How to Properly Care for Your Bedding

If you find yourself wanting to drift off to sleep during the day, it’s essential to reassess your sleeping arrangements. This might mean going to bed earlier, or taking better care of your bedding to ensure it’s providing the comfort you need from it.

It’s important to know the right way to wash, dry and store bedding – after all, your bed is where you spend nearly a third of your life.  Here are some simple tips from Bianca to help you care for and maintain your bedding.


It’s vital to wash your sheets every week to remove dirt and dust. To remove tough stains, use oxygenated bleach combined with warm water. Don’t use hot water, as this can shrink the fibres and cause the sheets to fade. For drying, tumble dry or hang naturally near heat. To avoid mildew growth, ensure the sheets are completely dry before storing them away. It’s best to keep them stored in a cool closet or drawer that’s lined with acid-free tissue paper to prevent the fabric from turning yellow.


Pillows can collect a lot of allergens from your hair and body oils, which is why it’s important to use pillow protectors to preserve their longevity. Pillow protectors and cases should be washed once a week, and pillows themselves should be washed at least twice a year. For drying, feathered pillows can be washed on an air cycle or low heat setting. Ensure no feathers are bunched, as dampness in pillows can cause mould. Stomach sleepers should choose soft pillows, while back sleepers need a medium to firm pillow to reduce neck strain. If you sleep on your side, medium pillows are recommended.


Filled with feathers, wool or synthetic alternatives, duvets are ideal for keeping you warm at night. However, all duvets should have a cover that protects it from dust, dirt, oil and bacteria. The cover should be washed once a week, while the actual duvet can be washed twice a year. If your washing machine can’t handle the size of a duvet, take it to a professional cleaner. If your duvet is properly taken care of, it should last around 20 years. Replace it when it begins to look limp or flat.


Most mattresses don’t need flipping, but if you sleep alone or one person is heavier than the other, your mattress might need to be flipped every six months to ensure your weight is distributed across the bed. High-quality mattresses should last over 20 years, but if you begin to wake up sore, it may need replacing sooner due to losing its cushioning or having worn out springs.

To update your bedding, browse Bianca to find high-quality bedspreads, coverlets, pillows, quilts, throws and more.

Where to Find the Best Lace Midi-Dress

Lace dresses. They speak to endless grace and elegance. If you’re looking to look equally refined and whimsical, you really can’t go wrong with a lace dress. And a lace midi-dress? Well, that shows your chic and trendy, too.

But where to find one?

More to the point: where do you find the best? There are a lot of retailers out there flogging this trend, and not all the dresses are cut from the same quality cloth. Some are made from lace that looks more like a collection of molting dust bunnies, and have out-of-synch underlays and overlays. Some are just not as stylistically relevant as they could be.

f you’re looking for an amazing lace dress, but aren’t sure where to look for the cream of the crop, read on. Here are your top lace midi-dress designers.


  1. Cooper St

Cooper St is an Australian clothing designer that’s brands are synonymous with femininity and stunning style. Their lace dresses from Cooper St play to a woman’s figure, adding to her natural lines instead of detracting from them. Everything about Cooper St style is feminine and flirty, but never frivolous. If you’re looking for a lace dress that’s as timeless as you are, look no further than here.


  1. ModCloth

Vintage is the name of the game at ModCloth, and retro lace dresses never looked so good. ModCloth has a large collection of lace dresses befitting just about any occasion, from a birthdays to graduation to anniversaries and weddings. There general line up trends towards cute and posh over super sexy, which makes it perfect for teens and women who aren’t looking for extremely figure hugging dresses (though they do have a few of those, too!)


  1. Maggy London

Maggy London designs lace dresses for the more conservative gal, and they don’t dissapoint. And don’t confuse conservative with boring. Many of Maggy London’s designs feature subtle and stunning embellishments like florals, that really up the ‘wow’ factor.


  1. ASOS

The flirty lines of ASOS lace dresses are nothing short of captivating. There’s nothing quite like a midi with a full skirt to inspire a gal to twirl to her heart’s content  — and when you twirl in lace, it’s all the more magical. If whimsy is the name of your game, definitely try on a lace dress from ASOS.


