allow you to organise your food and get rid of anything which has expired. You should do the same in your refrigerator, cleaning the shelves and drawers thoroughly. A commonly overlooked area is behind the fridge, so don’t forget to wash the floor behind this area. Also, wash out the trash cans as this can be a place where bad smells in your kitchen are originating from. Wipe down all countertops, appliances and cabinet surfaces. Also, thoroughly clean the sinks, stovetop and oven.



To properly clean the bedroom, it is worth clearing out anything which is taking up space here. This way, when it comes to deciding to put it all back again, you can ask yourself whether it needs to be in the bedroom, if there is somewhere better that you can store it, and whether you need to keep it at all. Deep cleaning and decluttering are two tasks which can go hand in hand. Wiping down your surfaces is obvious, but you should also clean ceiling fans, baseboards, headboards etc. Now is a good opportunity to flip or rotate your mattresses. Wash all your bed linen including duvets, mattress pads etc. And don’t forget to clean the window treatments as well.


Living Room

One of the most commonly overlooked areas in your living room for cleaning is down the sides of your sofa and underneath the cushions, so take all of these off so that you can vacuum thoroughly. If you have carpets, you should use special products to deep clean them properly, and you could even call in the experts such as Chem-Dry to deal with them. When you are dusting, make sure to get all those hard to reach areas such as on top of high shelves, light fittings, lamp shades etc. And it is worth moving all you big furniture items to clear the dirt which has gathered here. You could even take this opportunity to redesign the room if you would like!


Outdoor Areas

Since you are doing a deep clean of your entire home, it is worthwhile in taking care of the outdoor spaces as well. So, you can start by sweeping the patios, porches and decks to get rid of the upper layer of dirt. You can then give it a rinse with the hose – or a pressure washer for an even deeper and more effective clean. As for any outdoor furniture which hasn’t been washed in a long time, now is the opportunity to deal with this.   


Although it presents a big task to thoroughly clean your home, it is one which is ultimately worthwhile. And the sense of satisfaction that you get when you are done is hard to beat! Of course, if possible, you don’t want to be doing everything all by yourself, so enlist the help of whoever you are living with. And you could also consider hiring in the professionals if you want to do a very thorough job.

Overhaul Your Life In Winter And Feel Fabulous

Winter is the time of year that everyone wants to batten down the hatches and stay indoors, and I don’t blame you because there is certainly a chill in the air. But, having said that, being inside and not indulging your more usual active lifestyle can mean that you start to feel lethargic, low on energy and perhaps a little down and out about yourself. But it doesn’t haven’t be this way. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can overhaul your life this winter and feel fabulous.


Change your appearance

One of the first things you could consider doing is changing your appearance. It doesn’t mean to be drastic, no one is suggesting you change your look entirely, but it can make a big difference to your confidence simply by changing your hairstyle or color. A visit to a hair salon can also feel like the ultimate treat. Time to relax and let someone work their magic on your look. You could also consider trying out new makeup techniques, if you like to wear it. YouTube is full of tutorials on how to create the best contour look or smoky eye effect.


Step out of your comfort zone with style

It is easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to what we wear. So you may want to try and step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. It can be a huge boost to your confidence levels. It might be that you love a particular colour but don’t have the confidence to wear it in clothes, or maybe you love dresses or skirts but just don’t feel like they suit you. Just try and see the difference it could make to your overall look. It could inspire you to make further changes. Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay wrapped up, dresses look great with tights and boots and jeans can still be worn with style. Look online for some winter fashion inspiration.


You can still indulge a healthy diet

Winter often means we are more tempted by carbohydrates and comfort food, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t be healthy. There are some great recipients ideas out there now that will have your mouth watering. Vegetable bakes, creamy risottos filled with goodness and healthy pasta dishes. All full of good food. It is easy to fall off the wagon in winter, but if you are creative you can still feel good thanks to the food that you consume.


Exercise can still happen in winter

Finally, exercise may be the last thing on your mind thanks to the colder weather, but actually, you can still indulge in being active on a cold day. A brisk walk wrapped up warm, or even join a gym to try out new exercise classes can be just the way you remain active on those colder days of the year.

I hope that this has you motivated to overhaul your life this winter.

Incorporating Leather Into Your Wardrobe

Leather is a material which we have been using for clothes and warmth for hundreds and thousands of years. It is a totally timeless style, and whether you choose the wear real or faux leather, you will always get a great reaction when you add some to our outfits.

Leather is becoming more popular again, and everywhere we go we will be seeing dresses, boots and shirts made out of the material. If you are looking to have some fun with your style but you aren’t sure where you start, here is how to bring leather into your style.



The most iconic leather piece of all time has to be the leather jacket. A leather jacket can make you look chic, cool and like a biker chick all at the same time. It can transform a relatively blasé outfit into something spectacular, and it never fails to add character. You can find the perfect leather jacket for you either online or in stores, and you can pretty much put a leather jacket over any outfit.



If you want to bring a bit of leather into your outfit without going over the tip, you can always look for a leather backpack or handbag to carry with you instead. A statement piece like this can allow you to feel sophisticated and expensive when wearing even the most regular of outfits. It is always a great way to feel sleek and stylish.



For the more daring amongst you, you can go the whole hog here and choose a leather dress which can look incredible if you style it right. A leather dress is a bold piece to wear, but if you are happy in your own skin and up for a challenge, you will certainly get heads turning all day long! Pairing this with some plain heels and a bag can be a stunning and bold look for all to enjoy.



