Summer Style Investments You Should be Making

Later in the year, it’s really going to pay off for you to invest in your fashion items and make your style more unified and more impressive than it’s ever been before. If you make yourself look better this summer, you’ll also feel better and more confident each day. That’s a recipe for the kind of summer you’ll never forget, so it’s definitely worth making summer investments sooner rather than later. If you’re not sure which investments you should be making, you can find out more about that below, so read on.


A Short-Sleeved Blazer

You might not see a blazer as being the ideal summer garment, but the truth is that this is the kind of item that’s going to serve you well throughout the year. In winter as well as summer, the right blazer will really help you out. During the summer, the short-sleeved blazer will be best for you. But you can just as easily roll up full-length sleeves too.


Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are perfect for summer because they’re flowing, they’re elegant and they’re simply beautiful, as long as you find the ones that suit the rest of your outfit and look great on you. The maxi skirts you buy should always be tried on first because it’s not always easy to find the ones that are going to be ideal for you. Even if it looks good online, it will look different when you try it on.



Summer is the season of playsuits, so you should try to make sure that you get the very best you can find on the market right now. They look great, they’re comfortable and they’re ideal for relaxing in during the summer months. If you don’t have one already, you should definitely make that purchase. There are some beautiful playsuits out there, so give them a try this summer. There’s a first time for everything, and this could be just what you need.


Comfortable White Pants

Having some white pants that you can throw on at any time is a really good thing. You will find that you get so much use out of them during the summer months because they’re versatile, baggy enough to keep the air flowing through them and simple to throw on first thing in the morning. What’s not to like about all that?


Pastel-Coloured Outfits

Pastel colours are always really great when the sun is out, so if you want to feel summery (even when it’s not summer), you should assemble an outfit that makes use of beautiful pastel colours. There are so many ways to do this, but it’s up to you to assemble the garments that will work together well for you.

If you want to make the most of this summer, you need to be prepared for it. That means investing in your wardrobe and having the clothes that will allow you to feel comfortable and confident in the weeks and months ahead of you. The five things mentioned here offer you the perfect places to start.

Does The Idea Of Moving Stress You Out?

When it comes to the stressful things in life, what’s the first thing you think of? Maybe it’s a breakup of a relationship you thought you couldn’t live without, maybe it’s the loss of someone in your family, maybe it’s running out of money and being unable to feed you and your own for the rest of the week. These are all life events that could very well happen, and as a result you have every right to stress about them. But on the long list of stressful events, how high up does moving house rank?

Maybe it’s something you haven’t thought a lot about yet. After all, you’re in no position to move out of your current accommodation, or the thought of standing on your own two feet actually excites you more than it ever could worry you. Either way, you’re going to have some strong feelings associated with finding a new place to live, and we need to soothe the way for you.

So whether the landlord of your apartment isn’t a very nice guy, or you can’t manage the backyard of your current place, and there’s no chance you’re going to be able to clean up for spending the summer outside, moving house is a logical next step. Whatever the reason for you to want to find a new place to live, make sure you’re doing it with only positive thoughts in your head.

If the place of your dreams exists out there, don’t let your fear hold you back from moving into it! (Picture)


Think About Your New House

Your new house is going to be a huge undertaking to look after, nevermind pay for, and you’re going to have to be ready to handle anything it throws at you. So if the idea of moving out completely daunts you, and you don’t actually have to move for any reason, it might be a good idea to stay put for a while longer until you have a plan sorted in your head. But if you’re only feeling a slight level of apprehension, now’s the time to convince yourself of the right move you’re making.

So you’ve got a new place to live, and you’ve paid a deposit for it and other whatnots to make sure you can move in right away and have some peace before the bills come round. But you also need to make sure you’ve done the legwork when it comes to the surrounding area as well: do you know where the nearest amenities are? If you don’t, now’s the time to put your mind to rest in case of the need to rush out at 2 in the morning to get some milk.

Put Google Maps to good use here and know all the routes in and out of your neighbourhood, and find out where the nearest town centre is, and then try walking or driving your way around them in real time. If you can navigate them already, you’re doing a good job in your preparation. And hey, this would be a good time to get to know the neighbours as well, and see the kind of people you’re going to be living next to for the next few years or so.