  1. Revolve

Revolve lace midi dresses were made to turn heads. Super sexy and sleek, these are dresses for women who want to showcase their curves. Every. Single. One of them. Featuring slinky nude underlays and serious slits, Revolve has put va-voom in the usually demure lace dress


All of these options are great picks. Ultimately, the lace dress that is best for you will suit your own personal style sensibility and be occasion appropriate. Of course, this means any number of these midis could be a dress of your dreams, in which case, buy them all. They never go out of style, making them a style-staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

The Safe Way to Lose Weight

A lot of people are on a constant quest to lose weight, though this quest often turns into a cyclical battle fuelled by yo-yo dieting meaning one month they’ll lose weight, but in the next month, they’ll put it all back on.

Interestingly, this phenomena can be better explained by brain science than nutritional science.  

See, we all know how to lose weight – it’s not a complicated formula… eat less bad stuff, move more, rest, and drink plenty of water.

It’s a foolproof plan that many people choose to overcomplicate, but it is fundamentally simple, just like how pea protein isolate powder can be helpful for building muscle – and meditation can help boost confidence.

It’s not necessary to overcomplicate weight loss.   

If you want to lose weight you simply make sure that your body burns more calories than it consumes.  

It’s not rocket science – yet, we’re always on tenterhooks looking for the next miracle weight loss program and often putting our bodies through unnecessary purges or toxically intense exercise regimes, when perhaps what we really need to do is make a shift within our mind just as much as our bodies – particularly if you can relate to the cyclical fluctuations many people experience on their weight loss journey.

The first thing you need to know, is that there’s a part of your brain that operates like a thermostat in that its job is to ensure homeostasis and congruence with regard to the identity you’ve programmed into it.

If someone sees themselves as a smoker, and they make that their identity, then it’s very hard for that person to give up cigarettes because they associate smoking with being who they are – and this part of their brain is in place to ensure they remain congruent with who they believe themselves to be.

Similarly, if someone sees themselves as being overweight, in terms of their core identity (which many people do) then no matter what exercise they do or diet they undertake, they will have to fight this part of the brain that is trying its hardest to ensure they remain congruent with their self-image.

Therefore, if you want to shift the pounds it’s imperative you first shift your mindset, and specifically the way you view yourself.

This part of the brain works in a similar way to a thermostat; let’s say someone has programmed their mind to associate their idea of “self” as being a particular weight (e.g. 100kg for numerical simplicity).  

If they reach 105kg, you’ll find they will do whatever it takes to lose that weight – as this isn’t their identity, just like how a thermostat would turn on the air conditioning in order to bring the room temperature down to its programmed setting.

Now, the same would be true if that person lost 5kg, and went down to 95kg – suddenly, this person’s brain would kick in, akin to a thermostat powering on the heaters in order to turn the temperature back up to its programmed default.

In essence, you will always be fighting this very powerful internal thermostat, and therefore, the most effective and safest way to lose weight is to reprogram and recondition your mind to see yourself as being your ideal weight… as otherwise, no matter what diets or exercise programs you attempt, it’ll always be an uphill struggle where you are having to fight against this automatic internal thermostat

Because Chocolate-Rich Gift Baskets Are a Must

Whether you’re surprising Dad on his birthday or congratulating a coworker for acing that important presentation, you can never go wrong with chocolate. This gifting tradition has been going on for centuries, dating back to the ancient times of the Aztec Empire. The Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were a gift from Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and presented golden goblets of spicy chocolate drink to royalty, warriors, and explorers.

Even if they’re not charting the 7 seas, receiving a chocolate gift basket or tower can make anyone feel like they’re wearing a crown. After all, what’s more indulgent than biting into a fresh-baked fudge nut brownie or sipping on a steaming mug of hot cocoa? Make any special occasion (or casual Wednesday afternoon) a whole lot sweeter with some of these decadent options.


Chocolate Gift Baskets & Boxes

For the Guy With a Sweet Tooth

The holidays are right around the corner, and you might be wondering what to give the man who seems to have everything. Ditch the tie this year and surprise the special guy in your life with our best-selling Chocolate Indulgence gift box!

Packed in a gift-ready window box, he’ll be delighted with handmade sweets like extra-large pretzels coated in dark, white and milk chocolate. This perfect gift also contains Graham Crackers covered with smooth milk chocolate, Oreos hand-dipped with white and milk chocolate, and milk chocolate caramel pecan clusters.