Leather boots aren’t just a great fashion item, they are also amazing for the winter and are incredibly practical. If you live in a cold area during the winter time, a good pair of leather boots can keep your feet toasty and happy during the chilly days. They pair well with skinny jeans and a jumper, and you can even double leather here with a bag or a jacket to match.



Leather trousers… when most of us think about leather trousers, our minds might immediately drift to that awkward episode of friends where Ross got himself stuck inside a pair. Even with this *ahem* traumatic memory, leather trousers can actually be stunning paired with a graphic tee, and they are something which we should all try once in our lifetimes. If you are scared of the idea of leather trousers, you can also buy leather leggings which will go on much easier and still give you the same effect. Try it, trust us. You won’t be sorry and you will be a style icon in your area.

Is Your Bathroom Fully Functional?

If you’re a homeowner, or someone who simply lives in rented accommodation of your own, you should know how to handle your living space breaking down on you. And there’s one area more than any other that’s going to give you trouble the more and more you use it: the bathroom.

Feel free to call in all the help you need, as now’s the time to make sure your bathroom is working to the max, and making sure you come out every time feeling refreshed! Here’s a few tips for you to follow if you still haven’t got the first clue about DIY.

Is the Extractor Fan Working?

The bathroom fan is something you need to make sure is operating to the fullest at all times. Otherwise all sorts of smells, bacteria, and just lingering humidity is going to block up your bathroom, and you might just end up with a mold infestation. No one wants to see that when walking in to use the shower! Don’t worry, extractor fans can usually be easily fixed, and none of your guests will be any the wiser about the toilet trip you quickly had to take!

Extractor fans are sometimes rarely used in our houses and apartments, but they should always be a main focus. Above is a video of a common fan installed in our bathrooms being fixed up, so follow it and use the video suggestions to find more solutions. Simple as!

Are You Using Storage Properly?

Your bathroom is a place where you can shove all kinds of extraneous items, as there’s going to be cupboard and closets and towel rails all around the room. However, are you using the storage capacity in your bathroom to the max here? And is the space tidy enough to still resemble a functioning bathroom you’d love to recline and wash away the day’s stresses in? Maybe not…

You can buy yourself some under cupboard or under sink boxes to keep all of your washing items in, like your various shampoos and conditioners, to keep them all within easy reach. Or you could use this post as a sign to finally clear out your bathroom; it’s probably needed doing for a good few months now!

What About the Water Pressure?

Both in your shower and your toilet. Sometimes a flush doesn’t have the power behind it to take everything away, and sometimes the pressure in your shower just isn’t right for your muscles. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with in terms of water flow, make sure you contact some domestic plumbing services to fix the problem up all neat for you. You don’t want to accidentally break the entire flushing system in your bid to plunge more and more water into it!

When it comes to keeping your bathroom as functional as possible, hopefully these ideas could help you a little. After all, sometimes we just need a brainwave to finally sort out a problem we’re experiencing! Become the homeowner you love!

Leaving On A Jet Plane? The Essential Checklist

There’s no doubt that travelling around the world, living and working in different countries, is an incredibly enriching experience – one that will broaden your horizons, bring you new friendships, and make you more memories than you can imagine. But if you have scheduled in a significant time abroad, then it’s not quite as simple as setting up a Skype account and jumping on a plane. There are a few practical matters than you absolutely must take care of. Here are the steps you need to make to ensure that your travel plans are a success:


Have a Clear out

Moving overseas for a while means pressing pause on your old life. You may be moving out of your home, so you need to think through a plan for your possessions that it isn’t practical to take with you. If you are planning an especially long move, you can look at shipping services to have items sent to you, but be aware that this can cost thousands. The other option is to find a kind relative that has space to store some of your stuff, or renting space in a storage facility. The more stuff you have, the more expensive and awkward this can get, so use the opportunity to have a major clearout and get rid of any rubbish or unwanted items. Look into what you can sell to make money and fund your travels, and for the rest find a reliable clearance company such as https://www.dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au/Fast-Sutherland-Shire-Waste-Removal.php to take away your unwanted items.


Make An Itinerary

Although you may be seeking freedom and spontaneity, it is a good idea to plan an initial itinerary to inform your travel plans. This will also enable you to select the correct travel and medical insurance, save up for flights and look into working overseas and visa requirements for your destination. Do some research online into your stopping points – it’s good to know about local customs and culture to avoid any complications, and other travellers may have useful advice about the order or seasons to visit other countries in. Making your plans should be a joyful time. Online guidebooks like Lonely Planet can give really useful pointers and make sure that you don’t miss out on any must-see sights.


Prep Your Budget

Think carefully and realistically about what money you will need to support yourself. Even if you’re planning to work once you get to your destination, you will still need a good cushion of savings to use as a deposit on accommodation, ensure that you have the basic necessities and to act as a safety net if you don’t find work straight away. Investigate living costs in the country you’re going to, as they will vary drastically. Also look into the going rate for the work you’ll aim to get, from seasonal fruit picking to teaching English as a foreign language.
Once your essential documents are sorted, you have a realistic travel budget and you know where you’re heading, you have the basics covered. Use these foundations to sort official documentation, any travel vaccinations and the relevant insurances. Good luck with your travels.