Find Someone to Help

When you’re moving out on your own, you’re still going to need someone on your side to help you get yourself sorted out. It’s a nice touch for a mother or grandparent who feels like they’re losing you; if they’re involved in your moving process, they’re still going to feel included in your life. It’s a parting gift from you to them, and hey, your parents are going to know how to actually wallpaper your feature wall in the living room.

But you don’t have to stop there. This kind of help can be a friend or family member with a big enough vehicle, or it could be a professional company that’s going to make the trip in one go with all kinds of safety rules in place. Someone like Removalists would be a good pick here for you, as it’s an affordable solution to the problem of your best friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s petrol cost. You’ve just put down a deposit on an apartment, or actually gone and bought a house, you can’t afford that kind of extraneous payment!


Make Sure You’ve Still Got Connections Back Home

If you’re moving a long way or a short way, whether you’re going across the country, to another country, or just the next town over, make sure you’ve still got all your connections back in your old area. They’re going to make your new home feel a little sweeter, and they’re definitely going to help you adjust to life in a new location. And that’s something everyone has to take time with, no matter how prepared they are for it, so don’t feel bad or guilty about needing to do this.

Make plans with old friends, have a phone call date with your parents every other evening etc etc. When you prepare yourself emotionally for a move as well as physically, you’re going to be properly looking after yourself. Take all the time and convincing from another person that you need: it’s always nice to hear how much someone misses you, and then in the same breath be able to arrange a meet up for coffee between the two of you the following week. You’re always going to have connections back at your original home base, and you’re perfectly allowed to keep them and lean on them when you need to.


Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

It might be a little weird to outsiders if it isn’t, but only you know how something should feel when it comes to your own experiences. Prepare yourself before you go and never just move on a whim with nothing to back you up. If you want the experience to be good for you, then this is the best way forward.


Who to Consult Before Renovating Your Home

Home renovations are becoming increasingly commonplace, however, choosing to undertake major changes to your home is by no means a minor decision. They require a whole lot of time and planning as well as financial investment. However, there are certain things that you can do to make the process as simple as possible. The most important, perhaps, is to make sure that you know who to contact at every point of your intended project. Here are just a few professionals you should contact and engage with throughout the process!

Your Local Government

Most local governments have planning policies in place that determine whether you will or will not be granted permission to renovate your property in any given way. Certain small changes to a property that don’t have any effect on its structure or outer appearance won’t need permission or council approval, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry, as unpermitted changes will have to be reversed later and may even be fined. Any renovation that alters your property’s services (such as gas, electric, drainage or plumbing) will require approval as well as inspection from a relevant authority once the work has been carried out.

An Architect

A surprising number of people decide to renovate their home and take their project straight to builders. However, you should always consult an architect before actually carrying any work out. An architects role in home renovations is to visualise how your intended changes to your property might affect its structure, style, and overall aesthetic. While builders can make sure that your intended renovation is safe, an architect will ensure that your property will still have sufficient natural light after the changes have been carried out and that there will still be sufficient room for you to live comfortably, as well as taking any special considerations that you might have into account.

An Estate Agent

Many of us plan to carry out renovations in order to increase the value of our property, rather than to make the property more appealing for ourselves. You will often find people extending their property, updating the kitchen, or adding a conservatory when they want to make their property more appealing on the market in order to get a better price when they sell up. If this is the case, you should consult an estate agent who will be able to value your property as it is and then predict a value should you carry out your planned work. This will help you to weigh up whether the project is worth your time and investment. If the renovation will significantly increase your property’s value, go ahead. However, if the final value only just covers the costs of the work carried out, you might want to give the work a miss.

While you may feel impatient and want to get your work carried out as quickly as possible, you really should take your time and ensure that everything is completed properly and to a high standard. So, make sure to contact all of the individuals above before getting started!