For the Life of the Party

Do you know someone who is always looking for a reason to celebrate? Use a quirky holiday as an excuse to surprise them with a gooey dessert! Luckily, from National Bittersweet Chocolate Day to National Chocolate Parfait Day, there are 30 days every year that are focused on everything chocolate.

After all, what better way to celebrate National Fudge Day than with the Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Fudge Nut Brownies Gift Basket? They’ll be pleasantly surprised with this assortment of one dozen Acorn Baking Company brownies. With freshly-baked double chocolate brownies, peanut butter brownies and fudge nut brownies, it’s like having a party in a basket.


For the Coffee Lover

Everyone has that one friend or coworker that can’t seem to function without their morning cup of java. Help them transform any space into their own personal café with the indulgent Bakery, Coffee and Cocoa Collection Gift Basket.

They’ll look forward to starting their mornings with a delicious cup of Don Francisco French Roast Coffee or velvety hot cocoa. They’ll also receive more than a dozen freshly-baked treats, like chewy peanut butter cookies and soft double chocolate brownies.


Chocolate Towers

For the Smart Cookie

Did your college student nail their tough summer final? Or maybe your newest employee secured a high-level client account? Congratulate your smart cookie for a job well-done with one of our must-have chocolate gift towers!

The Cookie and Sweets Gift Tower is piled high with shiny red boxes of delicious, hand-packed goodies. Your recipient will be able to pat themselves on the back as they indulge in options like powered almond tea cookies, Knott’s Berry Farm Raspberry Shortbread, Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Rolled Wafer Cookies, Truffettes de France cocoa-dusted truffles, vanilla caramels, and Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffles from French chocolate-maker Yves Thuries.


For the Chocolatier

Does someone in your life seem to have a daily chocolate requirement? Any chocoholic will appreciate receiving the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Tower. This chocolate company has been renowned for its signature intense, smooth-melting taste since 1852. Available all summer, each box is packed with beloved favorites like Dark & Caramel Sea Salt Squares, White Mocha Beverage Mix, and Dark Drizzled Caramel Corn.

What could be better than dark chocolate wafers and chocolate chip cookies? Taking it to the next level with the Deluxe Ghirardelli Tower! This gift set is packed with even more gourmet confections, including Mini Milk Chocolate w/Sea Salt and Almond Squares, and an entire bar of salty-and-sweet Dark & Sea Salt Caramel chocolate.


For the Innovator

Do you know someone who is always up-to-date on the latest trends, whether it’s dishing about the newest food craze or testing out that cutting-edge hairstyle? They’ll love receiving a first taste of the Godiva Milk and Dark Chocolate Tower.

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce this brand-new gift option. After all, Godiva has been known for its unparalleled smoothness since being founded by master chocolatier Joseph Draps in 1926. Your recipient won’t be able to resist tweeting a photo of these beautifully-crafted Belgium chocolates, with rich delicacies like strawberry cheesecake truffles, dark chocolate pretzels and chocolate truffle coffee.

10 Tips On How To Maintain A Clean Office

Maintaining a clean office should not be a daunting undertaking, be it a daily routine, weekly or monthly. The same applies when it comes to hiring professional office cleaners. Irrespective of who cleans or when the cleaning is done, the objective is the same – to have a workspace that is always clean.

The following cleaning tips will help ensure that you never have a dirty office:

  1. Keep You Paperwork Organized

Assess the surroundings in your office to have a full scope of the state of order of the paperwork. Having documents piled up everywhere is unsightly and a problem that is avoidable. The solution is to stay organized, and for that, you need proper and well-categorized storage system. You can work with options such as desk trays, filing cabinets, and wall pockets to have an order of filing and storing your office paperwork.

  1. Maintain A Public Section Clean

If you have an area in the office that is designated for clients, then keeping that section clean is vital. It plays a significant role in maintaining the business image. It should not have stains or dust, which you can achieve using a detergent, clean rags, and dusters. Moreover, vacuuming is also essential if you have a carpet on the floor and couches.

  1. Keep The Working Area Clean

The efforts put into maintaining a clean and tidy public space should also go into keeping the working area clean. Everything should be spotless including all the cabinets, desks, and electronics. That means dusting every other day. The use of a dust-repellent spray can help maintain dust-free surfaces for around a week thus lessening the amount of work need to clean the workspace.

