How To Fold A Fitted Sheet – And Keep An Organized Linen Closet

Fitted sheet folding is one of those tasks that nobody particularly cares for, when it takes all of five seconds to shove it away in the linen closet haphazardly – out of sight, out of mind, right?

Wrong. Next time you go for that sheet, it’ll be a wrinkled mess. You might even be tempted to rewash it just to get the wrinkles out before use. Not to mention, balled up sheets are an organizational nightmare.

For pristinely folded fitted sheets every time, follow these simple steps:

  • While standing, hold sheet lengthwise and inside out (elastic facing you).
  • Place hand inside one elastic corner, folding the sheet to bring the corners together. Next, you want to envelop the second corner over the first.
  • Follow sheet down grabbing the outer corner, tuck inside the first two folded edges. Repeat. Now all the sides are enveloped over your hand.
  • Straighten out, then lay sheet on the table. It’ll form an overall square with an L-shape where the edges are tucked. Smooth edges out to neaten the L-shape.
  • Fold sheet into thirds (single or twin) or fourths (queen or king) lengthwise; corner to corner.
  • The final step, fold the sheet into thirds or fourths again; turning the rectangle into a square.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of folding a fitted sheet into a tidy square – instead of a messy ball – there’s no reason not to tackle your unruly linen closet.


Bring order to your chaotic linen closet using some of these nifty ideas:

  • Bundle up all corresponding bedding sets into a pillowcase for grab and go ease. Great for the busy Mom; even the kids can help without making a mess.
    • Sort by colour, bed size or by room
  • Stack frequently used items on an easily accessible shelf and rotate out of season items (beach towels, flannel sheets) to the back of the closet – so they don’t take up prime real estate.
  • Organize like items by utilizing storage bins. For instance, hand towels can be stowed away in a storage bin as these items have a tendency of falling over when they start to tower. Larger pieces like towels or spare blankets stack better and look tidier when placed next to a bin.
    • Add a decorative label to simplify things further
    • Corral extra toiletries in a basket to clear up space in your bathroom
  • Invest in space-saving bags to reduce the size of bulky items.
  • Hang up tablecloths by using an over-the-door rack — it’ll keep things wrinkle free.
  • Evict bad odours and moths by keeping your closet fresh:
    • Leave baking soda on the floor for odour protection
    • Add cedar blocks to prevent unwanted pests
    • For moth prevention, store wooly items in a space-saving bag
    • If using space-saving bags, sneak a laundry sheet in for added freshness
    • Scented soaps or lavender sachets are great for bins or sealed containers for that freshly laundered smell


Do your linen closet justice by learning how to fold up those pesky fitted sheets that up until now, have made a mess of your closet. Then chase your newfound success by organizing your closet for ease of use. Just think, now when you open up your linen closet and see everything in its place, it’ll bring you peace of mind.