Design Clutter Can Spruce Up Your Space

Have you ever heard of design clutter before? Maybe you think it’s a little weird to throw some bits and pieces around your house and think they improve the look of it? After all, when you’ve got an entire household to run, you need all the extra space you can get! However, when you’ve got a decorate vase, plates, and candles you’re never going to light on your bookshelf with the actual books, you’re going to notice the appeal of drawing attention to a space because of its minimalist opposition.

Design clutter really can add some much needed spruce to an otherwise empty and plain space, and really turn a room around with lived in it looks. Even when you have only a small space to work with, you can build up and around with fun, pretty, and interesting pieces. Here’s a couple of tips if you still don’t believe in the idea!

This wouldn’t look inviting without the personal touches! 


Buy Interesting Pieces

Clutter can be pretty, and there’s plenty of ways to make sure your room has an added bonus to it by clearing away your actual clutter and instead use some stationary pieces to make sure there’s less room to get messy! And one of the best ways to do this is to get some interesting clutter decorations, usually of the older variety or something you picked up from a charity shop. Or you could shop with luxury homewares from Palazzo Collezioni for some more designer pieces you’d be proud to decorate the entire room around; they’re still a much more interesting site than the crossword book you use on your coffee breaks.

And the more interesting and unusual, the better. Just because your living room isn’t the kitchen doesn’t mean there’s anything stopping you from putting a random teapot on the bookshelf. Or get an old watering can from the garden and use it as an indoor plant pot to fill that negative space in the corner. It’s a talking point at least, and even helps to introduce a sense of the vintage to your space, if that’s the aesthetic you like.


Be Organized with Your Clutter

Designer clutter can easily get out of hand, so make sure you’re always ‘cluttering’ with some organization in mind. Get a strategy together and decorate with a balance! Something like a certain theme, or using a colour to complement the paint you’ve got on your walls both work well to make sure your home looks better for the clutter you’re putting in it, and not the messiest place known to man.

Only buy items that you actually like, and know would fill a space well, and thus avoid cluttering for the simple sake of making your home feel better used. You also save some pennies this way, and that’s a godsend when you’re doing a bit of interior design.

Sprucing up your space sometimes requires you get a bit artistically messy! Go with the flow and get cluttering away!

9 Tips for an Allergy-Free Bedroom

According to most health organizations, including the Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA), allergies affect more than 54% people around the world. Medicine and prescriptions can help relieve allergy symptoms, but getting rid of irritants from your home is a much more efficient way to put an end to your stuffy nose, headaches, itchy eyes, and shortness of breath; Here are some of the ways you can implement and finally say goodbye to those terrible allergies.

#01.Know What Triggers Your Allergies

You cannot take a problem head-on if you do not know what you are dealing with. Pay a visit to your allergist so that he/she can assist you to focus on your preventative measures. The most common offenders are dust mites, mold, pollens, and pet dander. According to Laurie Ross, the editor of Allergy and Asthma Today, there is no point in making changes at home if you do not address your particular allergies.


#02. Focus on Your Bedroom First

Just like you, allergens also spend most of their time here. Therefore, cover your mattress and pillows with zip-on dust mite covers, clean your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets every week in water heated to at least 130 F (54 C), and shut your windows and run the air conditioning system during pollen season.


#03. Tackle Those Hard-to-Reach and Ignored Corners

We tend to forget to look under the bathroom sink, a prime spot for mold growth when pipes drip. Take out everything from the cabinet and check out the interior carefully for any leakages. Also look out for mouse droppings and cockroach webs, since rodents and bugs can stir up your allergies, too. So, fix those leakages, seal holes, clean the overlooked areas, and keep them tidy and dry to eliminate irritant build-up.


#04. Consider an Air Purifier for Your Bedroom

It is not a secret that air purifiers have certain limitations; they capture airborne allergens but cannot trap anything settled in rugs or furniture, which is where most allergens end up. However, they are very important; mainly if you are allergic to dust and pollen. Just make sure you do not purchase one that produces ozone, a gas that is acts as an irritant for people with allergies. If you are purchasing an air purifier specifically for your allergies, there are a number of great solutions available.


#05. Invest in a Reliable Hygrometer for your Bedroom

High humidity levels can lead to mold growth, among other issues. A hygrometer will let you know of your bedroom’s moisture levels. If you the readings you get are of above 60% in any room or area, then you need to consider getting a dehumidifier.