  1. Clean And Disinfect Your Bathrooms

As you work in the public and working sections, do not forget the washrooms. Your employees and customers will visit the bathroom expecting to find everything spotlessly clean. Clean bathrooms reduce the risk of infections in the office and play a part in ensuring that your everyone is healthy.

  1. Clean The Electronics

Most stationary electronic devices tend to accumulate dust over time to the point where it is evident on cables, monitor, and other accessories. A soft bristled dusting brush and a cleaning spray and cloth can help get rid the dust on your PC, tablet, monitor, TV, telephone, and laptops. The use of a bit of disinfectant is also necessary to remove germs that tend accumulated on surfaces such as on the telephone receiver and the keyboard.

  1. Take Out The Trash

Every office should have a trash bin especially if the workspace is populated and the business involves much paperwork. The idea move is to place a bin at every desk and in designated areas. The rubbish containers should be emptied daily at the end of the day.

  1. Maintain Clean Desks

A messy desk quickly turns into a cluttered office area. Put in the hours in a setting that looks chaotic may work for some people, it is never a sign of being fully immersed in the job. It is easy to figure out things and have a clear and collected mind when working on a clean and organized desk. Surfaces that are stain-free and dust-free are part of having a clean and orderly desk space.

  1. Have A Spotless Kitchen

For workplaces that have a kitchen, keeping it clean is crucial. The skin, countertops, cabinets and kitchen appliances should always be clean everything put where it should be. This should be a routine one a person is done using the anything in the kitchen.

  1. Tidy-Up The Break Room

For offices that have break rooms, these should receive the same routine cleaning regimen given to the kitchen. Allowing dust to accumulate in the break room will soon be the source of dirt and germs finding their way into other cleans areas in the workplace.

  1. Hire Professional Cleaners

Doing all the things mentioned above is not something that everyone in the office can do, most of them have a workload that does not allow them enough spare time to cater to other things in the office. As such, the proper recourse is to hire professional office cleaners who use the innovative products and solutions to ensure offices are spotless and germ-free. With such professional services, you can focus on your business. Therefore, office cleaners play a part in the productivity of your company.

Abiral is a professional cleaner working at Simpo Cleaning Services in Sydney. He mainly does office and construction cleaning but is also learning to do photography for the company in his spare time.

Coping With The Demands of Caring For Your Parents

There’s a certain role reversal that takes place, as your parents get older, as they go from being the caregiver to the care receiver.  This can be a challenging emotional situation to manage, and practically speaking, you might feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders… as in addition to managing every other aspect of your busy life, you now need to arrange to care for your parents.

Whilst this comes from a place of love, and genuine desire to help, arranged aged care can feel like a burden that often needs to be outsourced to professionals – in part because they have the professional distance to not let their own emotions get in the way of providing the appropriate care.

The challenge with this, however, is that very few people want to end up in a residential care home, despite how wonderful the home might be – most elderly people want to remain in the comfort of their own home, as this gives them a sense of certainty and control which is important to most people.

This means you might need to look into getting carers to come into the home environment… and if you are tasked with finding the right people for the job, the pointers below are worth considering:

  1. Check them out

You’ll want to ensure the carer you’re thinking of hiring has been fully vetted.  You’ll want to ensure they have criminal records check along with references that are contactable – as it’s amazing how many people use fake references, for convenience, rather than being unscrupulous… but it’s important you get a holistic picture of the person entering your parents’ home, as they are in a position of great power with regard to the safety and security of your parents.

You’ll also want to check out their qualifications and make sure their training is relevant to your parent’s condition; as many times, someone that is trained as a generic carer, for instance, might not have the patience or skillset to deal with someone with dementia or alzheimers.

  1. Reliability

Of course, you want the carer to be reliable, as this is a critical component of managing your parent’s ill health.  You don’t want them missing medicine or being sat in an uncomfortable state, perhaps having been to the toilet, and for the carer to come in late.

  1. Motivation

You want to ensure the motivation of the carer comes from a good place, as in, perhaps they grew up with poorly relatives and were inspired to look after people on a professional level – rather than seeing it as a basic job that pays the bills.

  1. A Good Fit

Finally, you’ll want to ensure there’s a good fit between the carer and your parent, as the relationship between them is relatively intimate and personal – meaning it’s helpful if they naturally get along.  The most essential thing, however, is that there’s a sense of rapport and mutual respect between the parties.