#06. Consider Having Exhaust Ventilation Fans

If your bedroom and bathroom fans just re-circulate indoor air or vent into the attic, replace them with genuine ventilation exhaust fans, which direct particles and humidity out of the house. Venting damp spaces to your attic causes mold to start growing there and eventually spread to the rest of your home.


#07. Get Rid of the Drapes

Blinds or shades trap fewer allergens than fabric window treatments. However, if you are set on having curtains, choose the machine-washable kind, which is easier to keep dust-free.  Take out the dust by vacuuming once a week with a brush attachment and wash them frequently during months when your windows remain open.


#08. Upgrade Your Vacuum System

If you are using a cleaner that does not have a HEPA filter, switch to one that does. They help trap particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. Mark from By Purify suggests choosing one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market as often the price difference reflects the quality offered. One thing to note, if you have pets that are allowed in your room and you suffer from pet-related allergies, the best thing you can do is invest in a vacuum cleaner that specialises in pet hair removal.

They say prevention is better than cure. So, take up these few steps and make your bedroom an allergen-free zone today!


#09. Don’t Use Bedding for Too Long

There have some pretty damning studies on how much bad stuff builds up over time. It can be hard to get rid of your sheets, especially when you’ve paid a bit for them, but it is better for your health to move on.

If you really don’t want to give up your sheets check out some great ways to reuse sheets.

Take Your Living Space To The Next Level With These Interiors Ideas

When you start to think about your favorite part of your home, there are always going to be a few standout winners that come to mind. You’ll always love the kitchen, because it’s the heart of the home. And your bedroom can feel like your sanctuary. But when you really think of it, nothing quite comes close to your living space. Because this is the one room in the house that you can just unwind in. You can laugh with your family, entertain guests, cry at your favorite movie, and enjoy your favorite takeout food in when you’re feeling too lazy to cook! Your living space really does rock. So it’s only natural that you want it to look its best. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

  1. Create Sections

So first of all, you should think about creating some sections. When you have a large space to work with, you may find that simply trying to fill it doesn’t work. You’re either going to overload the space with too much stuff, or it will look empty. So, instead, section it off. Shape your furniture and work with rugs to really change the way everything looks. This will help you to create a sophisticated look and make sure that you’re adding in enough functionality too.

  1. Add A Focal Point

Your next step is to then work out what your focal point should be. If you’ve got a lot going on in the room, it can feel too busy. So pick just one thing that should stand out. Whether it’s a fire like, artwork, or even a piece of furniture, make it that one thing that stands out. That way, everything else in the room can then feed into it.

  1. Let In The Light

Next, you’re going to want to look into how you can really use the lighting to your advance here too. Lighting really does change the way that a room looks. And you’ll always want your living space to feel light and bright and cozy. So make sure that you’re letting in enough natural light. Stick to light curtains and blinds so that it can really flood into the area.

  1. Focus On Comfort

Then, you start to think about how comfortable the room is. Even if you want the space to look stylish and not overly homely, it can still be comfortable. Work with key tips like these on to do this. Ultimately, you really will want to make sure that your feet are comfortable and that your couch is snuggle-worthy.

  1. Utilize Smart Storage

Lastly, you’ll then want to ensure that you can keep clutter to a minimum. It’s going to help you here if you create smart storage options. Think about how you can work storage into the walls or bring in stylish cabinets. It’s going to be important for you to get smart so that your choices to take away from the stunning space.

The Fine Line Between Vintage And Worn

Some people think vintage is a means to reuse old stuff and charge retail prices. In a way, they are right. But, there is a certain feeling that the retro trend has which is impossible to recreate. Something new is great, but we fall in love with items and pieces after they have been worn in, not straight out of the box. The thing is, there is a fine line between killing the vintage style and creating a home that looks tired and worn. And, it’s not easy to tell when you have or are about to cross the imaginary plain. Here’s how to stop it from happening.