How To Renovate Your Home Without The Stress

Renovating your house can be an enjoyable and exciting process, but it’s also incredibly overwhelming, both for you and your family. No matter the size of the project, there is going to be mess, noise, and a fair bit of disruption, and this can start to take its toll pretty quickly. Although you can’t eliminate this stress completely, there are several things that you can do to lessen the impact. Keeping that in mind, here are six ways to make your home renovation a lot more bearable.


  1. Be Clear On Your Budget

Regardless of the size of the task, it’s important that you understand early on that the process is going to be expensive. That being said, there are a few ways to save some cash. To start with, you need to research the costs involved and set yourself a clear budget. If you go through this budget with your builders, you shouldn’t end up spending more than you can afford.


  1. Shop Around For Builders

Although there will be a few improvement tasks you can complete by yourself, most of your remodeling is going to be carried out by builders. Because of this, it’s crucial that you find a professional in building and renovation. Instead of hiring the first company you see, make sure you do plenty of research and ask to see testimonials, references, and permits from every one.


  1. Make Decisions Before Work Commences

Once building work starts on your property, things should progress pretty quickly, which is why you need to understand exactly what you want before this work commences. If you don’t, you may end up facing expensive delays or have to make snap decisions that you could regret later. It’s much easier and less stressful to make all of the choices before your builders get to work.


  1. Schedule Work Around Your Life

Ideally, your remodel should cause as little disruption as possible, which is why you need to think long and hard about the dates and times work is going to be carried out. After all, the last thing you want is to have builders hammering all day when you have an important work project to focus on or your children are studying for exams.


  1. Remember To Tell Your Neighbours

Although the work is being carried out in your home, the noise and mess will likely affect your neighbours too. Because of this, it’s crucial that you keep your neighbours informed on the work you’re having completed and do what you can to lessen the impact on them. This should avoid any stressful confrontations later on.


  1. Move Out For A While

Before work starts, you should speak to your builder and ask them when the noisiest and messiest tasks are going to be carried out. If these jobs are going to be too disruptive to bear, then you may want to consider moving out for a while. You could stay at a hotel, a short-term rental, or with a friend or family member. You could even head off on vacation for a few days.

Home renovations can be incredibly stressful, but, with the tips above, you should find yours a little easier to bear.


7 Questions to Ask Before Laser Hair Removal

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Booking in for laser hair removal can feel like a big step to take, and it’s easy to see why. To ensure you feel completely comfortable, safe and secure in your laser hair removal sessions, it’s necessary to be thorough when choosing a clinic. Fortunately, you can find an established and reliable provider by preparing yourself with the right questions.

Here are some of the questions you should ask your laser hair removal specialist prior to your first treatment.

Who Will Perform My Treatment?

It’s a smart move to ensure that the therapist who will be treating you is properly qualified and trained. Don’t hesitate to ask about their experience and credentials, as this will avoid the possibility of being treated by somebody who’s inexperienced or incorrectly educated.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects?

Your laser hair removal therapist will be able to guide you through any of the side effects involved with the treatment. While it’s a very safe and effective procedure, there are some post-treatment side effects that can be experienced, such as redness and irritation.

How Effective Will Laser Hair Removal Be For Me?

Every skin type and hair type is different, and laser hair removal is likely to be more or less effective on certain skin tones. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is generally somebody with coarse, dark hair and pale skin, as the laser picks up on dark pigments. If you have darker skin, this doesn’t necessarily mean laser hair removal isn’t right for you, as a lower intensity of laser can be used.

What Type of Laser Should Be Used On My Skin?

Some clinics will be able to offer you different kinds of lasers for your treatment. Ask your therapist about the types of lasers they offer and which one would be the best for your own individual treatment. You should also ensure they’re using government approved lasers.

How Do I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Your therapist will be able to talk you through how to properly prepare your skin and hair for the treatment. In particular, they’ll advise you to stay out of the sun and scrub off any fake tan prior to your session. You might also be asked to shave the treatment site several days before your appointment.

How Should I Treat My Skin Post-Laser?

A trained therapist will recommend that you stay out of the sun, as your skin will be highly sensitive for at least 48 hours after treatment. It’s also a good idea to ask about the kinds of products you should and shouldn’t use after your session.

What Packages Do You Offer?