Repair And Replenish

Think of features in the home as people. As human beings, they need time to repair and replenish after a hard day at work. In short, they have to get their beauty sleep. But, they’re inanimate objects that can’t drop off, especially in that position. So, you have to take it upon yourself to help. Firstly, repair anything that is broken as nothing says worn out more than a bust grandfather clock. Dutch Time Pieces can help. Next, freshen up proceedings with a light cleaning session. Wipe over the surfaces to make sure they’re not dirty, but don’t perform a deep clean as they’ll lose their appeal.


Pick Carefully

Vintage and retro aren’t synonyms for old. Well, they are, but that doesn’t mean that age is the only criterion. Because it’s an all-encompassing style, pieces need to hit the right targets before they get pride on placement in the living room. For example, antiques can’t be tacky and fake. If they are, the whole house will come across as cheap and nasty, and they aren’t the goals you want to hit. Fresh Home recommends looking at joint strength as well as rust and weight.


Focal It

Every room should have a focal point, a feature that stands out and draws attention. Usually, a sofa or a TV is the main culprit because both are bulky yet sleek. Plus, people can’t help but stare at a screen. Instead of going down the traditional route, replace a classic focal point for something vintage. That way, the room will make you and your guests go “wow!” Only use elements that are of high quality. Otherwise, the gaudy stuff will negate the impact. A piece of wall art can do wonders, as can a shag pile or a handful of mirrors.


Do A Switzerland

In the Second World War, Switzerland was neutral, and you should copy them. Why? It’s because the colours are the last piece of the puzzle. Imagine putting together a home that screams vintage. Now, replace the shades on the walls with bright, vivid hues. The odds are high that this doesn’t work any longer. A retro style needs neutral colours that don’t clash, such as white, cream or eggshell. Another option is to opt for patterns that are synonymous with the time, polka dot for example.

Do you think you can see the line?

The Health Benefits of Cold Showers

There are many things we can do to live a healthier lifestyle, and whilst some are fun and logical others sound horrific and wacky.  Indeed, the practice of having daily cold showers might appear to be more aligned with the latter.


The idea of replacing a long, warm, steamy shower with a short blast of icy cold water – particularly first thing in the morning, is not a thought many relish.  Indeed, we only tend to experience this when we have hot water system problems yet there are many health benefits to taking cold showers, some of which we will look at in this article.

In short, the long-term health benefits would appear to outweigh the short-term pain.  Indeed, fans of the phrase “no pain no gain” will love the concept of having a cold shower in order to boost physical well being, productivity, and one’s mental fortitude.

Here are several reasons why incorporating cold showers in your life could provide a number of significant mental and physical health benefits:

  1. Increase Alertness

It’s easy to see how taking a cold shower in the morning might leave you feeling more alert, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface, as in response to your body’s shock, the depth and rate of your breathing will increase, thus your oxygen intake will increase dramatically.  

In addition, your heart rate will increase, meaning fresh oxygenated blood will be pumped around your entire body.

There’s a lot of recent mention in terms of the benefits of cold showers, yet this is not something new, as Katherine Hepburn took ice-cold baths throughout her life — due to the high level of energy she reported having as a result.


  1. Speeds up muscle recover

It’s common for athletes to take an ice bath after intense training in order to reduce muscle soreness; yet a quick cold shower, can be just as effective in terms of stimulating one’s metabolism and relieving the aches and pains that are associated with delayed-onset muscle soreness.  


Apparently, a 24 minute cold water bath at a temperature of 10 to 15 degree celsius (50 to 59 degrees fahrenheit) are the optimal conditions, yet a short sharp cold shower is better than nothing.


Furthermore, there’s evidence to suggest cold showers have a general analgesic effect on the body; for instance they are particularly good at relieving tension headaches due to the blood that subsequently rushes to the brain in order to protect it from the cold water.


  1. Relieve Depression

Cold showers have been known to help with depression due to the stimulating impact on cold receptors in the skin, that basically send an overwhelming electrical impulse from the nerve endings back to the brain; thus producing an anti-depressive effect that helps boost mood.
Indeed, a study published by a molecular biologist, Nikolai Shevchuk, found evidence that cold showers can help alleviate the symptoms of depression to the extent they may be more effective than antidepressants — on the basis exposure to cold water helps flood your brain with neurotransmitters, which is perhaps why surfers and those that swim in cold water each day, are often so cheerful and grounded.


What Does It Mean to Build the Perfect Body?

When it comes to your body, the idea of a “perfect” body usually comes from looking at magazines, models and fitness idols. Whether it’s a flattering pose or an inspirational story, it can often be enough to kickstart a desire to obtain what you perceive as a perfect body.

However, trying to build a perfect body can be dangerous if approached with the wrong mindset. Whether it’s working out far too much that your body can’t take it, or having a jaded and one-track view of what the perfect body is, it’s easy to start obsessing over small details to a point it hurts your health. In this article, we’re going to discuss what it really means to obtain your idea of the perfect body, the practicality of it, and also leave you with some helpful tips and advice to ensure you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

What’s your idea of a perfect body?

Most people assume that models and magazine images are the ideals that we should all aim for when it comes to the perfect body. Sadly, many of these images are edited with photo manipulation software like Photoshop, meaning they’re far from real. Whether it’s perfect skin, radiant hair or a fit body, if it’s in the media then it’s likely that it has been edited in some way.

The work involved to obtain it

In most cases, getting the perfect body requires a meaningful diet, exercise and a lot of learning about your body. However, even hard work won’t help you achieve the perfect body if you’re not physically capable of it. No amount of training can solve physical limitations, but you can find out about Sculpture Clinic and learn what cosmetic procedures are available to those that want to achieve something with their body that isn’t available the natural and long-term way. Some can consider it cheating, but the reality is that there are certain goals that your body cannot reach no matter how hard you try.

Maintaining the perfect body

And lastly, you also need to consider what it takes to maintain the perfect body image. If you’ve been working hard at the gym for the past few months and you’re finally starting to see results, then keep in mind that you need to maintain that pace and potentially work even harder to see more progress. You’ll need to stick with the foods you eat as part of your diet for a long period of time, and you can’t get lazy either or else you’ll lose what progress you’ve made.

The reality of body image

While having aspirations and goals for your body is fine, it’s important to understand what it takes to achieve it and the potential side effects of being too narrow-minded. Body image is really in the eye of the beholder. Yes, there are obvious health effects when it comes to being too thin or too big, but the ideal weight for a healthy individual is easier to achieve than you might think. Your idea of a perfect body is personal to you, but you should always draw a line between reality and fantasy.

7 Sandals For Different Occasions that You Will Fall in Love With

Sandals: there’s a pair for every occasion, for every outfit and for every person! They allow you to live free and easy, while continuing to look nice and remain stylish.

Sandals come in all different shapes and colours. Here’s some of my favourites:

Spring Flowers Barefoot Sandal


Are you attending a wedding on the beach, going on a first date on the beach or just simply want to look amazing while on the beach? Well, the Spring Flowers Barefoot Sandal look great and they are available in four different colors: white, champagne, ivory and black.


Slinky Platform Sandal

You can bring back the 90s with these grunge-inspired black platform sandals by Steve Madden. Hitting the streets, headed to a rock show or just want to spice up your casual flip-flop? These Slinky Platforms are for you.


Keen’s Sage Ankle Sandals

You shouldn’t HAVE to cover your feet when you go hiking, biking or climbing. Sandals should be able to fit any activity, and that’s what Keen was thinking when they designed their Sage Ankle Sandals.


Fancy Jute Slippers

You’re inside the house, but you still love the comfort and warmth of a shoe (or sandal) on your feet. You usually grab a pair of slippers but what if there was another option? See these Fancy Jute Slippers:


Gladiator Flat Sandal Rainbow Shoes

Add some color to your outfit with these eye-grabbing, color-popping ankle strap sandals. You will be a hit at your next summer BBQ!


Block Heel Snakeskin Sandals

Looking to be really different? Like really, really different? Well, what about snakeskin sandals – that actually look great!


Egyptian Sandals

Be exotic with these beautiful and stylish Egyptian sandals. They look like they were made many years ago – but they’re new and they’re quite popular!