There’s no harm in asking about the kinds of packages and deals your clinic has on offer for laser hair removal. Clinics will often provide patients with discounts for sessions purchased in bulk. For example, you might get a cheaper package for booking in both your Brazilian and underarm treatments at the same time. Simply ask your clinic about their available options.

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

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Laser hair removal has become a global beauty sensation in recent years, with more and more people desiring hair-free and care-free skin. Leaving patients with silky smooth skin, laser hair removal is heavily favoured for its dramatic and long-lasting results.

This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about laser hair removal to help you become better informed.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a process that involves the use of quick pulses of high-intensity light to target hair growth at its root. By destroying the hair follicle repeatedly, laser hair removal can inhibit regrowth. Any area on the body can be targeted, including the face, under arms, legs, Brazilian and bikini regions, back and more.

Am I A Suitable Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Most people qualify for laser hair removal, as it can be an effective option for almost all hair and skin types. However, the laser picks up best on darker, coarser hair on paler skin. As the laser is attracted to darker pigments, a lower intensity is required for darker skin tones in order to prevent burns. It’s recommended that you arrange a consultation with a laser hair removal therapist so you can ask the necessary questions about your skin. The therapist will also guide you through some of the steps you can take to protect your skin and ensure its best prepared for your session. For example, you should avoid sun tanning before treatment sessions.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Only your therapist can answer this question, as it depends largely on your hair and skin type. Somebody with an excessive amount of hair will likely require more treatments, and the area being treated can also impact how many sessions are needed. For example, your underarms might only require a few sessions, while your legs or back will require more. Your therapist also needs to keep in mind your natural hair growth cycle, keeping 3 to 6 weeks between sessions for optimal results.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal can often result in long-lasting hair removal on the body, but many different factors can come into play. Depending on the type of body hair you have and taking into account changes in hormones and ageing, hair can return over time. However, it should be noted that if you aren’t left completely hairless, the results are still impressive enough that patients have reported only needing to shave once every few months. Laser hair removal also reduces the coarseness of the hair that does grow back.

Where Should I Go For Laser Hair Removal?

Take some time to research some reputable clinics in your area. It’s a good idea to look for a therapist who you can speak openly with about any questions and concerns you might have. Go equipped to your first consultation with everything you’d like to discuss written down. You should also check the going rates of all clinics around you to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

Taking Advantage Of Your Home’s Nooks And Crannies

Despite taking a very long time to design and build, a lot of homes are far from perfectly space efficient. With nooks and crannies filling the place, your home is likely to be wasting a lot of the room it takes up, and a lot of homeowners fail to take advantage of this. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Instead, using modern tools and techniques, you can find ways to use just about any of your home’s little-hidden areas. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to do it.

Electronic Devices: Nothing quite ruins the look and style of a careful crafted room than an electronic device which doesn’t match the theme. Things like Blu Ray players, routers, and other pieces of technology can all be quite safely hidden away if you use the right space for it. Eaves and cupboards are best for this, but you may also be able to fit your electronics inside your walls. Of course, while this can look great, it could also be a fire risk, and this makes it important to consider ventilation and the operation heat of your products.

Water: In a lot of places, summer can bring with it a lot of frustration and difficulties. When the national water supply is low, keeping your garden rich and your family healthy can be a real challenge. Water tanks can be found to fit almost any space within your home, providing you with a way to store your own supply. Of course, this won’t be necessary in a lot of places, but could still be a good way to use some space if you live somewhere which charges a lot of water.

Insulation: It can be very easy to ignore huge spaces around your home when you can’t see them, often resulting in a lot of waste. If your home doesn’t have it already, insulation inside the cavity walls, between floorboards, and in the attic can all provide huge reductions to your heating bills. You can often install this sort of product yourself, but it will be worth watching some videos before you get started.

Smart Storage: Finally, as the last idea on this list, there are loads of storage options out there which can take advantage of small empty spaces around your home. A safe, for example, is perfectly placed when it is hidden. Along with this, though, you could also think about using your nooks are simple document storage. Companies like Ikea can be great for this, with a lot of their products coming in ranges of sizes.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your home’s nooks and crannies. While it can be hard to make sure that you’re using your home to its full potential, this sort of work will push you in the right direction. If you need more inspiration, platforms like Instagram can be incredibly useful, enabling you to see what other people are doing with their space.